Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1300

Chapter 1300 The Crash

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The pirate ship stopped.

The ship was still floating in the water because its bottom was mostly intact.

The stern of the pirate ship was almost blown off, but a hand grenade was not enough to sink a ship. After all, it was designed to withstand greater hardships than that.

The upper deck of the stern was blown to pieces, but it had little impact on the ship itself. There was no water leakage, and the ship was able to run normally.

However, the people on the ship were frightened. The two grenades exploded one after another, causing thousands of pieces of shrapnel to fly everywhere. The pirates that were standing nearby and did not hide were injured.

Long Hair was injured, too. He had a bloody gash on his bottom that stung and throbbed in pain.

He clutched his bottom, not knowing what to do, and looked at his panicked men. He could not accept this: someone attacked his pirate ship, and that someone had a grenade!

The crew was now divided into two groups: those who kept working the water cannons from the side of the ship, and those who rolled on what remained of the deck, screaming in agony.

After a few seconds of shocked silence, Long Hair flew into a rage. He shouted at the top of his lungs, “Keep going! Never mind the bastards in the water! Catch up with their ship, put diesel in the water cannon, and burn those motherfuckers!”

Someone was still screaming. Reggae rushed up and pulled the man to his feet. “Stop mewling! Coward! You’re not dead and you haven’t broken your arm, just a few cuts! Fight the hell on! Fight!”

He pushed the man away and pulled the black hood off his head. He was in a rage.

Li Du was a little frustrated too. Brother Wolf and the others risked their lives to throw two grenades to the pirates to create chaos. They only injured several people and did not kill any. He was disappointed but could not do anything about it.

Of course, they could not blame luck this time. Brother Wolf threw the grenade at the stern, and there were no people there. The barrier of the ship curbed some of the damage the grenade’s explosion cause. Of course, the destruction was not total.

Brother Wolf and the others did not rely on this strategy alone. They dived in the water, put some distance between themselves and the ship, and then poked their heads out of the water and looked at the pirate ship that was still floating not far away. Then the four of them swam back to the iceberg.

Long Hair spotted the four of them. He raised his pistol and shot continuously. However, the sea breeze was strong and the pistol’s range of shooting was short. The bullets disappeared in the water, not causing any harm.


This made him extremely furious. After the bullets were all used up, he threw away the gun and shouted in Brother Wolf’s direction, pointing at the little group, “Chase them first! Kill these bastards first! Aren’t they very good at diving in the sea? I’ll drown them!”

Though he had given his orders the ship kept going, and its speed was decreasing.

Long Hair bellowed, “What happened?! Damn you, idiots, don’t you understand me?”

A big man ran over and said,” Boss, the ship’s engine seems to be out of order. The propeller will not turn…”

Hearing this, Long Hair froze and said, “What? Something wrong with the propeller? How is that possible? Didn’t we check the engine before we left? Isn’t it well maintained?”

The big fellow nodded vigorously and said, “Yes, yes, boss, but the power system had gone wrong. Maybe the grenade blew something up.”

Long Hair was upset. He punched the big man and shouted, “Why are you staring? Why don’t you go and fix the engine? Damn you, take me down, I’ll look at it myself!”

He had just taken two steps when, not far away, several loud bangs thundered:

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Long Hair and his men froze when they heard the deafening thud. It was the sound of a grenade exploding, the same sound that had blown up the stern of their boat.

They looked at the direction of the sound in panic. They saw that the iceberg’s surface had burst out in an explosion of broken ice. The glittering, translucent ice rose up in the air and descended like sparkling rain.

Further away, two lifeboats were rowing desperately in opposite directions, and behind them, the iceberg was breaking up.

Yes, the part of the iceberg above the water broke apart, and great chunks of ice fell into the sea with enormous splashes, which stirred the iceberg underwater and caused more blocks of ice to break off.

The scene was so otherworldly that Long Hair and his party were momentarily dumbfounded.

“What’s the matter?” someone murmured. “How did the iceberg break?”

Chunks of floating ice fell to the surface of the sea and moved rapidly forward as the current pushed them.

Long Hair shuddered and shouted, “Damn it, go fix the engine, go! F**k, these damn fellas blew up the iceberg, they are trying to sink our boat!”

On the board of the Ice Sea Narwhal, Li Du directed the captain to turn the ship around to pick up Brother Wolf and the three men. The Captain said with a bitter expression, “We definitely made the pirate angry, it’s better for us to leave.”

Li Du elbowed him in the ribs and said, “Why are you still worried? Can’t you see it? The pirate ship was damaged by the grenade, and now they can’t catch up!”

Steve, who was standing next to him, said, “Brother Wolf is a great guy. He destroyed the power of the pirate ship and blew up the iceberg. Now the pirate ship is in the path of the iceberg. If they don’t manage to escape, it would be a nice show.”

Brother Wolf, who was in the distance, did not know all this. He remained humble in the face of all the praise because he had not expected such results.

He did not think that the grenade could destroy the power system of the pirate ship. The reason why they used the grenade to blast the ship and the iceberg was just to create chaos. This was Li Du’s command: ambush near the iceberg and wait for an opportunity to make trouble.

According to Brother Wolf’s plan, the goal was to blow up the iceberg to create large ice floes that would intercept the pirate ship and prevent it from pursuing the Ice Sea Narwhal.

The result was that the ship could not sail anymore, and with the huge chunks of floating ice, its crew appeared to be doomed.

Li Du was overjoyed. This result exceeded his expectations. He knew the space-time bugs were the ones who destroyed the wires, but he did not expect Brother Wolf would launch a bombing attack on the stern, so everything combined to create utter devastation.

The ship’s engines were not so easy to repair, and two little bugs destroyed most of the wires, which would be impossible to replace since they were at sea.

The pirates scrambled around on the deck, and after a while, there was a dull clang and something hit the ship.

The pirates who were not holding on to something were knocked off their feet. Long Hair’s heart sank and he cried, “What happened? Did we hit something?”

The answer, of course, was obvious. From above, someone shouted, “Be careful, everybody, we’re about to crash!”


An even more powerful crash came!