Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375 Broken Dreams

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The waiter informed the hotel manager, who personally attended them to check-in. He allowed them to bring in their pets, and moreover, they did not have to pay the extra deposit. On the contrary, the hotel gave them a 20% discount!

Li Du was surprised. “Are they that popular?”

“Very popular!” The manager who accompanied them to the room said. “They’re the most popular Web celebrities of the year, among animals, I mean. , They’re the hottest social media stars of the year!”

After taking them into the room, the manager took special care to tell the receptionist at the service desk on the same floor to give plenty of attention to the service Li Du and his party received. Their only request was that Sophie should mention the hotel name in her live video.

Sophie promised, and the manager left with an air of satisfaction.

“How could these pets be so popular? What’s wrong with people now? Do they have nothing to do?” Li Du wondered.

Sophie pinched his cheek and said, “Don’t be silly. There are more pet lovers around the world than you might think. It’s not easy to stand out these days, but cute pets are more likely to become popular! Here, take a picture and line up please!”

The little ones were very familiar with this command. They immediately sat in a row, arranging their order according to their size and making adorable facial expressions.

Li Du was not very tech-savvy. He was out of line the times. In recent years, Hans was in charge of everything online ever since he joined the warehouse auction industry.

The climate and scenery in Cleveland were fine, but the food was mediocre. The people in the neighboring states would poke fun at Cleveland, saying that their only food was meat and potatoes.

Recently, with the city’s industry in decline, the Cleveland authorities were trying to boost the city’s influence and appeal from other sources, including tourism.

The central square offered lots of restaurants and food stalls, and government campaigns urged people to come to the square to enjoy themselves and encourage the food industry.

In the evening, Li Du took them all to dinner and found that one could find good food in Cleveland too.

Among them, he came across a freaky barbecue corner, which offered delicacies such as sheep and ox genitals, lamb brains, duck heads and so on.

Americans tended to avoid these things, so Li Du usually had no chance to eat them. He was overjoyed to discover them on the menu and ordered plenty of dishes.

Brother Wolf and the others shook their heads when they saw the food he ordered. Only the ever-hungry Godzilla didn’t care. “Boss, I’ll try some of that. It smells funny, but I bet the taste is very unique.”

“F**k! You can eat these things, too? It’s inhuman!” said Lu Guan with a disgusted expression.

After their dinner, Li Du set his eyes on the casino.

In the past, he was afraid of trouble, so he did not gamble. Although money would come quickly with his special abilities, he could be easily targeted.

Now he was not afraid anymore. He had extensive connections, and he was followed by his powerful bodyguards. Furthermore, he had a large stash of weapons in the black hole. If the casino tried to do something fishy, he could make them sorry for it.

Therefore, he told the family to go back to rest and took his bodyguards to the casino with an adventurous spirit.

The casino was called Golden Country. It was decorated, as its name implied, in all shades of gold.

Before they could enter, the bouncer at the entrance had to check their IDs. Li Du gave his ID willingly. A receptionist scanned it and smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, Mr. Li. You are in a hall of fame for our company. You can enjoy our services without any charges but you are not allowed to enter the casino area.”

Hearing this, Li Du was stunned and said, “What? I’m in your hall of fame? When did I become a member?”

The handsome receptionist smiled broadly. “I’m sorry, sir, I don’t know exactly what happened, but your identity is in our hall of fame database.”

The hall of fame at the casino was like a blacklist, and those on the list could no longer enter the casino.

However, it was not quite the same as the usual blacklist, where people were likely to be outlaws, delinquents, or cops. The people whose names were listed in the hall of fame were often good gamblers, too good to be admitted into a casino.

Li Du could count on one hand the times he went into a casino before. A couple of times, he had visited a casino in Flagstaff and won a few million.

However, a hall of fame list for a small casino would not have affected a big casino so far away. As he thought about it more, he recalled that he had gambled on Playboy’s behalf in Las Vegas.

After thinking about it, Li Du could only guess that this had to be the reason. The casino in Las Vegas must have put him in the hall of fame list so that the big casinos in other places would be warned against him.

In short, his dream of making some easy money broke down.

His plan for the night was to go to a casino and make a lot of money to give his bodyguards a bonus, but they wouldn’t let him in.

“Should we crash in?” Godzilla asked in a muffled voice.

Li Du did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Do you want to die?”

Reluctantly looking at the casino, he knew that this way of making money was lost to him. He would not be able to enter a casino unless it was a small, insignificant one.

This also proved, however, that he chose the right path. If he had counted on making his fortune by gambling from the beginning, he could have been rejected after one successful round, and his source of income would be gone.

The evening activity was interrupted. Li Du had to turn his back on the casino and seek other ways to have fun.

Starting on the next day, Carpenter helped them arrange a vacation in the Erie area, where there was a relaxing resort with gorgeous lake views.

Before going to the villa, Li Du and his family needed to cook something for themselves, so they went to Cleveland’s largest supermarket to do some shopping.

The supermarket was divided into several sections, one for fruit, vegetables, snacks, etc. The fruit section was next to the entrance.

Li Du had just entered when he heard a commotion and noticed some locals standing around with their arms folded.

Li Du did not usually get involved in this kind of chaos, knowing it was too easy to get into trouble. However, when he wanted to leave, he heard someone speak in Mandarin, “They are insulting Chinese people, they must apologize!”

At this, Li Du, who was about to leave, stopped and looked at the two parties in the fruit section. One of them was a supermarket worker, and the other consisted of people he instantly recognized as his compatriots.

Therefore, Li Du went over to ask, “Hi, are you in trouble?”

Hearing him speak Chinese, a girl with an angry face turned around in surprise, looking delighted when she saw his appearance. “Are you Chinese too? Well, America discriminates against Chinese! Look what they’ve written!”

The girl pointed to the watermelon stall, which bore a sign in Chinese characters that read: Dear customer, please stop knocking on the watermelons, they will not respond to you! Do not destroy them again, please!!!