Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315 Give In

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Li Du had taken a big cup. The ice and cold water inside added up to 400 to 500 milliliters. That was quite a bit.

After taking just one mouthful of the liquid, Blodwen was so cold that he shivered. Drinking cold water in such weather was really asking for death.

After being forced to drink a mouthful, Blodwen started to curse them again.

Li Du was quick to notice that and managed to pour another glug into Blodwen’s mouth. “Let’s give Blodwen some cappuccino!”

Blodwen had learned his lesson. He did not dare to open his mouth anymore. When he looked at Li Du, he finally seemed afraid. Li Du’s had reacted too fast. It was hard to believe!

Steve look expectantly towards him and said, “Young Mr. Blodwen, go on with what you were saying. Did you have something to tell? Why have you stopped?”

Blodwen looked at him silently and kept his mouth shut.

Li Du blew on the cup of coffee and asked, “Do you still mean to drink this?”

Blodwen continued to stay silent.

Li Du snapped his fingers. Madman had poured two cups of aromatic, warm cocoa for them. Li Du took one cup while Steve took another. The two of them clinked their cups and smiled as they said, “Cheers!”

“Cheers to this warm beverage,” Steve said happily.

The warm cocoa was very aromatic and had a strong smell. Hence, Americans typically did not like the beverage.

However, in such cold weather, drinking an aromatic drink like hot cocoa was a blessing.

Blodwen’s Adam’s apple trembled a little. He watched as Li Du passed the iced coffee to one of his subordinates. Then he finally dared to speak again, “Listen, buddies… oh no!”

A shadow flashed past and Li Du retrieved the cup of iced coffee from Madman’s hands. His movements were fast, steady and accurate. The icy mixture was again poured into Blodwen’s mouth. With the tilt of the cup, the coffee dripped into his throat, freezing it.

Blodwen was tortured once again. He could no longer bear with it and yelled, “You son of a b*tch! F*ck you, ching-chong scumbag! I will make you pay for this! Oh f*ck! Listen to me! No! Let me off!”

As long as his mouth stayed open, Li Du continued to pour icy water into it. With Time Deceleration, Li Du was able to capture just the timing when Blodwen’s mouth was opened.

Blodwen finally gave in. When he closed his mouth this time, he shut it tightly and did not dare to open his mouth again.

Li Du held the cup of iced coffee in one hand and the warm cocoa in another. While he poured the iced coffee at the right moments, he enjoyed sips of his own warm cocoa. He was able to multitask smoothly.

Young Ford was impressed by that sight. Clapping, he said, “What a talent, Li, didn’t know that you’re such a master! Your speed and keen eye are very impressive. Do you like fencing? You would be a fantastic fencer!”

Blodwen had despaired completely. Although previously he had kept his mouth shut, he still craned his neck, looking as though he was protesting. However, now he had lost the fighting spirit and just stayed motionless.

After finishing his warm cocoa, Li Du placed the cup of iced coffee on the ground. Then, he asked slowly, “Young Mr. Blodwen, we can’t just sit around drinking coffee. We should have a talk too. What were you trying to say just now?”

Blodwen stayed silent and looked at the ground without a word.

Li Du walked forward and patted his shoulder in a friendly manner. “Oh, perhaps we don’t know each other very well. That’s why you feel that we have nothing much to discuss. On the other hand, it could be that you find my position too low compared to yours, so there’s nothing you want to talk to me about. Is it the former or latter?”

Blodwen looked at the iced coffee on the ground and thought about speaking. However, he did not dare to risk it and remained silent.

Li Du continued in a monologue, “Since you’re not saying anything, I’ll assume I guessed right. You feel that my status is too low, right? That’s too bad. Sir, do you know where we are? This is not Great Britain. This is Bolshevik Island.”

“You know what Bolshevik means, right? This is the land of social proletariat. We are all equals here and have the same status. We are just people, we are all similar, and we have the same social standing.”

“Spat, why are you still not saying anything? Do you feel that I’m wrong? That’s not it, right?”

Blodwen hesitated. Then, he started to shake his head.

Li Du’s expression changed and he said, “You feel that I’m wrong?”

Blodwen shook his head vigorously.

Li Du said, “What do you mean by shaking your head?”

Blodwen finally spoke up. However, he did not open his mouth fully. He kept his lips almost sealed and muffled, “You’re right, you’re right.”

Li Du did not pick up the cup of iced coffee from the floor. He smiled and said, “Oh, is that it? I almost misunderstood your words. Almost went to prepare a cup of coffee for you.”

Hearing that, Blodwen looked as though he was about to burst into tears.

Steve and young Ford laughed loudly. The former patted Li Du’s shoulder and said, “It’s the first time I see Mr. Blodwen complying so obediently with someone’s words. I judged you right, Li, you’re a tough nut to crack.”

Li Du waved his hand. “No need to compliment me too much. This is just Mr. Blodwen giving me face. Alright, Mr. Tussenberg, you should have a chat with Mister Blodwen.”

Steve gestured for Godzilla and the rest to release Blodwen. Then he asked, “Bobby, it’s not our first meeting, so let’s get to the point. I know that you were behind what happened two days before. You were the one riding in the red SUV. After all, you guys are the family of the Red Devils, right?”

Blodwen replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’ve just had a chance encounter today.”

Steve frowned and said, “That won’t do, Bobby. If you are trying to shirk responsibility, we’ll have to teach you a lesson. Someone, come over to help Mr. Blodwen remove his clothes. Then we can continue talking.”

“F*ck!” Blodwen hugged his arms and took a few steps back. “Steve, don’t be too d*mned mean! Do you want to kill me? If you do, my brother will never let you go!”

Steve said, “You know I have no intention to kill you. I’m not afraid of your brother, either. I only wanted to have a good chat with you. Are you willing?”

Blodwen sighed. “Okay, I will speak with you properly. Alright, I admit it. I was the one who contacted the villagers and got them to use the hallucinogen. However, I did not have any ill intentions…”

“Erm, did you just do that to play a prank on us? Or should I try using the hallucinogen to help you have a good time too?” Steve said sarcastically.

Blodwen was thick-skinned. Without changing his expression, he said, “It’s true. That was my motive. Fly Amanita will not harm anyone.”

Hearing that, Grandpa Elson was furious. He rushed up and kicked Blodwen in the belly. He shouted, “But Mr. Steve nearly got a heart attack! Don’t you godd*mn know that a hallucinogen can kill him? D*mn, you just wanted to kill him!”

Blodwen was of strong physique. He dodged the kick and wanted to attack.

Old Grandpa whipped out a Glock. The muzzle was pointed at Blodwen. Without skipping a beat, he pulled the trigger.

Bang, bang, bang!

A series of three gunshots rang out!