Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349 Save Hans

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After making all that way, they finally returned home to Phoenix.

Once they were out of the airport, Li Du gave Hans a phone call. However, it did not get through.

When he was about to leave Siberia, he called Hans, but Hans did not answer. Back then Li Du thought there must be a problem with the signal or something. However, no matter how many times he tried to call later, the result was always the same.

It was the same even now when Li Du arrived in Phoenix. It was evening, but early enough, so that Hans had no reason not to answer his phone.

Frowning, he called Hannah again.

Hannah’s voice was expressionless. “Huh? You can’t get in touch with my brother? I talked to him… last month, I think.”

“Last month?!” Li Du repeated.

Hannah chuckled. “You know, I don’t talk to my brother very often. He tends to disappear from time to time. Don’t panic, wait for him to show up again. He won’t die.”

“You’re a great American sister,” Li Du smiled bitterly.

He was tired from the journey and desperately needed rest, but his failure to reach Hans worried him. He was afraid Hans might be in trouble.

Since the two of them met, his trip to Siberia was the longest time they were separated, and to tell the truth, he missed Hans after they hadn’t seen each other for several months.

The sudden climate change, from the Arctic Circle to Phoenix, did not add to Li Du’s feeling of comfort. He was constantly sweating. It was now July, and Phoenix has officially turned into a furnace.

Li D wiped his sweaty brow. “I thought I’d had enough cold in Siberia, but I was wrong. I kind of miss Severnaya Zemlya and the Arctic Circle.”

Godzilla immediately took off his shirt and flexed his muscles, grinning. “It’s July. What did you expect, boss?”

He was tall, muscular and rugged, and when he took off his shirt, he looked like some pagan warlord, quickly attracting a lot of attention.

A man came up to him and wolf-whistled. “Wow, what a handsome guy! Don’t you think we might have fun getting to know each other?”

“My fist would surely have fun,” Godzilla said grimly, clenching his fist.

The man was not afraid. He looked at Godzilla seductively, smiled and said in a light tone, “Give me a fist then, but if I fall, you will have to pull me up to my feet again.”

“F**k!” Godzilla turned away with a livid face.

The man still followed them, however. Li Du was stunned. Is he a pervert?

Finally, Big Quinn was the one who chased him away. He smiled grimly. “How about getting to know me instead?”

The man looked at Quinn’s face and ran off quickly.

Lu Guan arrived in the car to pick them up. Li Du asked when he got into the seat, “Where has Big Fox disappeared lately? Why can’t I get through to him?”

“I don’t know. It appears he has gone to Riverdale. Yes, I think he went there. He’s been going there every so often since we’ve been there for the Chinese New Year,” said Lu Guan.

“Riverdale?” Li Du repeated, and then he remembered the golden-haired shepherdess they had met. Could it be possible that Hans had seriously fallen for her?

After taking a bath when he got home, Li Du threw himself on the big bed and moaned, “Damn, this feels better than ever!”

Ah Ow and the others jumped into bed one after another, closed their eyes and made themselves comfortable.

Ah Bai had a popsicle in his right hand and grapes in his left. He just got these treats from little Ivana. The little girl was thrilled when she first saw Ah Bai.

Li Du was about to fall asleep when his cell phone rang.

He lazily looked at the phone screen and cheered up at once when he saw it was a call from Hans.

Li Du hurried to answer and said, “Hey, where have you been, you bastard? I tried calling you several times.”

“Shut up and listen to me!” A rude voice interrupted him.

“The owner of this phone, a young man with blond hair, is your friend?”

Hearing the voice, which definitely did not belong to Hans, Li Du frowned. “Yes, where is he? How…”

“Hey, idiot! I told you to shut up and listen!” The rude voice interrupted again. “Don’t you understand English? Can you shut up? Be quiet if you want to save your buddy!”

Realizing that it was not Hans, Li Du quickly got up and went to the living room, and then turned on the recording device. He beckoned, and Brother Wolf and the others immediately surrounded him.

“Hey, idiot, we got that dude right here! He got into trouble, so he must be punished! If you want to keep him alive, you have to pay. Do you understand? Prepare the money!” The rude voice suddenly became hoarse.

“How much do you want?” asked Li Du.

“A million! No, a million and a half! Yeah, a million and a half. Remember, don’t try to trick me and don’t call the police, or you’ll regret it. I swear you’re going to regret it!”

Li Du said, “No problem, I won’t call the police. I just want to speak to my friend for a moment…”

There was a sharp click and the call ended abruptly.

Li Du was stunned. “Damn! Hey… Hey? Hey! Damn, speak clearly. Give me an address. Where do I send the money?”

When he called back, the phone was off, and he heard only the voicemail message.

Madman looked around. “These kidnappers seem to be amateurs.”

Li Du said, “The kidnapper may be an amateur, but they might have no problem killing. What the hell is happening? Are we still in Russia? How can something like this happen in Phoenix?”

“With five million people living in the greater Phoenix area and more than five thousand violent incidents occurring every year, do you think we’re in some sort of peaceful heaven with no violence?” said Lu Guan. “And besides…”

Li Du looked at him. “Yes?”

Li Guan smiled and said, “Erm… I mean, boss, we offended many people before, especially the Anthonys. Could they be behind this?”

That was a possibility. Li Du nodded. He did offend many people in the United States, and then in Russia as well.

While they were talking, his cell phone rang again, and this time an unknown number appeared.

Li Du made a sign to everyone to be quiet and answered the phone. As he expected, it was the rude voice again. “The other phone number was canceled, don’t call it anymore. I’ll give you the direction. In an intersection of the coal cinder road there is a place called Prami village. Bring the money tonight, and someone will meet you.”

The call ended. Li Du called back, but could not get through again.

Li Du slammed his phone down and said ruthlessly, “Damn, the arrogant little shit! Tell everyone to get ready. Let’s go and save Big Fox. I’ll give everyone a holiday after we rescue him!”