Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Camping in the Canyons

Hearing what Tina said, the people around the Mustang laughed. Someone whistled at the blonde-haired teen, "Jason, youre finished!"

The blonde teen looked at Tina playfully, and said, "I like you, girl, youre a fine Mustang."

"Your moms a Mustang, too," Tina coldly replied. She pulled open the F-150 car door and threw her bag in. She then got into the front seat.

Mr. Li was troubled. "Pretty lady, did I ask you to get in my car?"

The other girls followed Tina and went into the car. Mr. Li was even more perplexed. "Mymy car cant fit so many people."

"Its ok, they just squeeze," Tina laughed.

One of the girls asked playfully, "Can the shotgun seat fit two people?"

Li Du smiled bitterly and said, "Im afraid the police dont allow that."

"Of courseif they did, then Tina would be sitting on your lap. Look, her hips are already moving," Ilfen said.

Tina smiled and said, "Then how about I sit on your lap? So that you can feel the charm of my hips."

"Forget it, I guess."

Tina, sitting in the shotgun seat, wanted to hug Ah Meow, but Ah Meow didnt give her the chance and firmly buried itself into Li Dus lap.

With that, Mr. Li could only try to fit Ah Meow with him under the safety belt, like a baby strapped to a mothers chest.

Following Highway 179, they drove south. After exiting town, they headed west. Soon, a lush stretch of forest could be seen.

Tina asked, "Hey, are you familiar with this place?"

Li Du shook his head. "No, not familiar."

"Then I wont just let this be a free rideI can be your tour guide. Look, what we see now is the Coconino National Forest." Tina pointed forward, out the windshield. Under the restraint of the seatbelt, her chest was even more prominent.

Mr. Li acted like a gentleman, and kept his eyes on the forest.

"To explore this area, the best methods are through hiking, biking, or horse-riding. There are many beautiful birds and insects in the surrounding"

Li Du nodded, "I read an introduction of this national forest in a map. Its a great place."

"Where did you get that map?"

"Bought it for 5 dollars."

"Youre generous, why didnt you get a free map instead? Sedona Forestry Administrations Tourist Center provides free maps."

"Thats possible? I didnt know."

"See, I said that this wouldnt be a free ride. Youve learned something new again, right?" Tinas smile looked sweeter with each passing moment.

As they conversed, they had soon arrived at the town of Oak Creek. On the sides of the road, two rows of colorful wooden houses appeared. It was almost like entering a town from a fairytale.

"Its beautiful," Li Du said in admiration.

The scenery was beautiful, but soon after, his mood wasnt as "beautiful" as it should have been.

Oak Creek had specialized parking lots, so they couldnt park wherever they liked. But the lots charged a fee, requiring one Redstone ticket, costing 15 dollars.

Tina brought out the 15 dollars and helped him pay for the parking fee. Li Du gave his thanks and said, "Ill treat you girls to lunch then."

"All of us?" Ilfen pointed to herself and her companions, "Were included too?"

Mr. Li laughed and said, "Of course, but I hope that you girls are used to eating Chinese food, because Im preparing to make a hot-pot dish."

Ilfen said, "Cool, Ive eaten Hai Di Lao hot-pots. Theyre great, but expensive."

Hai Di Lao hot-pot was a Chinese dish that had entered the global market. It had followed a high-cost model in the global market, but failed due to that gutsy move.

That, however, was unrelated to Li Du. He packed up his things, carried the tents, crockery, and ingredients, and then they went to the supermarket to buy some meat and vegetables. Afterwards, he went to Oak Creek Canyon with the rest.

Oak Creek Canyon didnt allow free camping, and had marked out a camping area. It was in a forest near the road. There was also payment needed to book a spot; 18 dollars for a site.

A camping spot could accommodate two double-person tents. There were five girls together with Tina, so with a fifth person, they had to pay for an extra camping spot.

Tina immediately stood with Li Du and said to the person at the counter, "Were together."

Li Du rolled his eyes; not to Tina, but to the Forestry Bureau.

The local Forestry Bureau sure knew how to make money. Almost everything charged a fee. They were more merciless than the "black shops" in China.

But as he passed through the forest into the camping spot, he understood why they charged a fee.

The canyon didnt just provide space, but there were also showering facilities and barbecue stands which were free to use.

The camping spot was situated on slightly elevated ground. The view was broad, and the surrounding forest was full of beeches, oaks, and pine trees. They were green and luscious, with flowers on the ground in full bloom. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful.

The camping ground had over 80 spots with pop-up tents of various colors.

Li Du found an empty spot and stopped there. He was prepared to set up camp when Tina smiled sweetly and said, "Leave the tents to mewell help you with ityou go prepare lunch. Lets split up the work."

Li Du hesitated and said, "Thats fine, but Id like to clarify some things, Tina. Just now, to save money, we said that were together. We should stay separate tents."

Tina couldnt hold back her laughter and said, "Of course, what do you think I am? A sexually-frustrated middle-aged wife?"

Mr. Li observed her bold figure; she did somewhat look like a mature lady.

The camping spot had a tap. The water was apparently from a clean creek, and could be drank right from the tap.

After washing the crockery, Li Du added wine to the pot, and flames came bursting out, heating up the pot.

He poured in the soup base, added onions, garlic, and ginger, and then a large serving of spices and chili. Soon, the soup began to boil, and a spicy fragrant began to emit from it.

The five girls seemed to be experienced campers. They were good at setting up the tents. By the time that the hot-pot was ready, they had already set up the three tents.

Li Du asked Ilfen, who was walking over, "Only two tents? What are the five of you going to do?"

"Were letting Tina sleep in your tent. Then wont it be fine for the four of us?"

Li Du could tell that Ilfen was joking, so he said, "Since you girls have kindly proposed this, then Ill gladly accept. Remember not to close your tents, Ill visit at night."

Ilfen licked her lips and asked with anticipation, "Can you handle five people?"

The other girls looked at him with interest, and at this point, Li Du couldnt keep up the joke anymore. "Ah, alright, you win. Im an advocate of abstinencewash your hands and prepare for lunch."

The other girls didnt continue to make fun of him, and fervently took their bowls and utensils over to sit together.

Li Du added some slices of lamb into the pot. Soon, he said, "Alright, we can begin now."

"Is it cooked?"

"Of course, these cook quickly." He used peanuts and chives and mixed them together, and said that everyone should eat it all together.

After eating the lamb, he added vegetables, beans, lettuce, cabbage, kale and coriander. Green, blue, white, yellow: All sorts of vegetables were cooking in the red soup, giving a fresh taste to it to go with the spicy fragrance.