Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372 Leave Quickly

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Li Du had encountered many conflicts while attending the warehouse auctions.

However those conflicts came about, it was always a conflict of interest. This time it was a fight with some random people, for the first time in his career!

Outside the police station, Godzilla took a deep breath.

“Enjoying the smell of freedom?” Li Du quipped.

Godzilla said, “More like the smell of chicken nuggets. I’m so hungry, boss, let’s go and eat. This fried chicken smells delicious!”

Li Du had to go to see his warehouse first, and he had to pay for it quickly. The bidding rules were the same as in any auction, and the winning bidder had to pay within 24 hours of the auction.

As it happens, most of the treasure hunters were still at the police station, so he bought Godzilla a pile of fried chicken on the way and hurried off to the squadron warehouse company.

This time he won two warehouses, a medium one and a small one.

After driving in, Li Du opened the door of the medium-sized warehouse first. The pungent smell of disinfectant dashed into his nostrils, and some dusty box in the doorway was blocking his view.

Godzilla and the others put on masks and began to work. The box was quite large, and they were prepared to use their muscles, but it turned out that the box was very light!

Li Du opened the box. There was a big balloon inside. The balloon’s snorkel hung limp on the outside of the box, but no one noticed it before.

It was kind of disappointing.

As the box was moved aside, they saw a turret. It was a steel turret with a layer of russet anti-rust paint. The barrel was nearly five meters long, and it was very deadly.

In addition to the prominent turrets, there were large oak boxes in the warehouse, a spread tarpaulin in the back, and two wooden shelves where maintenance tools were kept.

Li Du went up to pull off the cover, revealing a tank made of nickel-chromium manganese high pressure cast steel. Its outer armor was painted with tan anti-rust paint as well, and it looked massive and lethal!

This was the Tiger Tank, the World War ll undefeated hero!

Someone from the warehouse door accidentally turned his head and saw the tank, and immediately shouted, “F**k, there’s the Tiger Tank! It’s for real!”

At this time, there were not many treasure hunters in the warehouse. Most of them cleaned up and left after paying the day before. Some of the others were still at the police station.

Hearing the shouts, the four or five treasure hunters who happened to be near came running. When they saw the tank, they all looked envious and said,

“This guy is really lucky!”

“Lucky? This is the treasure hunter king! That’s his special skill!”

Li Du got the tank not by luck or ability, but by ways and means.

The way he took down the warehouse was cunning. When he found the tank that day, he saw that the tank was not hidden. Anyone could see it.

So he thought of a way to ensure that no one would notice the tank. First, he went to the military store to buy some weapon models from World War ll and related supplies, and then he got Brother Wolf to sneak into the warehouse, put the things in, and use them as a smokescreen for the other treasure hunters.

He put a large number of boxes to cover the entrance of the warehouse where the tank was kept. Nobody expected that the tank would be stored in the medium-sized warehouse. In this way, with boxes blocking the view, it was unlikely anyone would find it.

In the end, Li Du bought the warehouse for only 1500 dollars. Otherwise, he would have had to pay several million dollars to get the warehouse.

This was not a very honest way, but the business was business, and winning was the only thing that mattered. Making money was more important than playing fair, especially in Tucson. The auction business was often underhanded. Before, the Tucson gang used to drive people away by threats and did not let treasure hunters from outside to take part in the auctions.

Li Du generally felt disdain for these mean tactics. This, however, was a special case. Gaining the Tiger Tank was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Lu Guan called the rental crane and trailer company. The main body of the tiger tank and its turrets were hoisted onto the trailer, along with boxes which contained mechanical parts, the fuel tanks, and protective panels.

In addition to the Tiger Tank, there were other World War ll items in the warehouse, including a case containing the MG-42 machine gun shredder, and some radios, military uniforms, tents, and other items of the era.

Li Du estimated that the harvest was quite valuable. Not even counting the tank, he could sell the contents of the warehouse for more than half a million dollars. The veteran was indeed rich.

He also won a small warehouse the contents of which belonged to a photography lover. There were cameras, VCRs, computers and other tools carefully kept in the warehouse. Although they were not new, they were all of the top brands quite valuable.

Having picked up the tank, Li Du quickly took his men and drove away.

This time he used an illegal method. If someone wanted to investigate, they could find him out. Every warehouse was photographed before the auction to record its original appearance. The purpose was to prevent people from tampering with the warehouse contents.

Although very few people would bother to check this, it was a possibility. The original photos were in the warehouse company, and if anyone decided to pursue the matter, they would find out.


However, fortunately, Brother Wolf was discreet in his actions and no one had seen him, so even if something like this happened, Li Du could still deny fiddling with the warehouse contents.

Back in Phoenix, he rushed to do another thing. He was leaving Arizona for California and moving to Los Angeles. Arizona was getting too small for him.

Before he moved, he had to settle down there.

Sophie decided to go back to Flagstaff. Before Li Du went to Los Angeles to arrange for their new home, she wanted to spend some time with her parents. She would have less time to visit them once she went to Los Angeles.

For a girl who has been living in the same city with her parents since she was a child, it was not easy to move to another state.

To keep Sophie from getting bored, Li Du left the little ones in her charge. “Keep doing the web celebrity thing, come on, make them famous throughout the world.”

“They are already very famous,” Sophie gave Li Du an annoyed look.

Li Du drove to Los Angeles knowing that he is coming onto Porter’s territory. Upon learning of his arrival, Porter gave him an address and invited him to come.

This second-generation wealthy guy began to establish his own business, but it was not big yet. He opened a comic shop on Museum Street.

Museum Street, located just south of West Hollywood, was the main thoroughfare in downtown Los Angeles, surrounded by busy, thriving neighborhoods.