Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378 Lake Erie

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Human beings have a gambling spirit in their bones, which is natural. Since ancient times, the richer and more powerful people were, the more they liked gambling because they had more opportunities to show their wealth.

Of course, betting was not only about money. Choosing an alliance or acting upon a surmised financial prediction were gambles of a certain kind as well.

Li Du also has a gambling spirit, but the existence of the space-time bug made most of the things lose their mystery. For example, during a warehouse auction, he could choose his warehouses with confidence and the final result was not a surprise.

Thus, his gambling spirit was suppressed, and life and work were getting a bit predictable.

Therefore, last night when he saw the casino, he wanted to go in and play a few games. Earning money was not the main objective. In addition, he didn’t want to cheat the whole time with his little bug. He wanted to win or lose by luck for once.

As a result, the casino turned him away, and his expectations were disappointed again. Today, the supermarket staff came to look for trouble, openly discriminating against Chinese people, so that he found the perfect opportunity to vent.

Moreover, it was a gamble today, with some unknown factors, such as whether the manager would agree to bet against him, and whether the ripeness of the watermelons would be the same.

In the end, he won the game. The bet was small, but Li Du loved playing. Of course, he still used some tricks. The first six watermelons had natural differences in ripeness, but the latter two damaged ones were the result of absorbing time energy by the space-time bugs.

The two watermelons themselves were bad, but not so very bad as to be completely rotten. The rotting was enhanced by the space-time bug, making the scene even more dramatic.

Sophie looked at the manager and smiled wryly. “If you had apologized earlier, the situation would not get this bad.”

Not just Chinese people would buy watermelons, of course. Therefore, the warning written in Chinese was a provocation to the Chinese people. The management was asking for trouble, and Li Du has taught them a lesson.

He did not care about the rest of the matter and beckoned for Brother Wolf and the others to leave. “Come, let’s go shopping.”

Meanwhile, a crowd of onlookers gathered around the manager of the produce section to question him about what was going on.

The issue was getting out of hand. The general manager of the supermarket and a few people in charge had to come forward, doing their best to calm the agitated crowd.

Big Quinns said, “They might refuse to sell us things now.”

Godzilla clenched his fists and retorted, “I’d like to see them try!”

Li Du smiled and said, “I would love to see this, but they won’t dare to mess with us. First, who would dare to provoke us when we have people like you? Second, if they refuse us, I will sue them. Third, the produce section isn’t a big deal.”

When he was ready to leave, he turned around and added, “Go and bring some watermelons, the good ones I picked out. We will eat them by the lake.”

The resort Carpenter helped them find was right next to Lake Erie, with a pier jutting into the lake. There was plenty of food and drink, but people could bring their own. Since Cleveland was not big on restaurants, most people ended up eating at the resort.

Lake Erie was one of the five great lakes in North America, marking the border between the United States and Canada.

Extending from the northwest to the southeast, the lake spanned a considerable length of 388 kilometers, with 95 kilometers at its widest point. It covered an area of nearly 30,000 square kilometers.

July was the golden season to visit Lake Erie. It is frozen in winter and was only accessible for sailing during seven or eight months in a year, of which July and August were the liveliest.

The great lakes used to be an important industrial source for the United States. The Erie area was rich in minerals such as uranium, gold, silver, copper, limestone, and salt. However, since the 1970s and 1980s, the administration of the great lakes area began to pay attention to the water quality and environment, and the government put in great efforts to control pollution.

Cleveland used to be very polluted. To illustrate this, the Cuyahoga River, which flowed through the city, has been nicknamed “the burning river” because of the amount of chemical fuel floating on the water surface.

Now, after a long-time effort, the lake district has become much cleaner, the water quality was good, and there was dense greenery. along the coast. Birds were flying above the lake, contributing to the peaceful natural atmosphere.

The car sped up the Lake District highway, then exited downtown Cleveland and headed north.

Li Du looked out and felt that the colors of Lake Erie were not exactly brilliant. The trees and grass were green, the sky and water were blue, and the clouds and birds were white.

However, with everything clean and unpolluted, the simple colors were very vivid, especially when fish leaped up from the lake. The dynamic scenes interspersed with the landscape were amazing.

Some areas near the lake were thickly forested, and the resort they were heading to was located in a forest as well, where the trees were so lush that it deserved the name of a natural oxygen fount.

The car turned into the forest road, and they had occasional glimpses of brilliant blue water between the trees.

The huts of the resort were interspersed with the forest as well. Many of them were traditional log cabins.

The edge of the woods was on the shore of the lake. There were two kinds of beach in the place, one stony and the other sandy. The beach by the lake had fine white sand, with the small waves of the lake lapping it gently, with a serenity unmatched by foamy ocean waves. The area where the resort was located offered both stony and sandy stretches of shore.

They went through the admission formalities under the guidance of Carpenter. Each person had a hand tag, which would determine how much they would be charged later.

It was a long way from downtown Cleveland to Erie, and further north it was Canadian territory. They were now on the border.

The reason why Li Du chose this place was that the temperature here was relatively low, and due to the northern latitude, the local daytime was very long. Carpenter said that the sun would rise as early as three or four in the morning here, and the sun would not set until ten o’clock in the evening, so they would have plenty of time to enjoy bright daylight and beautiful sunsets.

Getting off the car, Li Du stretched lazily, then waved and said, “Everyone, do anything you’d like to. Guys, relax and enjoy spending time with your families. We have come here to rest and recharge.”

Lu Guan said, “Well, I’ve got some work-related information. Would you like to hear it, boss?”