Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294 Forced Romance

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After hearing the words of that lady, it dawned on Li Du what was going on.

It turned out that she was the lady those hooligans had harassed earlier. At that time, she was in a different outfit, sexier and more revealing. In addition, Li Du had not taken much notice of her looks and hence, he did not recognize her right away.

In the morning, Li Du had only noticed that the hooligans were harassing a lady and he had not paid much attention to her before he confronted the thugs.

That conflict had been almost entirely senseless. It was none of Li Du’s business. He had relaxed as he thought that the incident had been resolved. He did not think that the trouble was not over yet.

Li Du shook his head at the lady and said, “Oh, I remember now…”

The lady cheerily interrupted him and said, “Great, so can we go on?”

Li Du started explaining, “You’re mistaken. Let’s not talk about the bride trade. What happened this morning had been rather senseless. It actually had nothing to do with you.”

The red-haired lady opened her eyes wide and said, “How can you say that? You provoked those hooligans because of me. Didn’t they create a lot of trouble for you? They are very mean. They must have messed with you and your friends, right?”

Li Du said, “That’s right, they did give us trouble. However, that has nothing to do with you. Don’t be mistaken. I had no ulterior motives regarding you. In fact, I’m already engaged.”

The red-haired lady looked at him sympathetically. “Then you must be unhappy in your relationship.”

Li Du almost choked on her words as Steve and the rest started to laugh. They moved closer and looked to get ready to watch a fun show.

Sophie’s voice dripped acid as she said, “Oh, are you unhappy in your relationship?”

The red-haired lady noticed the looks between Sophie and Li Du and instantly realized their connection.

She walked forward and said to Sophie, “You need to work on your relationship, miss. You can capture a man with your beauty but you can’t maintain a long-term relationship with that alone. You need feelings.”

Steve narrowed his eyes and said, “That’s right. Feelings and an emotional connection are vital to a relationship. Li, you fiancée just got a lesson from your mistress.”

Li Du waved his hands as if he was shooing ducks. “Shoo, shoo, shoo!”

Steve and the rest broke out in laughter and continued to watch the spectacle without interfering. After Li Du shooed them away, they discreetly inched closer to Li Du and the two women again.

Li Du said to the lady, “Your name is Vika, right? I’m speaking the truth. In the morning, I didn’t get into that conflict with the hooligans because of you.”

“I know, they were the ones who provoked you,” the lady grinned.

Li Du nodded. “Yes, they did.”

Vika continued, “I’m really thankful that you stooped to their level for me. If it were not for you then, I would be really in trouble. There were so many people who saw me being harassed by the hooligans, but only you came forward. You are a true man.”

Li Du felt like he was unable to explain himself. He said, “No, no, no, you got it wrong, really…”

“But your command of English is pretty good,” Steve praised.

Li Du found it strange too. Vika’s command of English was uncommonly good. She spoke fluently. However, that was not the main point; the main point was that he truly had no interest in that lady.

The lady was very insistent that he must have a hidden interest in her. That made him feel helpless. He heard about Russian women’s attraction to foreign men but never expected to be the target of such attentions. This Russian trip really opened up his eyes.

The situation had become complicated. The lady was a stubborn one. In between, Steve and the Ford brothers interjected with unhelpful comments to tease him. The situation was becoming sticky.

Rather than intervene and help, Sophie chose to stay silent and watch passively.

Li Du looked at her pleadingly and Sophie only said with a cool expression, “Solve the problem you created yourself. It is fine if you just visit the Bride Fair behind my back, but you even made this lady think you’re interested? You’re really good.”

Vika turned unhappy. She said, “Your attitude towards him is too cold. At this time, if you speak like that, you will severely hurt your relationship.”

“Your fiancée is getting a lesson from your mistress again,” Steve teased.

This dude just keeps on fueling the fire. Li Du was upset. He glared at Steve and then, suddenly, he thought of a great idea. An idea that would help him resolve the issue.

It was time to pass his misfortune to someone else.

He could tell that Vika was slightly self-centered. She had a stubborn character and once she decided on something, it was hard to change her mind.

Li Du coughed and pulled Vika to his side sternly.

Steve and the rest whistled and laughed. “Wow, Li, you’re too brash. Groping another lady hands while your fiancée is watching you! That’s it, you’re a goner!”

Li Du ignored them and said to Vika, “I’ll tell you the truth. Alright, so that’s what happened. This morning, I did not start the conflict with the hooligans myself. Someone urged me to do that.”

“It’s that handsome guy over there. His name is Steve and he is my good friend. This morning at the fair, he fell in love with you at first sight. However, he is very shy. When he saw that the hooligans were harassing you, he asked me to help you.”

The red-haired lady revealed an unhappy expression and said, “I’m no fool, sir. I don’t know what’s going on. If I’m deluding myself, then please just be direct and tell me. Saying this kind of thing right now makes me believe you think I’m a fool.”

Li Du felt indignant. How many times had he said just that? He had explained in very plain terms that she was mistaken and that the interest was one-sided, but she didn’t believe him.

Burning his bridges, Li Du decidedly said, “I’m telling the truth. Steve is a great guy. He’s no good at expressing himself, but he really had feelings for you.”

Just now, Steve had been laughing and joking easily. It was difficult for Vika not to take notice of that; hence, she did not believe Li Du’s words at all. Of course, no sane person would.

The red-haired lady said with seriousness, “That guy Steve, he looks handsome. I can feel that he is passionate about life, he’s a good man.”

“But I did not look you up because of looks. It is because I feel that you are truly a great person. I’ve never thought of marrying a handsome man or a rich man. I just want to marry a true man and build our family together. I feel that you are that man.”

The lady’s honesty and bravery surprised Li Du. He really wanted to introduce her to Steve now. Although they had not exchanged many words, and did not understand each other very well, from the limited interaction he had with her, he felt that this lady was perfect for Steve.

Tough, brave, direct, smart, not greedy, daring to love and take initiative. Those qualities impressed men.

Hence, he said insistently, “I’m very honored to receive your admiration. However, I already have a fiancée whom I love very much. I swear to you, Vika, Steve is just the guy you described.”

Vika looked deeply into his eyes and then turned to look at Steve.

Li Du said, “Today, the hooligans brought a bunch of b*stards on motorcycles to create trouble for me. Steve had been with me the entire time and faced them bravely. He had never retreated in fear!”

The red-haired lady nodded and Steve, who was at some distance away, started to feel that something fishy was brewing.