Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1351

Chapter 1351 Caught

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The weather was humid and the sky was dark. The village was deserted and some of the doors and windows were boarded.

Li Du felt as though he was starring in a horror film with a perverted storyline. The sad part was, although to outsiders he might be seen as the villain, he was, in fact, the victim in the film.

There were many mosquitoes and very soon, Li Du had itchy bumps all over his body. He fought the urge to scratch them.

Li Du continued to walk along the streets of the village. The black young man had left a phone for him and just as he was going deeper into the village, the phone rang.

Li Du took the call and heard the rough voice again. “Now, turn right. Don’t try anything funny, I know your navigation skills are pretty good.”

“I want to see my friend. I will only give you guys the money after I see him,” Li Du quickly cut in.

“Shut up! You just follow our commands, OK? You’re on our territory so behave yourself if you value your life. Are you still trying to bargain?” The rude voice said fiercely.

“See the little alley by the side? Turn in! And don’t hang up. I have more to say. Go, go into the alley…”

Since those guys were so eager for him to get in there, he figured there must be a trap inside. Li Du immediately let out the little bug.

Without going in, Li Du could see that there was a motorcycle parked in the alley. A youth wearing a mask was licking his lips nervously.

Seeing that, Li Du started to prepare himself. Although he continued to walk as if he noticed nothing, the little bug was ready to unleash its Time Deceleration ability.

Not long after he entered the alley, the motorcycle honked. Then a bright light was turned on, blinding him and making it hard for him to open his eyes.

Li Du instinctively raised his hand to shield his eyes from the light. With a fierce roar of the engine, the motorcycle sped over. The man on the motorcycle reached out and tried to snatch away the box that Li Du was holding.

Under normal circumstances, that man would have succeeded.

However, Li Du had abilities the man had no idea of. With Time Deceleration, Li Du managed to avoid the man’s hand. He even had enough time to raise his leg and give the motorcycle a kick.

The motorcycle’s engine continued to roar and its rider was shocked. He accelerated and turned the bike around towards the house. With a slam, the motorcycle and the man both knocked into the house wall.

The phone call was still live. Li Du said, “Someone here had an accident…”

“F*ck! That idiot can’t even ride a bike properly! Trust him to crash into a wall!” the voice on the other side of the line yelled angrily.

Li Du grew cautious hearing those words. That man was watching him! Wherever he was, he could see this whole scene!

At once, Li Du looked to his left and right. There was a run-down church in the middle of the village. At the same time, little bug flew towards the church at record speed.

Li Du hung up and called Brother Wolf. He said, “Enter the village and go to the church. The guy is inside the church, and I don’t think he’s too much of a threat!”

Once he made his command, he ran towards the bike. The youth who had wanted to take his money was in bad shape. He was groaning and wincing on the ground.

Li Du pulled him up, took off the man’s pants and put them on himself.

The youth pleaded, “Oh sh*t, help! My head hurts very badly, help me!”

“It will stop hurting now,” Li Du promised. He brought out a syringe with some anesthetic from the black hole and injected it into the young man’s arm.

The groans of the man grew softer before he finally fell back unconscious and limp.

Brother Wolf gathered his men to begin the operation. The village was small and the location of the church was unmistakable. By the time Li Du rushed over, Brother Wolf and the men were already done checking the church. They had captured two African American youths.

Outside the village, a car was rushing out. A sports car followed closely behind it, tires screeching. Ignoring the noise, Thunder chased after the car at lightning speed. He broke onto the cars’ path, locking them in and not letting them move on.

The black youth continued to struggle in Brother Wolf’s grip. He yelled, “Let go of me, son of a b*tch! Let go of me this instant! Don’t provoke me! Oh, sh*t! Let go of my arm! Let go!”

Li Du could tell that his voice was the same he had heard on the phone. Those rude tones were too distinctive.

Li Du went forward and grabbed the young man’s shoulder. He raised his voice and demanded, “Where is the man you guys kidnapped?”

The black youth yelled back, “What are you talking about? Get lost, f*cker! I don’t know what you’re talking about! What are you guys doing? What are you trying to do?!”

Li Du gave him a kick, his temper rising. He had put up with too much tonight. “Are you going to tell us? No? Then I will give you a d*mn good lesson…”

Brother Wolf raised both his arms and the black youth started to whine like a pig about to be slaughtered. “Ahhh, ahh, ahh, please! I’ll tell, I’ll tell! We didn’t kidnap anyone! Ahhh, Ahh! That hurts! We stole the phone. Your friend is being detained at Riverdale! Ahhh, f*ck!”

Li Du slapped the youth’s face a couple of times. The gangster continued to scream with pain and fear. “So you’re saying my friend is in Riverdale? Who is keeping him there? Is he in danger?”

The gangster said, “No, he’s just being detained. D*mn it, stop hitting me. God, stop! I’ll tell you whatever you want to know!”

Li Du said sternly, “You’d better tell the truth. Where is the owner of the phone?”

“I already told you, he is in Riverdale. They are keeping him there. It’s because he harassed a lady and was caught. He was detained for that,” The black youth said.

Li Du was shocked. “Detained? By whom? The police?”

The black youth nodded. “Yes, yes, yes, the police. The cops took him.”

“Where did you pick up the phone? How is it that you have it?”

The gangster said, on the verge of breaking down, “I have just been released from the police station. I stole it from that friend of yours, who was there too.”

“Then why did you only call me today?” Li Du asked, suspicious.

The young man said, “I’ve had it for a few days but I’ve been unable to unlock it. You called today and I picked up. You’re the only one who called him, so I… oh, God, forgive me. I was just muddled, let me go, let me go please!”

Li Du could not help but give him another slap. He said, “Better answer me honestly, and if I tell you to keep quiet, shut your mouth!”

The young man nodded, compliant. “Yes, yes, yes. Whatever you say, just stop hitting me!”

Li Du asked, “Who hired you guys to do this? I suggest that you tell me who the mastermind is. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

The young man said, “There’s no mastermind, I swear. I stole this phone. I saw the message from the bank and I knew that he was a rich man. Then you called, so I thought I might get some easy money from you.”

Li Du gave him another kick and said, “You’d better not be lying. Otherwise, I’ll make you sorry you were ever born!”

The black youth said helplessly, “I’m not lying, I told you the truth. Can you let me off? Please, I’m really sorry!”

Li Du hummed. He was perspiring from all the effort. Wiping his sweat, he said, “Tie him up.”

“What do we do with him?” Brother Wolf asked.

Li Du said, “Bring him to Riverdale. Let’s find out what really happened!”