Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368 Night Drunk

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The auction ended in peace. The treasure hunters walked around all the warehouses. Although the weather was hot, it was a slow auction, so it was bearable.

Unlike usually, people couldn’t just go into a warehouse and had to wait for a call from the warehouse company.

Black Mustang came over, put his arm around Li Du’s shoulders and said, “Hey, buddy, how about a couple of drinks?”

Li Du sighed. “Your stamina is outstanding. Aren’t you tired after today’s auction?”

“I’m a strong horse!” Black Mustang curled up his arms to show his biceps and laughed.

Li Du did look tired and dull, so Black Mustang looked disappointed. He patted Li Du on the shoulder and said, “Go back and rest.”

“Come on, have a drink together and relax,” smiled Li Du.

Black Mustang was suddenly happy, and said loudly, “Good, buddy, that’s the spirit!”

The two treasure hunter tycoons took the lead, and the other treasure hunters naturally followed up.

Black Mustang has been traveling north and south for many years. He was very familiar with entertainment joints in different places. After he changed, he took Li Du along.

His companions tended to wear big gold chains and dark sunglasses, and when they took off their jackets, they revealed the garish tattoos around their necks and arms.

As the group walked into a nightclub, the security guards were nervous because they looked like they were there to smash the place.

Black Mustang was like a fish in the water. He swayed to the explosive music, took out a few bills and slipped them into the security guards’ pockets, saying loudly, “Chill, buddies, we are here to have fun!”

The guards looked more relaxed, and someone pulled the door open with a polite bow and said, “Come in, gents, have fun.”

When the door opened, the sounds blew up!

The roar from the DJ booth was earth-shaking. The magnesium lamp hanging from the ceiling and the colored ball lamps on the left and right sides shone, and the alcohol fumes and mixed perfume rushed into their nostrils, overwhelming them.

An unknown number of people on the dance floor swayed to the music. Black Mustang waved, and some treasure hunters rushed to the dance floor.

Li Du chose a VIP area to sit down, and a girl approached them, swaying her hips, and said, “Gentlemen, the minimum spending amount here must be 1400 dollars.”

Black Mustang gave her a playful slap on the behind and laughed. “We just spent hundreds of thousands. You think 1400 bucks would be a problem? Bring us drinks!”

The girl gave him a wink, for Black Mustang discreetly slipped a few banknotes into her corset, and she knew without counting that it must be a generous tip.

Li Du said, “That’s generous of you. A fifty dollar tip?”

Black Mustang boomed, “Five hundred dollars wouldn’t be too much for me either as long as it makes me feel good! That’s nothing, man. Life is meant to be lived. Spending money makes life better.”

The waitresses in the nightclub were very discerning and hurried to serve them the finest wines and spirits the place could offer., The staff could easily spot a wealthy client, and they looked forward to earning a small fortune in tips that night.

To add a diversion, Black Mustang took out a pile of small bills and threw them directly around the VIP area. The money scattered through the air.

Although those were only small bills, it was still impressive. Li Du had never done this before and when the bills fell on the floor he felt like a multi-millionaire.

Many attractive girls hurried over, flashing legs, arms and bosoms in tight-fitting, revealing outfits of black vinyl and colorful silk. There was a type of beauty to please anyone.

Black Mustang sat down with a girl in his lap and asked Li Du, “Why don’t you choose one?”

Li Du waved his hands and said, “As you can see, I am tired and weak. I am not a beast like you.”

“Yeah, I’m a beast!” Black Mustang grinned, his white teeth flashing.

Playboy picked up a girl as well, sat down too, and said leisurely, “Big Li, it must be boring to stay alone. There are so many pretty girls here, surely you must like one of them.”

The difference between the two men was that the girl Playboy picked up was the one he simply flirted with, at most buying her a drink. Black Mustang offered an extremely generous tip, and his girl was the hostess.

The girl who sat with Playboy chuckled, “Chinese boy, be brave. Many of my sisters like exotic men, but you should make the first move.”

Her words made a crowd of treasure hunters laugh, and Tulis said, “Hasn’t he made the first move? He has taken the princess of Flagstaff!”

There were a lot of rich people here, many girls, and lots of money was flowing.

These girls came to nightclubs to earn a living and have fun. They would go to the clubs to drink with those who had money, especially those who were ready to buy them drinks.

The girls in the bar had commission on drinks. They would make money as long as they made people buy drinks, so they naturally liked to find customers who would drink a lot and liked to seem magnanimous.

Li Du like a drink now and then, but he came primarily to rest and relax, not show off his money-spending skills. Moreover, he did not drink much, so he just ordered some good wine.

Black Mustang threw money into the crowd, Li Du drank good wine, and Playboy was his usual handsome self. They were the big hit in the nightclub that night, and a lot of girls were attracted to them.

Some people resented that, especially those who were drunk. They were like a bomb waiting to explode.

Seeing all the pretty girls gathered around, some big guys came up, swaying drunkenly, and said, “Hey, son of a bitch, you want to take everything away?”

“Come back, you whore, didn’t I give you a tip?”

“Where did you come from, you little shit? Damn, you should bugger off.”

Black Mustang looked contemptuously at the crowd. He stood up, raised his hands and waved. A group of treasure hunters stood up.

There were many treasure hunters in the club, and they were all strong men who worked hard all year round.

However, Tucson was arguably the hottest place in Arizona. The local men were fierce and tough, and drunkards looked contemptuously at their opponents, though they outnumbered them several times over.

Then, while Li Du was still waiting apprehensively for the confrontation, a drunk man threw a beer bottle at him!

It was like a signal for the bunch of drunk men just waiting to start a fight.

A few big men rushed into the crowd of the treasure hunters, unafraid despite the ferocity of their opponents. They were berserk, like a tiger rushing into a sheep herd.

Of course, treasure hunters were not sheep. They were tough guys, too.

The drunks started putting their fists into action. The treasure hunters were unwilling to be outdone so they beat them up too.

Li Du tried to stay away from the fight. He drew aside, sipping his drink, but soon he felt that something was wrong.