Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384 Pitts Call

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After taking down the warehouse for two thousand dollars, Li Du did not participate in any more bids. From that, the treasure hunters knew that he had been aiming for that particular warehouse.

Hence, that caused them to become very curious. They wondered what Li Du had discovered in that warehouse and discussed the issue fervently.

Li Du did not care about their gossip. After paying up, he opened his warehouse and took away the four redwood boxes. As for the rest, he left it to Godzilla and Big Quinn to clear.

Bringing the boxes with him, he returned to the vacation resort. He would relax under the trees by the lake, enjoying the breeze and sunshine every day.

Ah Bai enjoyed provoking the little brown bear. Almost daily, the brown bear would find them by following behind Ah Bai. Then, it would get a free meal.

Sophie welcomed the young bear. She took some photos and recorded videos to post on the internet. The arrival of the bear enlivened the atmosphere and there were more people who started to pay attention to those animals.

After learning of the local bears, the resort purposefully raised their fees for as long as the bunch of them stayed in the zone.

Without realizing it, the little bear became popular on the internet for a while. The resort administration took the opportunity to make use of the young bear to promote themselves online.

As a result, it would now be harder for Li Du to bring the small bear away with him. For the past few days as the young bear started to get familiar with them, Li Du had entertained some thoughts of ways to bring the bear away with him.

Now that the resort administration and the internet fans started paying attention to the young bear, they knew that it belonged to the Lake Erie Forest area.

Slowly, Li Du started to realize the popularity of those animals.

As more people learned that they were staying in the Lake Erie vacation zone, some other tourists came over to look at those animals as well.

Not long after, the local Cleveland media came too. The animals were getting popular all over America and it was a great topic to highlight.

Later, Li Du’s phone started to ring. Some companies wanted to enquire if his animals would accept advertising endorsements. They were willing to fork out money for the little animals to star in ads.

Li Du was interested but wanted to take a break. Hence, he told them that it was inconvenient at the moment and that he would contact them later.

As more and more people flooded the area to watch the animals, Li Du and the rest could not enjoy their vacation in peace.

That was just as well. Li Du said, “Let’s go to another spot. How about scaling a mountain? The Appalachian Mountains are just behind us. Anyone willing to do some mountain-climbing with me?”

Nobody had the chance to answer him yet when his phone rang again.

Li Du glanced at the screen and saw that it was an unknown number. He guessed that it must be another company calling to ask if Ah Meow and the rest could possibly appear in an advertisement.

He picked up the call impatiently and said, “Sorry, mister, I’m on vacation and do not wish to talk about work. If you guys are looking to film my pets in an advertisement, call again next month.”

The caller was silent for a few seconds. Then a male voice said, “Hello, is this Mr. Li? Du Li?”

Li Du replied, “Yes, that’s me. Who are you?”

“Hi, Mr. Li, this is Brad Pitt.”

Hearing that, Li Du was stunned for a minute. “Brad Pitt? Which Brad Pitt?”

The person said, “Must be the Brad Pitt that you are thinking about now. My hometown is in Oklahoma but I’m staying in California. I’m an actor and starred in Twelve Monkeys, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and…”

Hearing the introduction, Li Du frowned. He put the call on hold and said to someone beside him, “Did Brad Pitt actually call me? Are Ah Meow and the rest so popular now that even Brad Pitt is looking for them?”

“Did you say Brad Pitt?” Sophie was ecstatic. Pitt’s movies were very popular in America, and his character became even better known through his connection with Angelina Jolie.

Li Du said, “That’s who he claims to be. He could possibly be an impostor, though.”

“First listen to what he has to say, hear him out,” Brother Wolf suggested.

Li Du switched the call on again and asked, “Mr. Pitt, why would someone like you be calling me?”

The other party said, “It’s like this, Mr. Li. I heard from my friend Johnny Galecki that you have an authentic Tiger Tank.”

Johnny Galecki was the actor who had the role of Leonard in The Big Bang Theory. Previously, when Li Du had gone to Los Angeles, he had had a meal with him and talked about the Tiger Tank.

From what Brad Pitt was saying, it seemed like this was not about Ah Meow. Hence, Li Du said, “Yes, I have a Tiger Tank. It’s supposed to be the real deal. The key parts are from Germany.”

That made the other party very excited. “That’s great. Do you think it would be possible to operate your tank? I’m now acting in a movie called Berserk. It’s set during WWII, and the Tiger Tank is one of the key tools in the movie. I was wondering if I could rent your tank for use.”

Hearing up to that point, Li Du thought he could confirm the other party’s identity. As he had nothing much to do recently, he had been surfing the net. In the entertainment news section, he had read about Berserk, the new movie.

The main actor in the movie was indeed Brad Pitt. So far, it all added up.

However, Li Du had always practiced cautiousness. He said, “I’m now on a vacation in Cleveland. I would only be able to go to Los Angeles next month. Is this urgent?”

Brad Pitt said, “Quite urgent. That’s because we are just about to start filming the key scenes featuring the Tiger Tank. Of course, waiting a few days will be fine. Hope that you enjoy your vacation and let’s meet in Los Angeles!”

After hanging up, Li Du shrugged. “Ha, not bad. It seems like we will be able to meet Brad Pitt. Out of you guys, who likes him?”

“Me!” Sophie raised her hand high up, blushing.

Li Du said, “Oh, I can’t possibly let you meet Brad Pitt. What if he steals you away?” Sophie rolled her eyes.

It was not an urgent matter and Li Du got ready to take a trip to the Appalachian Mountains.

As the place where he wanted to go was pretty dangerous, it was not a spot for family vacations. As a result, he chose Lu Guan, Driver, Brother Wolf, Godzilla, Firecracker and a few others who did not have a family to go up the mountain with him. The rest of them were to go visit the Niagara Falls not far away and then return to Los Angeles. They would continue their vacation in LA.

Li Du led the team who would go up the mountain while Sophie was in charge of those returning to Los Angeles. Li Du got Sophie to go back and check out the condition of the Tiger Tank. The tank was now undergoing some checks with a mechanic.

Other than Lu Guan and the rest, Li Du also brought along Ah Meow and Ah Ow. Ah Bai, Ali, Ah Meng, and Crispy Noodles were unfit to trek through the forest and hence, they followed Sophie.

Sophie thought this was a bit strange. “Why are you bringing so many men with you to go climb the mountain? What’s the meaning of that? There are mountains in Flagstaff as well. Besides, there are national parks there as well.”

Li Du smiled. “The Appalachian Mountains are some of the most famous mountains in America. Since we are here, why should I not go and take a look? Besides, I found something that might be hidden in the mountains. I want to see if I can find it.”

“What treasure is it this time?” Sophie knew him well.

Li Du said, “I can’t tell you now. If I can find it, then I will. Otherwise, it will simply be a hiking trip.”