Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1299

Chapter 1299 Attack

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The Ice Sea Narwhal was a formidable ship as well, and with an irresistible drive, she set sail at full speed toward the iceberg.

The captain drew the sign of a cross in despair, and shouted, “We are committing suicide! Pirates don’t kill people, they just take goods! I’d rather give up my cargo and save my life!”

It went without saying that authorities had limited power at best in Siberia and in the Arctic. There were no laws in this place, and criminals basically did whatever they want.

If these were ordinary pirates who had no grievance against Li Du, there would be other ways for both sides to solve the problem, such as paying a passing fee.

However, the people in that pirate ship had a grudge against them, as two days before that Godzilla and the others slapped their faces without mercy. They would not easily give up on revenge.

Li Du did not want to pay a gang of criminals to let him go. He has become used to being in control of the situation.

The Ice Sea Narwhal dashed towards the iceberg. Li Du released the little bug into the water. Splitting in two, the little bugs monitored the bottom of the sea from both sides. He made sure to spot the dangerous places in advance and told the captain to avoid them.

Seeing this, the people on the pirate ship behind them were a little bewildered. They were speeding up, but they didn’t dare to proceed, because they saw they were about to follow the Ice Sea Narwhal into the iceberg!

The men of the pirate ship, well aware of the danger of icebergs, watched the Ice Sea Narwhal approach the formidable mass. Someone from the ship shouted, “They are doomed! The iceberg will trip them over!”

Long Hair waved and snapped, “Turn around, get around the iceberg and keep watching them!”

He, too, thought that Li Du and his men were doomed and that the Ice Sea Narwhal would hit the iceberg, but what if by any chance the ship avoided it? He didn’t want to give his enemies the slightest chance to escape!

The freighter entered the waters around the iceberg, and the mass of ice was closer and closer to them.

The surface area of the iceberg was like a three- or four-story building towering high above the water. It was quite large, and Li Du estimated that it was a thousand times as large below water. Floating above the sea, this iceberg revealed merely a tip of its mass.

The ice stood up in sharp contrast to the flat surface of the sea, and the iceberg crept over it like a huge beast, with an icy chill that seemed to seep right into one’s bones.

The scene looked even more formidable below the surface of the sea. The little bugs looked at it, and all they could see was ice. Boundless ice floating on the sea, with no end in sight.

As the cargo ship neared, Sophie, Steve and others snapped photos, all looking shocked. “It has been an incredible journey!”

“That’s what adventure is all about! My heart is beating so fast, it’s like working out! I love it!” said Steve.

He took out a small bottle, poured out two pills and put them in his mouth.

The most dangerous and spectacular time was when the freighter passed right in front of the iceberg. When they stood on the ship’s side and looked forward, the iceberg towered over them. Despite the contrasting winds, it still stayed upright between heaven and earth!

With the cargo ship cutting in front of the glacier, they left the dangerous area in a narrow escape.

At that moment, the crew cheered, and the captain dropped to his knees, crying, “Holy Mother of God, what an escape!”

The captain wanted to speed up and leave the area, but Li Du stopped him and said with a smile, “No, reduce the speed to the minimum!”

“You are crazy!” cried the captain helplessly.

Not far away, on the pirate ship that followed them, the crowd of men was stunned.

“F**k! These bastards are lucky! They avoided hitting the iceberg at such a close range!”

“Chase them! It’s just as well that they did not hit the iceberg. They’ve got a lot of good stuff on board. Wouldn’t it be a shame if it all fell into the sea?” Long Hair smiled coldly.

The Ice Sea Narwhal slowed down and the pirate ship sped up. They wanted to go around the iceberg from a distance. Li Du stared at the position of their ship. When they came into their range of view, he let out the little bug and it flew into the pirate ship.

Cargo ships were powered by underwater propellers, which were strong and durable. They were simple to construct. Li Du would have some difficulty to do any damage to it. It would take pulling away a lot of time energy to destroy it.

Nevertheless, every great mechanical monster had a weakness, like a door that could be destroyed by a wire or a screw in the right place.

Li Du found the propeller’s door. Its power came from the engine, which was very precise. Its wires had to maintain a certain arrangement for it to keep working.

The space-time bugs were experts in destroying these types of wires. The two little bugs flew up, latched on to a certain wire, and absorbed its time energy.

At this very moment, a group of people suddenly appeared near the pirate ship, and several guns shot out.

Tadada! Dong! Dong! Dong!

The pirate ship had a height of four or five meters above the water line. It was not effective to shoot from the bottom up.

However, the people on the boat were startled as the bullets whistled around them. It was a terrifying experience.

The people who ambushed them were Brother Wolf and the other three, shooting their M4A1s. The shots were not meant to kill the enemy, but to create confusion and enable Brother Wolf to get close to the pirate ship.

Seeing this scene, Li Du was scared. Are Brother Wolf and the team going to commit suicide?

Brother Wolf and the team were not so stupid, however. Under the cover of the gunshots, Brother Wolf came close to the pirate ship, and then he waved his arm and threw an oval iron ball on board.

As the chunk of iron fell into the stern, a rumbling sound was heard. At once, a large number of parts and fragments broke off and flew from the pirate ship’s stern into the air.

After throwing a grenade, Brother Wolf pulled out another one and repeated the maneuver.

Boom! There was another bang.

On the Ice Sea Narwhal, the captain and his crew were dumbstruck. “What is this? Was it a grenade?”

“How come you have grenades?” The captain looked at Li Du and his people in horror.

“Don’t ask what you’re not supposed to ask,” said Li Du coldly.

The captain and others fell silent.

After two grenades, the stern of the pirate ship was almost blown to pieces. It was, after all, a freighter, not a warship forged of steel.

The pirates had weapons, too, and after a moment of confusion, Long Hair commanded his men to duck behind the side of the boat and shoot into the water.

Brother Wolf was careful enough. He promptly steered the boat away after throwing the two grenades. The boat starting to put distance between itself and the ship as well. The attack ended as abruptly as it launched.