Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Worthless Like Your Mothers A*s

Lucas was also very excited. Anthony had called him after paying the 51,000 dollars to get him to come over and organize the packing of the storage unit.

Li Du had correctly guessed that Anthony was acting under Lucass instructions to follow his bids. But what he had not guessed was that Lucas had also come to Sedona.

To avoid humiliation, the Hispanic man did not participate in the auction directly. Instead, he waited at a motel, and was instructing Anthony and his men via the phone.

Anthony did not have the guts to buy a storage unit for 51,000 dollars. He had checked with Lucas before bidding at this price.

What he was sure of was that Li Du really wanted to buy that storage unit. After meeting up with Lucas, he said, "I swear on my family name that that fella was crazy with wantingI could tell how strong his desire was."

"How strong?"

"As strong as you, boss, wanting Megan Fox!"

Lucas laughed, "Then his desire was indeed very strong."

"But in the end, it still belonged to us. That Chinaman has good foresight, but he still lost out to Boss when it comes to courage," another man said sarcastically.

Lucas grunted and said, "D*mmitIm really not sure why God favors him so much. This time, we better make a fortune. Otherwise, I will have to peddle drugs to pay for it!"

Although he had been making money from storage auctions, he did not have any concept of money and was a spendthrift.

He had suffered a great loss after spending more than 80,000 on the worthless advertising screen. This time, he had borrowed money to participate in the auction.

"There will definitely be a huge profit from this storage unit. The Chinaman had bid up to 50,000 dollars, and I could tell that he was very determined," Anthony said reassuringly.

Upon the opening of the storage unit, many sculptures of different sizes appeared before them.

Looking at these stone sculptures, a delighted Lucas said, "Everyone, be extra careful. There are sure to be famous works in heredont break any, I will not let you get away with it!"

"Dont worry, Boss. Unless they are poorly constructed, they will not break," Anthony said with a laugh.

Lucas had brought another two men with him, so, along with Anthony, he had a total of three men there.

After arranging for the three of them to sort out these sculptures carefully, he used his mobile phone to contact a sculpture expert from the School of Art at Arizona State University.

The call connected, and Lucas immediately smiled. "Hi, Mr. Russel? Im crazy Buffalo Lucas, do you still remember me?"

There was a gentle voice at the other end, "Oh, I remember. You once sold our school an imitation of the "Piet". May I ask why you are calling?"

Lucas nodded vigorously, "Yes, yes"

"Boss, no use in you nodding, he cant see you," Anthony laughed.

Lucas glared at him, "Shut up, do your work. You will get it from me if there is any problem!"

"What problem could there be?" Anthony muttered. He had said this on purpose, given that he had done well. He thought such a manner of joking around could draw him closer to Lucas.

The call was still going on. "Hello Mr. Lucas, what did you say? Apologies, but I did not make that out."

Lucas hurriedly smiled. "No matter, buddy. Its actually like this; I would like to ask for your help. This time, I got a batch of sculptures, and there could be some good stuff in here"

A scream interrupted his words, "F*ck! Damn it, what the heck is going on?"

Lucas looked over in irritation, as he covered the mouthpiece, "Anthony Sh*t!"

He saw that, next to Anthony, a human sculpture had lost half its body and a huge pile of stone powder was at his feet. More powder was sliding down from the sculpture.

Momentarily, the few of them were stunned.

"What is going on?"

"Sh*t, I dont know either!"

The experts voice could still be heard over the phones mouthpiece: "Hello? Hello? Hello?"

Lucas couldnt care less about the phone call. He mumbled "talk later" and then hung up. Then he glared at Anthony and hollered, "F*ck you! Anthony, what is going on?!"

Anthony said with a mournful face, "Boss, I dont know. This sculpture seems to have been poorly made. I only touched it with my hand and it crumbled!"

Lucas hurried over for a look. The sculpture was made from stone powder. He pushed it with his hands, and the other half of its body crumbled with a loud crash.

Now, he was at a loss. "Whatwhat is going on?"

Anthony shook his head vigorously; he did not know what was going on.

The other two men came over to check out what was happening. Lucas pushed them away angrily. "Go do your work! Go do your work! What is there to look at?"

With scornful smiles, the two of them prepared to move the sculptures. One of them carefully began to carry a stone sculpture in the shape of a Christmas tree. When he put some pressure on it, the stone sculpture also crumbled into a heap of stone powder!

The man looked stunned. "Boss, what is going on?"

Lucas dashed over. This sculpture was like the last one, even the material was the same. The fine, snow-white stone powder was devoid of shine, and made of some unknown material.

Using his hands to rub the stone powder on the floor, he looked at all the sculptures in the storage unit and a dreadful thought crossed his mind. He hurriedly said, "Dont move them just yetgo touch them first."

Anthony and the two men touched the stone sculptures, and his heart broke at what happened. Other sculptures also turned into powder; the final count was eight sculptures.

"F*ck!" Lucas cursed. There were many stone sculptures in the storage unit; he could still withstand the loss of ten more sculptures.

As his men gathered the sculptures, he gave the sculptor Russel a call again.

Russel was not happy with how he had hung up the call abruptly earlier and said, "Get straight to the point on what the matter is."

Lucas forced a smile and said, "Sorry, there was an accident here just now. Actually, I have acquired some stone sculptures. Could we do a video call for you to determine their value?"

Russel asked, "Do you know the maker of the sculptures?"

"Um, I dont know"

"Then look for it. The sculptor will leave his name and informationsuch as the year of productionon his works. If there are sculptures of humans, it can usually be found on the clothes, such as the skirts waistband."

Lucas hurriedly took a look at the sculptures of humans which have been gathered together. Indeed, there was a name on the clothes of these sculptures. "It looks like the makers name is Leighton Burks?"

Russel said, "Leighton Burks? I have never heard this name. You wait, let me check."

Lucas felt a chill in his heart. Russel was an expert in the field of sculptures. If he had not heard of the name, then it was unlikely to be a famous master.

Soon, Russels voice could be heard again: "Leighton Burks, right? I checked, he was a sculpture enthusiast, and also could be considered a sculptor."

"Then the value of his work...?"

"His works have no value. I am referring to artistic valueperhaps they could be used for home dcor," Russel said.

Lucas felt a layer of cold sweat gathering on his forehead. "No value? If I have more sculptures, like fifty or sixty of them"

"Are there large stone sculptures? Like any over six feet tall or weighing over two tons?

"No, none"

"Then does not matter how many, theres not much value. Maybe one could fetch for fifty or a hundred dollars," Russel paused and then added, "If there is nothing else, I am hanging up. Goodbye."

Lucas ended the phone call despondently. Anthony asked, "Boss, how much are these sculptures worth?"

"Worthless like your mothers a*s! I am going to kill you!" with a toss, Lucas threw the mobile phone straight at Anthonys long face as he pounced forward!