Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307 Chaos

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It was too late to make the decision to return to the village, however.

The fog was thick, and there were no roads on the island. They had randomly selected a direction, driving into the wild. Therefore, if they wanted to return, it would be difficult for them to retrace their path. Although their SUVs had surely left traces on the road, how could they find them in the fog?

Driver took a deep breath and said, “I might remember the way.”

Li Du looked at him and asked, “You saw that too, didn’t you? You saw the damn monster, too?”

Driver didn’t answer. He frowned, took out a cigarette, lit it and smoked beside the car.

Li Du looked at Steve again and said, “Hey, man, make up your mind.”

Steve shook his head. “Wait and see.”

After hearing this, Li Du’s furiously smashed his fist into the car hood and shouted, “Wait and see what happens? You are telling me to wait and see? Just stay here and wait for the monster to find us?”

Steve was furious too and snapped, “So why don’t you tell me what to do? Why don’t you take your gun and shoot it?”

“That sounds like something you’d enjoy doing,” Li Du stretched his hand and took a gun from Brother Wolf, offering it to Steve. “Anyway, you always want to find some sort of mystical creature, whether it’s the Siberian yeti or a deep sea evil spirit, so killing it would satisfy your ambition, wouldn’t it?”

Steve shoved him and said angrily, “Calm down! What are you doing now? What the hell is wrong with you? F**k you!”

Li Du retorted, “Am I wrong? I seem to recall it very clearly! Am I not telling the truth? Haven’t you always wanted to find a monster in your adventures?”

Steve threw up his arms and roared, “There can’t be any monsters in the world that science hasn’t found! Humans have long since explored the earth totally!”

Li Du sneered. “No monsters, huh? And no unknown left on the planet?”

Then he slowly shook his head. “No, Steve, the earth still has parts that are unknown to humankind. There are monsters here. I’ve seen them before, and I know…”

Here, he remembered to shut his mouth. He was afraid that if he continued to speak he would let out the secret of the time-space bug. He knew he must not say a thing about it; this was a secret he had to keep.

Nevertheless, he had an urge to reveal the secret that lay deep in his heart.

The thought was instinctive; it was hard to keep a secret, but he still had his wits about him, he knew he must never to speak of the little bug to anyone.

Just as he was struggling with his thoughts, Little Ford intervened. He came up and pushed past Li Du and Steve who were standing close together. He shouted, “Stop barking at each other, you idiots! Look out there. I just saw that monster again. Are you going to fight among yourselves? We must all work together now against that monster!”

“It’d impossible,” Andrey said in terror. “The devil of the deep sea is invincible. Why did we encounter it? How can it really exist?”

His emotions became uncontrollable and he pounced on Steve, saying, “It’s your fault. It’s all because of you. I did say we should listen to that old man. We shouldn’t have risked venturing out in this fog!”

Hearing the aggression in his voice, Steve’s bodyguards intercepted him and someone kicked him over. Steve got up, pulled Andrey to him by the collar, and shouted, “F**k it, you damn Russian, shut your mouth!”

Elson and Hankway came up to pull them apart, and after getting free of Steve’s grip, Andrey got up and staggered back down the road, mumbling something in Russian.

The fog was thick, and soon his figure looked blurry.

“Where are you going?” Li Du asked sternly.

Without looking back, Andrey shouted, “I’m going back to the village. I’m not going to risk my life in this place! You’re nuts, you’re gonna die here…”

Just as he spoke, like in a horror film, thick long tentacles suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It seems like a thick rope ensnared Andrey, dragging him off!

“Ahhhh! Help! Help!” cried Andrey.

Li Du and the others were totally stunned and rooted to the spot in shock.

Andrey struggled to get up. The powerful tentacles pulled him backward. He stumbled on his feet and disappeared quickly in the fog.

Li Du felt a chill all over his body. He could not help but slap himself. All of this was like a nightmare, it had to be a nightmare!

However, the reality was cruel; he felt numbing pain due to the slap. He was not dreaming!

Steve commanded, “Prepare firepower! Prepare your guns! Take out the hand grenades! Get ready to blow up that son of a bitch!”

“You’ve been looking for monsters, haven’t you? Now the monster has appeared, so go, find it and catch it so that you can win the Nobel Prize or something. Here’s your chance to become a world-famous adventurer!” said Li Du in an irascible tone.

Steve gave him a backhanded push and said,” You are so ignorant. There’s no Nobel Prize for that. You are making a fool of yourself!”

Li Du, who was furious, grabbed Steve’s arms and pinned him to the side of the car. Steve’s bodyguard pulled him off, and this time Brother Wolf did not help.

Li Du was angry. He looked back and saw Brother Wolf, Firecracker and the others were whispering something. They were talking in low voices, nodding or shaking their heads.

The Ford Brothers were dumbstruck. They bent over the front of the car, their heads in their hands, staring out of the window.

Suddenly, Brother Wolf and his gang of people made a sudden attack!

Brother Wolf punched Hankway in the head, turned and kicked a bodyguard next to them, then jumped up and rushed to the meteorite hunters that stood together and quickly knocked them unconscious to the ground!

Others, like Big Ivan and Firecracker, did the same. They teamed up, knocking Godzilla and Big Quinns to the ground and then rushing around to attack.

It happened all of a sudden, and Li Du did not expect such a thing at all. He was struck dumb again, not understanding any of it.

Everything was in a mess, Brother Wolf and the others had knocked down more than twenty people, and the others, who were not sure what had happened, shouted:

“What’s the matter? What’s this for?”

“Oh shit, they’re crazy! Stop them!”

“What are you doing? It’s me, Hudi, f**k it!”

Watching the chaos, Steve gasped, “What happened? This is… this is… this is…”

Li Du finally reacted and shouted, “What are you doing? Stop!”