Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 139

Chapter 139: No Chance for Negotiation

Tina and the rest also brought pots. Li Du had initially thought that if they didnt like the spicy hot-pot, then he would make a clear soup for them.

He didnt expect that all five of them were good at eating spicy food. Rather, they seemed to prefer their food with heavy flavors. Although the spicy hot-pot had them catching their breaths, none of them backed out.

After finishing the food, Tina carried the pots and went to wash the dishes. Ilfen and another girl cleaned up the area, while the other two set up a coffee pot to make coffee.

The five girls acted swiftly and deftly; their coordination and hardworking attitude impressed Li Du.

It was said that women were created from water, and men were created from mud. These five girls were made from both then!

The fragrant coffee soon turned to a boil. The six of them sat under the trees and began drinking.

Li Du noticed that many men were shooting glances over at them; their glances were full of all sorts of hatred, envy, and jealousy, making him feel very proud of himself.

After finishing the coffee, Tina said, "Were going to play some cards, Li. What are you going to do?"

Li Du thought about it and said, "I think Ill go to the forest and take a walk. Since its a rare occasion to be here, I dont want to miss out on the scenery."

"Then well see you later," Tina said with a sweet smile.

A blonde girl named Rebecca asked, "Do we still have a share in tonights dinner?"

Li Du shrugged and said, "That would be if you girls like barbecue. Im planning to make that tonight."

"Yay! I love barbecue!"

They returned to their tents and took out some things. During this time, a group of young men and women came over.

Seeing the group of six, these youths had a gleam in their eyes, and one of the blonde males ran over and said, "Come, come, guys, this will be where well set up camp."

Li Du felt that the voice was familiar. They raised their heads up and looked, and Ilfen said unhappily, "Sh*t, what bad luck to meet these idiots again."

The guy was the owner of the Mustang that they met in Sedona. Li Du remembered that the blonde man was called Jason.

Beside their camping ground was an empty spot, and thus, Jason had set up his tent there.

A youth with a mohawk came over chirpily to help him set up. "Were staying here tonight?"

Jason pushed him away and said, "We? Screw off, Carey, its only me and these beautiful ladies. Hey, girls, my tent has a big and soft mattresswho wants to come over first?"

The latter half of that conversation was naturally meant for Tina and her gang.

Rebecca gave a disgusted look and said, "Why are we always meeting clowns like you? In fact, youre a piece of trash, you know that?"

Jason vulgarly waved his crotch at her, and said laughingly, "Come to my tent, and let this clown bring you to heaven. Come over, baby!"

The youth with the mohawk walked over and casually gave a kick to Li Dus tent. "Whose is this?"

Ah Meow arched its back and its fur shivered. "Meowwww!"

Li Du stood up and said, "Mine; get your stinking feet away from my tent. This is a new tent, I dont want it to be polluted with your stink on the first day."

The mohawk-haired youth, Carey, was about six-foot-three; a head taller than Li Du. He had a well-toned body with outrageous muscle lines, making him look violent and strong.

But having spent such a long time with Godzilla, he seemed just as docile as a kitten.

Hearing Li Du, Carey flipped into a rage and went forward to push Li Du, saying, "Hey, son of a b*tch, you seem to have some spunk, eh?"

Li Du took a step back from the push, and it was Ah Meows turn to flip into a rage. It flashed its claws and prepared to strike.

Holding his arm out to stop Ah Meow, Li Du gave a polite smile and said, "If you touch me again, whatever happens will be in self-defense."

Carey pushed him again, and this time with even more strength. He cussed and said, "F*ck you, do you think with that tongue"

Seeing that he acted again, Li Dus expression turned cold and he chanted in his mind: "Time Deceleration!". Careys movements instantly became as slow as a turtle.

Taking advantage of the time lag, Li Du swiftly dodged the incoming arm and gave a right first to his armpit like a cobra strike. At the same time, he gave a knee to his lower abdomen. Once his knee came down, he smoothly gave another kick to the back of Careys legs.

The lightning-fast movements made it look like he just flickered on the spot twice, and Carey collapsed onto the ground with a painful groan.

Ah Meow saw that Li Du had made his move and pounced as well, clawing at his neck; blood was drawn immediately.

Carey gave another groan, and Jason and the othersin a panicremoved their jackets and rushed over.

Li Du pointed at them and quickly said, "Listennext time, I wont be so gentle! My ocelot wont just give a simple scratch on the neck like that. Next time, itll cut your artery!"

After taking down Carey, his words struck fear in them.

Jason and the others unconsciously froze, but after looking at each other, they felt ashamed. Jason asked, "Do you think this scares us?"

Li Du coldly asked, "Is it illegal for an ocelot to kill?"

Ah Meows eyes shined like sapphire, and it flashed its sharp claws on all four paws. Each claw was like a knife.

Carey stood up haggardly and made a desperate punch at Li Du, shouting, "Ill kill you!"

"Time Deceleration!" Li Du thought, once again using the bugs ability. He pulled on Careys neck and lifted his right knee to his face.

With a crack sound, Carey held onto his chin and collapsed on the ground again. He spat, and a mix of blood and saliva sprayed out.

Witnessing this scene, the impulsive group started to hesitate. Carey was the best fighter in their group, and after being KOd twice by the same person, they naturally felt a shiver of fear.

After Jason took off his jacket, Li Du saw that Jasons belt had a pale-green gloss coating; its design was antique and had a historical vibe to it. Li Du summoned the bug and let it fly toward it.

The bug didnt need any commands once it was out and went directly to Jasons belt.

Li Dus guess was correct. The belt was an antique and had time energy in it. The bug soon sucked it all up after pouncing at it.

With the time being sucked out, the belt buckle decayed and became fragile.

Jason was taking in deep breaths to contain the anger in his heart when the pressure from his expanding abdomen destroyed the buckle!

Even Li Du didnt expect that to happen and saw Jasons baggy pants slip down from his waist.

It just so happened that the guy wasnt wearing any underwear, and a small pistol amongst the bushes appeared in plain sight.

"Sh*t! It burns my eyes!" Li Du exclaimed woefully.

Without hesitation, the five girls pointed. Tina said with a mocking smile, "Whats that? So cute. Its so small, how pitiful!"

"That small, and he still has the cheek to wave it?"

"Flashing before a fight? What kind of rule is that?"

Rebecca even whistled and said, "Hey little fella, come out a little, I cant see you."

Jason hastily pulled up his pants. Even if he was used to being vulgar, this incident made him feel embarrassed.

His companions were even more stunned by the situation. Carey stopped groaning and just stared blankly at him, with blood and saliva flowing from the side of his mouth.