Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388 Jungle King

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Li Du did not expect that the other side would shoot suddenly.

Ah Ow was indeed a wolf, but anyone could plainly see now that Li Du was her master. Only outlaws would keep firing in a situation like this.

Brother Wolf and Firecracker were professional bodyguards. They swept out their rifles when they saw the other side started to fire, and immediately ran to a tree for cover.

The other side did not know that they were targeted by M4A1 rifles, as the infrared positioning was not very visible in the daytime.

Li Du stood up as he carried Ah Bai and shouted angrily, “Who shot my monkey? F**k! This is my pet. Who told you to shoot?”

Fortunately, the two sides were some distance apart, and there were trees to block the fire, so the bullet did not hit Ah Ow.

However, he could see that the other side wanted to kill Ah Ow, as the bullet hit a tree in front of her and bark and debris of wood flew into the air.

Facing Li Du’s accusations, the other side did not care at all.

A young man said carelessly, “You should thank me. This is a wolf. Do you want to keep a wolf that will harm you?”

“F**k, give us our monkey! You keep wolves as pets to rob people’s stuff!”

“The next shot won’t miss because it will be mine, haha. This stupid Tyron shot badly.”

Li Du expression turned cold and he sneered, “You look very lawless!”

“You’re the lawless one. You robbed our white monkey. That’s our prey.”

Li Du said, “It’s my pet!”

The big black man laughed and said, “You have many pets, but let me tell you, the white monkey is my pet. I have kept it for a long time.”

The other side was insolent and unreasonable, so Li Du so no reason to keep parleying with them.

He said, “Protect yourselves! Brother Wolf, Firecracker, teach them a lesson!”

When the order was given, Brother Wolf and Firecracker pulled the trigger simultaneously.

The sound of a small-caliber rifle was completely different from that of a shotgun. For those who know guns, this sound was really scary!

Shotguns were designed for hunting, but small-caliber rifles were designed to kill people!

The M4A1s on Li Du’s side had laser aim, and with its help, Brother Wolf and Firecracker hit the target:

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The strangers were carrying bags and wearing sunhats. Brother Wolf and the others would not shoot to kill, so instead of aiming at people’s bodies, they hit their backpacks and hats.

Two rucksacks were blown out, a hat was shot off, and several bullets hit the ground at the group’s feet, peppering them with shards of rock.

The dozen people were frightened and ran back quickly. The young man who had shot the gun turned his head, and a bullet split his hat in two. It fell down as useless scraps of fabric.

He fell flat on his face and cried, “Oh ! F**k! Automatic rifle!”

Li Du sneered and shouted, “Squat down, everyone! Stay there, or the next time we’ll aim at your heads! Get down!”

Ah Meow, who was nowhere to be seen until then, appeared and pounced on the bald black man’s head and with lightning speed, promptly jumping off and moving on to other targets

The bald black man shouted, “Damn, my face!”

Screams sounded one after another, “Damn, what is this thing? Oh my neck, stop the bleeding!”

“Get lost! Kill it! Kill it! What the hell is this?”

The jungle was a hunting ground for tigers and other large cats.

After the transformation of the little bug, Ah Meow had a higher IQ, stronger abilities and outstanding physical qualities. He was even fiercer in the forest.

His movements were too fast to be caught by bare eyes when he was leaping, and it took him no more than three to four seconds to scratch all six men until they bled.

Seeing this, Li Du was not happy but worried. He cried out, “Ah Meow, hide! Don’t come out!”

Taking advantage of the chaos, Brother Wolf and Firecracker gave each other cover and moved near the other side. Someone was picking up their gun to shoot Ah Meow but Brother Wolf hit him with his rifle.

The man did not respond. His body went as limp as a noodle.

Brother Wolf and Firecracker got control of the situation, so Li Du walked over to the others and said, “Why are you not arrogant anymore? Come on, let’s hear you!”

Firecracker kicked their guns away, and once the big fellows were disarmed, they instantly cowered.

Li Du crouched down and looked at the black man whose cheek was torn into shreds by Ah Meow. He said, “I do have a lot of pets. That tiger cat is my pet too. So?”

The big man snorted. He covered his face with his hand, staring at Li Du with eyes full of resentment.

Li Du stood up and kicked him. “Why are you so quiet now? Not so talkative anymore, huh?”

Godzilla came up with a shotgun and said, “Boss, let’s not talk nonsense. Kill them all!”

Looking at the giant Godzilla and listening to his cruel words, several people shuddered.

The big black man said, “Don’t mess around! Damn it, oh!”

Without saying another word, he closed his mouth again. Ah Meow’s claws tore at half of his face. He felt piercing pain whenever he opened his mouth.

Brother Wolf picked up the bullet-shredded backpack with his foot. There were many things in it, such as binoculars, gauze, hemostatic and so on, as well as some needles and medicine bottles.

He looked in the other bag and found some nets and folded wire cages.

So he said to Li Du, “Boss, they have no hunting license. They are not ordinary hunters, but poachers. This is a tranquilizer gun, only poachers like to use this thing.”

“Then we need to cripple them, right?” said Godzilla.

Li Du clenched his fist, stared at them and asked, “Who hurt my little monkey just now?”

Several people moaned or were silent. No one spoke.

Li Du went up and kicked each of them, then said, “You are lucky, you bastards. You should be glad you didn’t kill my monkey, and you should be glad you met a nice guy like me, otherwise, this place would be a burial ground for you.”

The conflict between both sides was not clear, nobody knew the identity of the other side, and Ah Meow has scratched several people, so this matter could be considered over.

After venting his anger, Li Du beckoned to his bodyguards. “Let’s go.”

The men breathed a sigh of relief, and Li Du said, “Get rid of their guns!”

Brother Wolf and Firecracker picked up the guns and quickly broke them into parts, smashing the main accessories with a stone. The guns instantly became a pile of scrap metal.

When someone tried to speak, Godzilla pointed the shotgun at him. The man trembled and lowered his head.