Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308 Rebellion

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A scuffle broke out.

It wasn’t just Brother Wolf who jumped into fighting, but some of Steve’s and the Ford brothers’ bodyguards as well. They were as if possessed. They knocked down the whole group of people in split seconds.

“What’s going on here?” Li Du asked blankly, holding his head in his hands. “Have they gone damn crazy?”

The little ones were stunned too. They all huddled around Sophie, watching the scuffle in disbelief, and though they were intelligent, they still could not understand what was happening and could not respond effectively.

However, when a bodyguard rushed in front of Sophie and wanted to punch her, the little ones went into a rage. How dare you raise a hand to our mom? Are you picking a fight?

Ali immediately hopped up with its tail and gave a series of kicks. Ah Meng jumped up to bite the attacker’s shin. Ah Meow then pounced on his chest to scratch him with his claws. The bodyguard fell on the ground after a surprised scream. Ah Ow stepped on his chest and gave a warning growl while baring her teeth.

Ah Bai and Crispy Noodles looked at each other, both knowing that their combat skills were inferior to the others’. So they did not join in the fight but stood in front of Sophie to protect her.

There were 15 or 16 bodyguards who went berserk. They were the elite members of the team and the best of all at close combat. Therefore, under their quick attack, more than 30 people were quickly put out of action, which only left Li Du and some of the others.

After getting rid of the crowd, Brother Wolf came towards Li Du and said, “Boss, I’m sorry, give me both of your hands.”

Li Du looked at him in shock and said, “What happened? Are you going to rebel?”

Brother Wolf stared straight in his eyes and said, “Boss, give me your hands, please trust me!”

Li Du took a deep breath. He felt that his brain was not working well. He had no more doubts after he heard Brother Wolf’s words and slowly raised his hands.

Brother Wolf took out a cloth and tied Li Du’s hands, then took him to the car, opened the door, tied up his feet too, and threw him in the back seat.

Soon Sophie was tied up in the same way, but the little ones were nowhere to be seen, and nobody knew where they went.

Li Du looked out of the car window in a daze and saw that Steve’s bodyguards also approached him to say something, but Steve shook his head repeatedly. The two bodyguards shrugged their shoulders, one grabbed Steve and the other began to tie him up.

Sophie breathed fast and murmured, “My heart is hurting.”

After he quieted down, Li Du also felt uncomfortable. He had palpitations and chest tightness, and his heartbeat was accelerating.

He looked out of the car window and saw a few bugs flash past him.

Li Du shivered. He thought he saw the space-time bugs. Those little bugs looked the same as the space-time bugs, but weren’t the bugs still in his body? When did he let them out?

He stared out and saw more little bugs, but they were at such a distance that he could not see them clearly.

“Damn, I must be mad, or dreaming.” He frowned, closed his eyes and said to himself, “How can this be? What did I see? What’s going on here?”

Sophie was whispering to herself, “God, please save me, save me, I’m going crazy, what did I see, what did I see, what did I see…”

Li Du opened his eyes again. He looked out and saw some more little bugs flying around. He could not see their specific appearance, but he felt that they were just the same as the space-time bugs.

He wanted to know what they were, and their existence was a torment to him.

However, simply relying on his own eyes did not allow him to see things outside, so he released his little bugs.

The space-time bugs flew out of the car, but he still could not see the little bugs outside. Those flying insects seemed to be hiding from the space-time bugs, and as the space-time bugs flew close to them, they moved outward with the same speed, always maintaining the same distance.

As the space-time bugs flew, Li Du saw several tentacles appear in the thick fog next to him. The tentacles moved like pythons in the fog and slowly drew near the camp.

As he had seen before, the tentacles thick and long. Their thinnest part was as thick as his neck and the thickest as thick as his waist, and as for their length, he was not sure because he had not seen the monster’s body, and could only see the tentacles.

Every tentacle had exposed blue veins and red suckers spread a meter or two apart. The thing was terrible. When the suckers rose up from the ground, they opened and showed red eyes.

Li Du suddenly understood it all. “Ah, I see, I know what it is! It has suckers and eyes, both of those!”

Just as he was talking to himself, gunshots rang out. Bang, bang, bang! Tata tata!

Brother Wolf and the others shouted, very furious and rough:

“Squat down! Drop the weapon!”

“Get down on your knees or we shoot!”

“Down on your knees, hands on your head! Hands on your head, I said!”

“F**k, Madman, go after it!”

There were more voices, shouts, and gunshots mixed together. Li D felt very agitated and upset. He could not hear what exactly they were shouting.

He didn’t know how long it took, but someone opened the car door. Brother Wolf’s face appeared in front of Li Du, looking blurry.

Li Du groaned, “Why is the fog getting thicker and thicker? Is this a foggy land?”

Brother Wolf pulled him out of the car, took out a kettle and poured water on his head.

Li Du mumbled, “What are you doing, f**k it? Brother Wolf, it seems I don’t know you at all. What are you doing? What do you want?”

Brother Wolf said, “Boss, take a deep breath and open your mouth.”

Li Du just opened his mouth to breathe, but Brother Wolf put the kettle into his mouth, and as Li Du took a deep breath at the same time, he almost choked to death.

“Ahhh!” Li Du kneeled on the ground, choking and coughing. He looked pitiful enough.

Brother Wolf took the kettle and continued to pour water on his head.

Slowly, Li Du felt his scalp become cold, and subconsciously pushed Brother Wolf away, crying, “F**k, it’s cold!”

Brother Wolf said in a relieved tone, “Good, boss, hold on for a while and you will be awake soon.”

“Awake? I’ve been wide awake all the time,” Li Du said angrily.

What he was pretty sure of now was that Brother Wolf and his companions did not rebel. As long as they did not rebel, Li Du was not afraid, because it meant he could trust his people.

Brother Wolf did not answer. He went and pulled Sophie out of the car. Instead of pouring cold water over her head, he poured it on her hands and made her rub her face.

Li Du sat on the ground, watching the scene. For a moment, he didn’t respond. It seemed that his brain was not working.

Gradually his senses returned, and then, seeing Sophie rubbing her face painfully, he rushed up to her and lifted her up. “Hey, damn it, what is this?”

Brother Wolf opened his mouth and said, “We were set up by someone.”