Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380 Bear Infested

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The creature who came out of the woods was a little brown bear. It had brown fur, a big nose, big mouth, round ears, and two dark eyes that were staring at the crowd with a silly look.

Ah Bai grabbed a pinecone, waved it around, and threw it at the young bear’s head.

The little brown bear raised its head and roared at Ah Bai. It stood up instead of crawling and scratched the tree with its paws.

Unfortunately, it was too small to retaliate. After standing up it was still less than a meter tall and has not developed much strength, so its paws could not damage the thick tree.

It knew it wasn’t going to work. After slapping the tree, the bear bent down and picked up the fallen cone, put it in its mouth and chewed it up.

Ah Bai jumped up and down in the tree, and Sophie passed him a satchel with food in it. When the little brown bear stood up, Ah Bai dropped a peanut, again hitting the little brown bear squarely on the head.

The bear growled a little, took a sniff, picked up the peanut and ate up. After that, it raised its head and looked at Ah Bai, this time not in anger, but rather looking like it was begging for more food.

Looking at this scene, Brother Wolf and the others shooed the children back. “Why are you all gathering around? Stay away, step back!”

“Wow, this is a bear, it looks just like Winnie the Pooh!” The other children looked delighted and refused to listen. They just remained rooted to the spot, watching the little bear.

The little brown bear didn’t care about being surrounded by people. It was clearly used to tourists. It looked at the crowd and turned away, looking back at Ah Bai and waiting for more food.

Ah Meow, Ah Ow, Ali, Ah Meng, and Crispy Noodles roared excitedly in front of Li Du, clearly itching to attack the little brown bear.

At first, the little bear showed no hostility or fear, but when he heard their continuous roars, it became angry and turned to growl at them.

Seeing the little bear assuming an aggressive posture, the little ones wanted to band together against it, hoping to drive it away.

Ah Meow was the most eager and started to run towards the little bear.

Li Du hurried to chase after him, at the same time aiming a kick at Ah Ow who was following behind. “Go back, don’t mess around!”

Ah Meow did not frighten the little bear too much, but it got nervous when Li Du came forward. After all, Ah Meow was small, while Li Du was much bigger.

The young bear turned around as it stretched out its neck and roared with all its might. Seeing this, Brother Wolf’s expression became worried and he said, “Be careful, the mother bear may be nearby, boss, so it would be better to leave.”

Li Du rather liked the little brown bear. It looked silly and cute. He even thought it would be nice to keep the bear as a pet, but of course, that was just wishful thinking, as the resort wouldn’t let them take away a wild bear.

Li Du grabbed Ah Meow by his tail and dragged him away. Just as he did so, a deep growl came from behind the trees. It was not loud, but it sounded imperious.

The little ones promptly lost their cocksure manner. When Ah Ow heard this sound, she quickly forgot her plans to attack, turned around and ran back.

Wild animals had keen instincts. Though they have never seen a full-grown brown bear befoe, they could appreciate the might of its roar.

Even the unruly little ones ran in fear, and Li Du and the others felt uneasy as well. As amusing as it was to watch the young bear, by the sound of it, the mother bear was not far away.

Li Du waved to Ah Bai, beckoning for the monkey to come down. Ah Bai jumped straight onto Li Du’s head.

He heard panicked sounds from the people around him. Li Du grabbed the little monkey and said, “Don’t worry, Ah Bai was just playing….”

“In front!” Brother Wolf called out.

Li Du looked back and saw the little brown bear pouncing on him.

They heard the rustle of branches in the wood and the tops of the trees rubbing against each other. It was clear that the mother bear was near.

The little brown bear was running very fast. It was near them in just a few seconds. It was running after Ah Bai.

Li Du was fast enough. He stretched his hand and gently twisted the bear’s ear. Then he turned over Ah Bai’s bag, dropping the snacks.

The little brown bear was bad-tempered. When Li Du reached out and touched it, it raised its head to bite him. However, once it saw the food on the ground, it forgot its plans of attacking and ate up happily.

Ah Bai was a foodie who valued food almost more than its own life. When it saw that the snacks were on the ground, it screamed in protest.

Li Du did not dare to stay there anymore. he had no reason to hang around unless he wanted to be the mother bear’s snack. He had better run away quickly.

This time the little bear did not run after him. The group quickly moved to the lake and observed the edge of the woods.

Less than a minute later, a moving elephant-like beast appeared.

It was an adult female brown bear, with a body length of at least two and a half meters and a height of more than one meter without standing up. Her head was big and round, her body was strong, and her back and sides rippled with powerful muscles. When she walked, she hit the trees, making them shake tremendously.

Li Du was stunned when he saw the bear. His desire to raise a bear cub quickly evaporated. Bears were too big and strong to make good pets. If he wanted to raise one, he would have to keep it on Seagull Island.

Nevertheless, as employees at the resort said, the bears are friendly, and the mother bear was clearly used to people. She surveyed the crowd and slowly walked over.

As she passed the cub’s position, the mother pushed it aside with her paw and ate the food that was left on the ground. Seeing this, Ah Bai squeaked in mixed fear and indignation.

The mother bear ate the food on the ground and came slowly over on all fours.

Seeing this, Ah Meow and Ah Ow picked up their courage and went in front of Li Du to protect him and Sophie.

Ah Ow raised her head and howled louder than she had done before. “Owww…!”

The mother watched Ah Ow silently, then howled and slapped the ground with her front paws.

The bears’ nails were about ten centimeters long, and they could not fold them up like cats. The crowds noticed them at once; it looked like her paws had a fringe of daggers.

Ah Ow was a coward. She ran back without another howl and dove into the lake.

“Damn sissy,” said Li Du angrily.

Ah Meng was as fierce as always, and the mother bear’s attitude appeared like a first-rate provocation to him. Regardless of being no larger than the bear’s paws, it moved forward to attack with a fierce look in its eyes.

Li Du hurried desperately to stop Ah Meng. If the mother bear wanted to, she could devour it in two bites!