Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354 Bought It Upon Himself

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After all the trouble, Li Du realized that he still had a kidnapping case to resolve. Of course, it was a non-mainstream sort of kidnapping.

After the ruckus in the police station that night, Li Du brought along Brother Wolf and the rest to check into a hotel.

Brother Wolf asked, “What’s going on? Shall I go investigate where Big Fox has been kept?”

Li Du said helplessly, “That guy has done something bad, but what could it be? He has always been fooling around. This time, he has met someone who won’t let him off the hook so easily. He’s gotten into trouble, and now so have we!”

They took a shower and got ready for bed. Then they heard knocking on the door. Sophie asked, “Who’s that?”

“I am Police Chief Wrigley. We met just now,” a voice sounded out from outside.

Police Chief Wrigley was the leader of the Riverdale police force. Li Du had met him before. At that time, neither of them understood the other’s circumstances and they parted ways after a short greeting.

Li Du could not understand why he was here, but nevertheless, he opened the door and invited the policeman in.

Police Chief Wrigley was a white man in his forties. He was considered an esteemed police officer. He grew up in the town, his grandfather had been the town’s police chief and so was his dad. Wrigley took over the job when his father retired. It was almost as if being a police chief was in their genes.

After seeing Li Du, Police Chief Wrigley was full of smiles. “Just now, I had to clear up the issues at the police station. Hence, I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to you, Mr. Li. How are you, Mr. Li? Fortunately, you guys were around tonight. Otherwise, I can’t imagine what would have happened.”

Li Du said, “Of course, it was pretty lucky, although I’m Chinese.”

Police Chief Wrigley must have known about what his subordinates had done. Hearing Li Du’s words, Wrigley smiled. He said, “China and the States are old friends, just like us. It is fortunate that we have gotten help from an old friend. However, my subordinates had behaved out of order. That’s regrettable. I’m here to offer you an apology.”

Hearing the chief so contrite, Li Du broke into a smile. He said, “I see that my lawyer is very efficient.”

That could be the only explanation for this. All these traditional rural policemen were quite self-centered. They would not have come to apologies without a good reason. It was easy for Li Du to understand that. His lawyer must have worked quickly.

The American policemen were unwilling to network with lawyers. It was a well-known fact. Lawyers were typically difficult to deal with. Once they set their eyes on the police, although they could not often bring the officers to trial, they were able to bother the police to no end.

Although Li Du’s words were kind of off-topic, he had made his point.

Hearing Li Du’s words, police chief Wrigley’s smile dissolved. Then he gave a bitter laugh and said, “Ha, Mr. Li is an intelligent man. I should not have spoken so much just now.”

Li Du said, “I’m not sure if you have found out about what had happened just now. If you did, you would have known that there’s no point in your coming here. I will definitely sue your subordinates.”

In his heart, Li Du was confused. Were small-town policemen so afraid of lawyers? It was midnight. The courts were not working at this time. The lawyer could only have used his own authority to contact the police. The police officers should not be so afraid.

Police Chief Wrigley said, “The issue started from misunderstanding. There must be a way to reconcile this, right?”

Li Du gave it a thought. Smith and the other man had not caused him too much harm. Also, they did not join in when the African American youths humiliated him unfairly. They had only insulted him and discriminated against him.

Li Du had already snatched the two men’s guns. He had also indirectly helped the black youths escape and even accidentally started a fire at the police station. That was enough to assuage his anger.

Hence, Li Du decided to soften his tone and said, “Actually, I’m willing to forgive your men. But there’s one condition.”

Police Chief Wrigley looked more cheerful. “What condition?”

Li Du turned on his phone and showed him a photograph. He said, “I have a friend who has gone missing here. His name is Hans Fox. This is his photo. You should have some recollection of him, right?”

Riverdale was only that big. Police Chief Wrigley had naturally met Hans Fox before. He did not have to look at the photo. Once he heard the name, he knew whom Li Du was referring to.

Hence, he said, “Hans Fox? I know him. We arrested him previously because he harassed a lady. However, that was not a serious crime. We let him out after two days. He’s not in our hands any longer.”

“I want you guys to bring him to me,” Li Du said.

Police Chief Wrigley laughed bitterly and said, “That’s hard. According to what I know, he harassed the same lady after he left the station again. He’s been captured by the lady’s family.”

“That means to say that they are holding him without anyone intervening?” Li Du narrowed his eyes.

Police Chief Wrigley waved his hands and said, “At most, they’re just keeping him there. They would definitely not torture him. I know old man Bryan.”

Li Du said, “Wouldn’t that be considered a kidnapping?”

Police Chief Wrigley said helplessly, “In Riverdale town, my friend, there’s not much use for the law book. I daresay that even if you engage your personal lawyer and work with big law firms, you would not be able to scare those old farmers.”

Li Du understood now. It was no wonder that Wrigley was afraid. His lawyer must have gotten in touch with the big law firms using his own connections. They must have sent the small-town police station some intimidating letters.

Police Chief Wrigley said, “The police in Riverdale does not have much power. Hence, people are equipped with their own weapons and laws. That’s the County Patrol, and the old Bryan is the captain of the guard, so this is not easy to deal with.”

Li Du said, “Then let me ask you, can you help get my friend out?”

Police Chief Wrigley gritted his teeth and said, “Give me some time. I will give it a try tomorrow.”

After sending Wrigley off, Li Du had a vague understanding of what had happened.

Deep down, he was upset that Hans had messed things up and felt unhappy. However, he would definitely not leave him in the lurch. After all, Hans was like a brother to him.

Li Du woke up in the morning and got ready to leave the room. A traditional Western town that had retained its ancient flavor appeared before him.

It was a busy morning in Riverdale. The shops were all opened for business and so were the restaurants and stalls. An aroma of food filled the air.

The newspaper boy was delivering newspapers on his bicycle, some people were walking their dogs or jogging. It was the perfect sample of a quiet small-town life. It was not as hot outside, so even in the summer, everyone was still energetic and out of doors.

Li Du and Sophie got out too and a big dog ran over. Behind the dog, a lady shouted, “Little Hans, slow down, don’t scare people.”

Seeing a Castro and hearing its name, Li Du was surprised. He was lucky. Did he bump into the charming lady who had set off this whole mess the moment he walked out?

Indeed, the lady that had run over was the same one that Hans had been infatuated with. However, it was not a coincidence that they met now. The lady ran over to Li Du and asked, panting, “You are Du Li?”

Li Du did not pursue her mistake and said, “Yes, how did you know that’s me?”

She gave him a charming smile and said, “Hans told me. Last night, he heard that a Chinese man had come into the town with some bodyguards. He got me to look for you this morning. You guys are brothers, right? But why are you a Chinese and he is an American? That’s strange.”

Li Du was stunned. Was this lady trying to tease him? Wasn’t it even weirder that she was asking that question?