Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369 Big Melee

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In the club’s spacious lobby, in the plush VIP seats, Li Du was sipping his wine.

He sat right next to the fistfight and continuous howling, with dozens of men locked in a scuffle, beating each other up.

Li Du sat there quietly, holding a crystal glass of wine in his hand. He raised the glass, and as the seven-colored lights shone, the wine sparkled with colorful luster.

It was beautiful. It was dazzling.

Behind him was a group of pretty girls who looked harassed and scared. The girls drew to the corner of the VIP booth, huddling together and shivering in fear.

Li Du thought that if someone took a picture of the scene and posted it on the Internet, they could become a web celebrity even more popular than his little pets.

The scuffle was so abrupt that he didn’t expect the drunk Tucson men would fight so violently, and he didn’t expect the bad luck to meet such assholes on his first night at this club.

Li Du was the last person to get into trouble, especially when he was tired as he was today.

However, he was not afraid of conflict. After all, there were only five or six drunk men, and the treasure hunters were over forty in number. They were on the winning side.

Brother Wolf, Godzilla, and the others stood behind him without doing anything, which made him look even more extraordinary.

Then he saw that the melee had attracted many people, and dozens of them stood up to watch and discuss the proceedings.

“What’s the matter? What’s the fight about?”

“Who are these? Security, security!”

“F**k, what a mood spoiler! Fancy running into a fight here!”

These comments were quite normal, and the people who stood up were watching with mere passive curiosity, until someone said, “Ah, it’s the Phoenix gang that struck! The Phoenix softies bully us Tucson guys!”

Phoenix and Tucson were two of Arizona’s big cities, but Phoenix’s economy was so much more prosperous than Tucson’s that the people of Phoenix thought that the Tucson residents were barbarian and old-fashioned, and would often joke about them being bumpkins.

The Tucson people, on the other hand, thought that the Phoenix people were pushy, rude, and prone to file lawsuits. They were not like the southwestern tough guy, and would always look down on each other.

People on both sides would mock each other under some pretext, and each time it would lead to a verbal melee. Of course, Tucson won less often. Phoenix had more people, and the Tucson residents were less competent with words.

The drunken spectators bristled at the news that Phoenix was beating Tucson. “What? They are from Phoenix?”

“They’re the Phoenix treasure hunters, I know them!”

At once, someone shouted angrily, “F**k, how dare the Phoenix rednecks come to Tucson? These garbage collectors are so arrogant!”

“Beat them!”

Li Du looked at the menacing drunk men in astonishment. What does this mean? What is it to you? Are you guys going to stick your nose in this?

Without answering, the Tucson drunkards rushed into the crowd, brandishing their fists and ready to fight.

Now that things were heating up, Brother Wolf saw that the situation was bad. He quickly pulled on Li Du’s arm and said, “Boss, let’s go!”

Li Du pushed him away and said, “What are you going to do? Can we leave now? And when you leave, how are you going to face the guys?”

Godzilla roared, “Let’s beat them up! Let them see the fierceness of the Phoenix people!”

Li Du snapped, “Damn your fierceness! Are we fighting for the whole of Phoenix? Just protect yourself, damn it, get out of here!”

Someone swung their fist at him. Li Du released the space-time bug, slowed down the time and avoided the swing easily, taking a wine glass from the table and smashed it on his attacker’s head.

As he sprang into action, many people were rushing towards him, no less than four or five young men.

After Li Du quickly took off his coat and slowed down the time, these people became quite slow. He kept dodging hits, throwing out his fists, elbows, and knees and knocked the attackers over one by one.

The young people who fell down tried to push themselves up. At this time everything was in Li Du’s control. He went up and kicked them in the head a few times, and they slumped back down again.

Several others were watching him, all of them bewildered by the speed of his reaction.

Li Du’s blood was boiling. Seeing the onlookers staring at him, he shouted at them, “Come on! I’ll show you Chinese Kung Fu!”

The girls, who had been cowering on the big sofa, got excited and shouted:

“Chinese Kung Fu, cool!”

“Show them, China guy!”

“Beat them, and tonight we’re all yours!”

Li Du just wanted to frighten those people. He did not want to fight if he could avoid it. The energy consumption would be too much for the space-time bug.

However, the Tucson men were too tough. They saw Li Du’s threat as a provocation. The few people who were hesitating made up their mind and raised their fists.

“Damn it, I’m done!” thought Li Du.

Time slowed down. He quickly stepped forward to avoid a fist, grabbed the guy’s shoulder and threw him back. A second man rushed over, and Li Du kicked him in the lower abdomen, making him fall.

Someone from the side took the opportunity to grab him, and Li Du forcefully pried his arms open. With all his strength he kicked the youth in the chest and threw him to the sofa.

The pretty girls on the sofa exclaimed with surprise as the young man ended right in their laps.


One particularly hot-tempered girl scooped up the bottle and banged the young man’s head in a flash!

The crowd was originally attracted by the melee, They did not try to escape, but have gathered to watch the fun.

However, someone recognized his Tucson friend in the melee and, knowing that it was a fight between Tucson and Phoenix, jumped into the fray.

Li Du was the best in the fight, but he, too, was overwhelmed. It was useless to slow down time. He was forced into a corner and beat up a little.

Seeing that, Brother Wolf promptly stepped in and beat the aggressors up until they were severely injured. Godzilla and Big Quinn too sprang into action. Godzilla picked up a bench in his left hand and a table in his right, wielding them like axes.

The security men came in, carrying jilt sticks. The leading big man said, “Stop! F**k! What’s going on? Who hit me?”

“Light, light, light! All lights on!”

“Damn it, you hit the wrong person, go to hell!”

The scene became more and more chaotic. The group fight involving hundreds of people was beyond the capacity of a dozen security guards, and more people joined the violent crowd. The situation was out of control.

Finally, sirens wailed outside and armed police officers with shields and batons rushed in.