Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301 What An Exciting Show

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The path in between the icebergs was wide. However, since the part of the iceberg submerged underwater was much larger than above, and under the flow of the current, the area of impact became much larger.

The large pieces of broken ice fell into the seawater. As they were more lightweight, they moved along the sea faster than the main body of the iceberg. Under the impetus of the current and the wind, the chunks of ice quickly and continuously rushed forward.

Most parts of the glacier did not strike the pirate ship. However, there were so many broken pieces of ice that it was inevitable some of them would collide with the ship.

The pirate ship was not a small boat but those ice floes were not small either. In addition, because the density was high and the mass was large, the impact generated on hitting the pirate ship would be huge.

Things were getting interesting. After Ice Sea Narwhal received Brother Wolf and his other three men, Li Du commanded the captain to turn back. He wanted to return to watch what happens to the pirate ship.

Worried, the captain said, “What if they manage to fix their system?”

Li Du smiled. “Relax, that’s impossible. Do you know how destructive a grenade can be? Just sit back and watch the show. This might be the most exciting one we watch in our entire lifetime!”

The crew onboard were also keen to watch and they urged the captain:

“Captain, don’t be afraid, the iceberg is almost there. They won’t be able to fix their boat in such a short time.”

“Hurry, I’m going to take a video! Ha, the iceberg is going to strike the ship. Titanic is happening again!”

“Those poor brats, we have to witness this. Let all those pirates go to hell!”

“May God punish them!”

Hearing that, the captain gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, let’s turn back then. Let us witness how God punishes those evil bastards!”

Seeing the Ice Sea Narwhal was coming over, the pirates on the ship waved frantically and started yelling.

As they were screaming in Russian, Li Du could not understand them. However, he could guess that they were probably begging for help.

The largest iceberg floated along slowly, but it continuously moved forward, gradually approaching the pirate ship.

From above the water, it seemed like the iceberg would not be able to strike the pirate ship. There was still a distance of about a few hundred meters between the two.

However, the volume of the underwater part of the iceberg was huge. Those hundreds of meters amounted to nothing. The place where the pirate ship was located was still within the area susceptible to the impact of the iceberg underwater. Once the two met, the iceberg would definitely collide with the ship!

Concerning the frantic calls from the pirates, Ice Sea Narwhal ignored them. They were still a couple of kilometers away from the pirate ship when they stopped to watch.

The captain felt bad and said, “According to the laws of the sea, we should rescue them.”

Steve said impatiently, “You are a terribly good man. The laws of the sea do not extend to pirates.”

Young Ford added, “Besides, even if we would do that, it should be done when the ship is sinking. Their ship is still floating along on the surface of the sea, so why would we help them?”

The captain stayed silent and only drew a cross on his chest.

Li Du said, “Don’t feel so bad. We can and will help them. Come on, give the navy a call and let them know that there’s a pirate ship about to hit an iceberg. Let them figure out how to save those pirates.”

Steve shook his head. “That’s looking for trouble, buddy. There might be marks left behind by the use of our grenades. The police will not let us go then.”

Li Du threw his hands out and said, “We can hide our weapons, right? Who saw a grenade? Who used a grenade? We are just a bunch of explorers, so why would we have grenades? It should be the pirates who possess grenades, right? If they say otherwise, who will believe them?”

While they were still in discussion, the iceberg finally neared the pirate ship.

The pirates watched the iceberg approach them helplessly. Someone hurriedly found the lifeboat and released it into the sea, thinking of escaping.

However, there was only one lifeboat on the ship. After all, they were out to steal and rob and were not out to save lives. Hence, they were ill-equipped when it came to lifeboats.

The lifeboat could seat at most four to five adults, but there were more than twenty big-sized men on the ship. Not all of them would be able to get in, and hence, they had to vie for the limited seats.

Long Hair ripped off his mask and wanted to get on the lifeboat, but at a time of life and death, his subordinates disregarded his status as the big boss. They shouted, “Why should you get on it first?””You’re the one who brought us to this state!””You are the goddamn captain, so you should sink with the bloody ship!”

Long Hair was furious and whipped out his gun, wanting to scare his subordinates. However, he had only one gun and his subordinates all raised their weapons. Most of them had rifles.

Long Hair was trapped. He did not dare to shoot, for his subordinates might shoot too and then he would be doomed. On the other hand, if he backed off, he would lose their respect.

Stuck in a dilemma, it was fortunate for him that he was quick-witted. He turned to look at the inflated lifeboat and started to shoot at it. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

“In that case, none of us will leave,” Long Hair broke into a laugh.

The iceberg was about to knock into the ship. As it approached, the current was moving fast on both of its sides. Then there was a loud bang and the pirate ship bumped into the mass of ice with a huge jolt.

The pirates kept their balance by grabbing onto surrounding items. Those who did not succeed were rolling on the deck like gourds.

The impact of the collision was huge and all those onboard were frightened.

After a series of collisions, the pirate ship swung sideways and tilted to one side, but did not knock over yet.

The submerged part of the iceberg was enormous. Its top and bottom were unbalanced and it was able to control the direction of the pirate ship. In other words, the ship had become stuck onto the base of the iceberg.

To the pirates, that was the best possible outcome. If the ship turned over or crumbled into pieces, they would all be dead and their corpses would never be found.

Seeing that the iceberg brought the pirate ship further away, Li Du and the rest marveled at the spectacle. That was a rare sighting.

The helicopter of the maritime police appeared in the sky. Li Du waved his hands and said, “Let’s go.” They would be courting trouble if they continued to stay there.

The Ice Sea Narwhal continued to head northeast, and the rest of their journey went smoothly. However, they had a very long journey ahead. Based on the captain’s estimate, they would have to travel for four days and four nights at sea.

It was boring out in the sea. If they were not reading books or looking up information, they had nothing left to do but play card games.

Steve and the Ford brothers had made preparations to kill time. However, Li Du was not interested in those and felt that it was a waste of time playing those games, although that was what most people did while sailing.

It was not as if they had entirely nothing to do aboard. There were fishing rods and nets on the ship and they could fish.

Li Du brought along Brother Wolf and a few others to fish. They intended to freeze their catch or process it by drying to bring onto the island as supplies.

Severnaya Zemlya was resource-poor and did not have a shop where they could replenish necessities. They expected a hard time once they arrived on the island.

The temperature of the Arctic Sea was very low and there were not much fish. However, the sea was one of the least polluted in the entire world. The fish, prawns, and crabs there were especially clean.

Besides, the seafood that grew in such icy water was exceptionally fresh and delicious. It grew slowly and had a high fat content. The ultimate outcome was that it tasted great and was chewy.