Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1367

Chapter 1367 Bid

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Because there was no bidding process, there was still a chance for people to queue up at the door and take a closer look at the contents of the warehouse.

Li Du and Black Mustang lined up last. They were first-rank treasure hunters and felt no need to hurry.

The Phoenix and Flagstaff treasure hunters looked at Li Du with hope. He was their backbone, the leader of their community. They naturally chose to rely on him when in doubt.

Li Du knew what was in the warehouse. He shook his head quietly after seeing it, which meant that bidding on it would be a waste of time.

A cardboard box was moved out. Everyone had slips of paper in their hands, marked with their name, the warehouse number, the sum of the bid and the telephone number. They would fill the blanks and put the paper in the box, and the highest bidder would get the warehouse.

Not only Li Du saw that the warehouse was worthless. Other, even slightly discerning treasure hunters could judge the same way. Nevertheless, there were still people who were willing to bid on it, willing to take a risk.

After all, this was a large warehouse with many things in it, and inexperienced treasure hunters could easily imagine that there were hidden valuables in the warehouse.

Li Du released the space-time bugs into the box and looked at each bid that was dropped in. This way, he could take control of the bidding price completely.

Treasure hunters were still a very cautious crowd, and with the highest bid placed at 5,000 dollars, there would not be a big loss anyway.

It was about him, too. Not only did the Phoenix and Flagstaff treasure hunters pay attention to him and follow his instructions, but other people did as well.

When Li Du shook his head before, he noticed that the treasure hunters lost confidence in the warehouse. When he did not place a bid, the treasure hunters became even less enthusiastic. Therefore, the warehouse was bound to go for a low price.

The one who bid five thousand was Princeps. He was one of those fellas who liked to cast a wide net and trust their luck. Li Du thought it was not a bad strategy at all. This kind of people did not only keep bankruptcy at bay but also somehow always had money to participate in auctions.

The second warehouse opened. Compared with the first, the contents in this one were worth something. If one was willing to work hard, they could make some money by clearing up this warehouse.

After Li Du saw it, he walked towards the Flagstaff treasure hunters and whispered to bearded Carl, “Bid within 10,000, and you should have a profit.”

Excited, Carl nodded vigorously, took out his blank and quickly filled in a number.

Li Du estimated that he would bid 10,000 directly. His purpose was to win, and as long as he made some money, nothing else mattered.

The door to the third warehouse opened and several guns appeared on the walls: a Mauser, a Colt M1911, a Beretta M1934, and a Webley VI revolver.

These four pistols were probably the most famous firearms from the World War ll era, and the treasure hunters got excited.

However, these four guns were supposed to be models. The keeper inspected them carefully and left the door open.

The treasure hunters breathed a sigh of relief.

If there was an exposed weapon in the warehouse, the custodian had to confiscate it and send it to the local police station for evaluation, so the value of the warehouse would naturally decline.

Treasure hunters valued the promising warehouses that had walls decorated with pistols, along with flags and old military uniforms.

The fabric of the flags was pretty worn and looked dated, and the scattered military uniforms were old-fashioned and threadbare. When combined with the model pistols, they were definitely reminiscent of the great world war that had taken place more than half a century ago.

The treasure hunters’ breath became irregular. Their target was the tiger tank, which was closely related to World War ll. There was no sign of it in this warehouse, but it had to be there somewhere.

The warehouse was so big that, despite its size, the Tiger l tank could still be hidden among the heaps of stored goods.

The Flagstaff and Phoenix treasure hunters looked at Li Du with expectation. They did not really expect to win the Tiger l tank, because they knew that if there was such a tank in the warehouse, Li Du would not give it to them.

They would not compete with Li Du. If the tank was visible, they didn’t have the money to bid on it. If the tank was well hidden, they would not be able to spot it without a clue from Li Du.

In a word, they could not beat Li Du whether they knew the location of the tank or not.

However, this warehouse was not easy to handle. They did not see any traces of the tank, and on top of that, everything inside was very messy. There were many covered shelves, but there were some exposed objects reminiscent of the World War ll era.

As the treasure hunters knew, the owner of the tiger tank warehouse was a veteran of the Second World War. In addition to the tiger tank, he was supposed to have many other valuables.

Li Du stood at the door, frowning at the warehouse, while treasure hunters stood around staring at him.

After a long look, he took a deep breath and slowly shook his head. Seeing this, the treasure hunters regretfully retreated.

However, when the bidding began, Li Du wrote something on a piece of paper and stuffed it into the box.

The treasure hunters who were looking at him were stunned. What does he mean? Is there a tank in this warehouse after all?

After a difficult decision, the treasure hunters took action. Some followed Li Du and put their blanks into the box, while others hesitated and kept out.

The fourth warehouse opened and something strange appeared. There were no military flags or uniforms in this warehouse, but there was a strong smell of diesel fuel. Several maintenance boxes and some maintenance tools were scattered on the ground.

“Where the hell is that tank?” Someone could not help muttering under his breath.

“There were no tanks in the last warehouse. Tanks must smell of engine fuel. This warehouse is worth the risk. Guys, let’s do it.”

“God bless me, I don’t know what to do this time!”

There were still many people who were staring at Li Du. Li Du put the bidding blank into the box with some hesitation. Later, more slips of paper were put into the box.

Eleven large warehouses were opened and the bids were placed, but no tanks showed up, at least not openly.

Next came the medium warehouses, which the treasure hunters estimated were not large enough to hold a tank.

Therefore, as they continued at the auction, they began to discuss it and speculate about where the tank could be.

A medium-sized warehouse labeled 142 was opened. The door of the warehouse was littered with boxes, which appeared to have been discarded for quite some time. The boxes were covered with dust.

The boxes were marked with a disinfectant logo, and the smell of disinfectant came from the warehouse when the door was opened. The treasure hunters covered their noses and the bidding was over. Not many people were interested in the warehouse.

Li Du went to have a look, but there was nothing to see. There were too many boxes piled up in the front of the warehouse, blocking the view.

When the bidding began, there were a few treasure hunters who tried their luck. Li Du waited silently until the bidding was almost over. Then he took out a slip of paper, wrote a number on it and put it into the box.