Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1298

Chapter 1298 Iceberg

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Pointing in the direction of the iceberg, Li Du said, “This iceberg can move in the sea even though it is so big, which means it’s in a current, right?”

Brother Wolf nodded. “Yes, it moves with the current and sea breeze, with the current as the main force.”

Li Du went to the captain and said, “There’s no need to hurry and make a U-turn as we try to get around the iceberg. We’ll wait for the pirate ship to approach.”

The captain opened his eyes wide and cried, “Waiting for the pirate ship to approach? What is this for? Do you mean to fight them? No, sir, saving our lives is more important!”

Li Du said, “Our firepower is not bad, and we don’t know the extent of theirs. I say we should test it out first. If their firepower is inferior to ours, it would mean we have an advantage.”

The captain looked at him as if he were a maniac. “What if their firepower is greater than ours?”

“What else can we do? We’ll keep running away.”

The captain said, shaking his head, “There would be no time.”

Li Du pointed to the iceberg and said, “We will escape with the iceberg.”

The captain looked at Li Du with horror. He steered the ship around and shook his head. “No, I’m sorry, sir. I can’t go along with that, I am responsible for the lives of the people on this ship.”

Li Du held the rudder and said, “So what is your plan? Could your ship evade capture?”

“We will flee as long as we can, then there may be a way out. If we head for the iceberg, we will be dead for sure!” said the captain stubbornly.

Li Du snapped his fingers and said, “Someone, come here.”

Big Ivan came at once. He put his gun to the captain’s head and smiled. “Listen to Mr. Li. He is the captain now.”

The captain shouted, “What are you doing? You’re looking for death, you know?”

Seeing their captain threatened with a gun, the crew was agitated. They grabbed their own shotguns to aid the captain.

Brother Wolf and others loaded the bullets into their guns with a loud, ominous clicking sound. Hearing it, the excited crew quickly calmed down.

Li Du went out of the captain’s cabin and said, “Brother Wolf, take out the rescue boat. You take the people ahead of time to hide behind the iceberg and pay attention to safety.”

Steve asked blankly, “What is this for?”

Li Du said, “First we test out the fire. If the other side’s firepower is poor, we go after them. If they have more firepower, we go to the iceberg to take refuge.”

“The pirates will certainly continue to pursue us. I will arrange for men to lie in wait behind the iceberg. When they get around the edges of the iceberg, the ambush team will launch a surprise attack and try to cause them as much damage as possible.”

Steve asked with concern, “Is this plan reliable?”

Li Du shrugged and said in a carefree tone, “No, but do you have a better suggestion?”

Steve looked at the Ford brothers, who did not say a word. They simply shook their heads and let Li Du get on with it.

Thus, with the four main leaders agreed, Ice Sea Narwhal began to slow down. Brother Wolf and three more men split up between two boats and got to the iceberg first.

The speed of the pirate ship was extremely fast, and as the Ice Sea Narwhal slowed down, the distance between the two sides quickly narrowed to less than a kilometer.

For M4A1, that was still too far away from their effective kill range.

However, for the space-time worm, this distance was within its influence range.

Li Du let out the little bug with the purpose to take a look at the equipment on the ship. The little bug was fast, and it reached the pirate ship in just ten seconds.

There were only 15 or 16 people on board of the pirate ship. They wore masks and turbans to hide their faces so that people could not recognize them.

Unfortunately for them, such concealment was useless against the little bug. It flew through the mask of the big man on the deck. A somewhat familiar face appeared in Li Du’s field of vision.

He thought he knew the man by sight, but he could not remember where he had seen him or who he was, so he went on looking.

The little bug flew through another man’s mask, and beneath the layers of camouflage, a long-haired figure appeared.

Li Du took a deep breath. He knew who these people were!

Steve was right. It made no sense that they had such bad luck, running into random pirates on their first voyage. The ones who targeted them were the same group of bikers they had run across in Vorkuta.

The distance between the two ships dwindled from one kilometer to 800 meters and then to 600 meters, which was already within range of the M4A1, but the sea winds were very strong. This meant that the impact on the trajectory would reduce the effective range of the M4A1 at least by half.

Li Du hid in the wheelhouse and looked at the pirate ship through a pair of binoculars. The ship’s bow was covered with oilcloth over a machine in front of which the long-haired dude was standing.

As the two ships approached each other, Long Hair pulled the tarpaulin off with a wave of his hand. A black cannon showed up on the deck, its head pointed towards the Ice Sea Narwhal.

The captain, who had binoculars in his hand, looked through them and gasped, “F**k, that son of a bitch has a water cannon on board! We’re screwed!”

Li Du asked urgently, “How far could the water cannon shoot?”

The captain said, “If it is a regular water cannon, it has a range of about 100 or 200 meters, but if it’s a pressurized water cannon, it can shoot as far as 500 or 600 meters!”

Surprised, Li Du asked, “So far?”

Long Hair continued to wave and the water cannons began to work. In no time, a water jet shot towards them.

The jet of water was so thick and powerful that it swept across the surface of the sea like a laser jet. Though it missed the Ice Sea Narwhal, its force was formidable.

The captain cried out in despair, “I said we should run! Why would we test their weapons? Look, they’ve got water cannons. They can shoot farther and faster than we can. Now, what do we do?”

Li Du slapped his shoulders and said, “What do you mean? Speed up! Escape to the iceberg!”

The captain made a conscious effort to speed up, then gave a shudder and said, “What a lunatic you are! What do you think an iceberg is? Just a chunk of ice flowing on the water? F**k! It has more volume underwater! The icebergs that hit and sank the Titanic might not have been so big, so fooling around with it means seeking death.”

Li Du said, “Just stir the ship and listen to my command, and it should be alright.”

The captain didn’t trust him, but he had no choice. The water cannon on the pirate ship started firing again. The previous shot was just a try, and the next one was even more powerful. If they did not escape, they would be shot.

The Ice Sea Narwhal picked up speed once more, and the jet of the water cannon fell behind her, slapping the surface of the sea with a deafening splash.