Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313 The Cold

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Nothing cropped up that night and everything went on smoothly.

However, the cold was extreme at night and the temperature quickly dropped by more than ten degrees Celsius. Even when the sun rose, the temperature was still around zero. Obviously, it was even colder than the night before. It became even colder as the bonfire went out.

Li Du’s group had already prepared themselves for the weather. However, some of them still suffered. Sophie, Big Ford and some of the rest caught a cold.

In the middle of the night, Sophie had given herself two injections. The first was to treat her fever and the other was to boost her vitamin level in order to improve her immunity.

As she was a doctor, she was able to recognize the symptoms for herself quickly. However, Ford and the rest did not have the skills to do that and their fever worsened over that night, turning them groggy. By the time they realized they might have fallen sick, it was already morning, and their cold had become more serious.

Without a choice, Sophie bore with her illness and helped them with their injections and diagnosis to prescribe the suitable treatment.

Li Du and the rest were given masks to put on. As influenza was caused by a virus, Sophie was worried that it might be passed to them.

Even the animals were provided with masks. Li Du had brought a few pet kits with him. Inside, there were all sorts of items for pets, including masks. He took out the masks and helped the animals put them on.

The animals were unwilling to wear those and once the masks were on, they tried to tear them off.

That was an opportunity for Ah Bai to showcase its abilities. The rest of the animals were still trying to figure out how to remove the masks when Ah Bai easily took it off using its hands. It had not even damaged the mask in the process.

The rest of the animals were smart and knew that they would be punished for removing the masks. However, if the mask was removed without them damaging it, they would be punished less severely. Hence, they all rushed before Ah Bai and queued up, looking expectant.

Ah Bai tore off their masks in no time and when Li Du realized them, he gave them all a light spanking and put on the masks for them again.

The little white monkey had a small head. Li Du had given it a mask meant for humans, which covered its face completely. Li Du made three holes on the mask, two for Ah Bai’s eyes and one for its nose.

Steve, too, put a mask over Kuafu’s muzzle. However, the manul bit him. Fortunately, Steve had been wearing his leather gloves, so they suffered most of the damage. Otherwise, he could have lost a few fingers.

“This son of a b*tch!” Steve lashed out angrily.

The influenza virus was indeed powerful. On the second day, their journey got tougher. Although they had been treated and warmed up, some of the others still caught the virus.

Again, they set up their tents. This time around, Brother Wolf did not arrange for too many of them to be on the night watch, giving the sick people some slack. Of those who had caught the virus, other than Sophie and Big Ford, all had been guards on the night watch. The cold had come too suddenly!

The eight cars had the high beams turned on. The bright light illuminated the surroundings and hence, they needed fewer guards and more people could retire to the tents to rest.

The weather was not ideal. Although there was no fog, the sky remained gloomy and cloudy. There was no moonlight or stars. In the night, the island was dark.

Ten to twenty of men of big physique in warm fur coats, wearing thick woolly hats over their hats, ran forward silently. Although they had big feet, they were almost silent as they moved. Clearly, they had adjusted their shoes for the purpose.

Having neared the illuminated campsite, one big man turned on his walkie-talkie and whistled gently.

Very soon, the walkie-talkie made a series of sounds that sounded like the chirps of birds.

A few minutes later, a dark shadow started to move, looking like a small bag. One man went over to pull open the bag, and a big man wearing the same type of coat as all the others wormed his way out.

“How is it? What’s up with those b*stards?” The man who had whistled said softly.

The big man lowered his voice too and said, “Hello, Mr. Blodwen. They only have two people in the night watch and they are sitting by the bonfire. The rest are in their tents. Around half of them have come down with influenza.”

Blodwen frowned and said, “Half of them got the influenza virus? So many of them?”

That big man nodded. “I’m pretty sure. I’ve been lying low here since the evening, observing them. The tents here are split into two areas by the bonfire. One side is used to quarantine those who have influenza.”

Someone passed over the binoculars and Blodwen picked them up, peering carefully at the campsite. With the bonfire burning, he could clearly see the two groups of tents.

Rubbing his nose, Blodwen revealed a smile and said, “Alright, Steve and the Ford brothers! These b*stards dared to follow me here to Severnaya Zemlya. I will teach them a lesson!”

“Get ready to take action. Split into two groups. First, get rid of their light and then hold them captive. Take away all their supplies, clothes and food, and let them enjoy this d*mned cold!”

A big man said hesitantly, “Mr. Blodwen, taking away their winter coats in this weather might cause them to lose their lives. Are you sure you want to do that?”

Blodwen glared at the man and said, “Do you dare to question me? That is exactly what I want to do. As long as it’s not we who kill them directly, who cares how they die? If they had chosen to come to Severnaya Zemlya, they had better been prepared for the risks!”

The bunch of them could sense the ruthlessness in his tone and all nodded their heads silently.

The fifteen or sixteen of them split into two groups. They lowered themselves to sneak near the illuminated campsite.

One of them sensed that there was some movement as he was nearing the camp. He turned his head and saw green eyes flash before him.

That scared him and he quickly pushed the person in front of him, saying, “I think I’ve seen something…”

“Like my backside?” The big man in front of him laughed softly.

The other man was angry and said in a soft voice, “F*ck you, idiot! I think I just saw a wolf!”

The big guy in front of him became impatient and said, “You saw nothing. There are no wolves on this archipelago. What will you say you saw next, a polar bear, haha?”

The man frowned but kept quiet. He knew that. It was common knowledge. However, he really felt like the eyes he saw had belonged to a wolf.

The big men continued to move forward silently and someone said over the walkie-talkie, “Keep hidden! Move silently! You must not make any sound!”

The last man in the group was still thinking about what he saw earlier. Then, suddenly, something appeared behind him. He turned and saw a tall monster with big eyes stand up from the ground.

At that point, they were not far from the campsite. Under the light of the fires, he saw that those eyes emitted the same green hue he had seen earlier. The rest of the face could not be seen; it was just a white-ish blur.

The big man was frightened. He took in a deep breath. If it were not for the person who kept urging them to stay silent, he would have screamed.

The moment he had turned and saw the monster, it threw out both its fists and punched him in the face.

At the same time, another white monster appeared, holding onto something. With a thump, the big man blacked out and fell to the ground.