Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1391

Chapter 1391 The Cherokees

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A gunshot rang out and the menacing natives instantly became less ferocious.

They immediately lowered themselves and then ran to the nearby trees to hide behind them. These men did not have weapons. When faced with Godzilla who had propped up his rifle, they could only put but a verbal fight:

“F*ck you, scum, wait for it, you guys are doomed!”

“Firing on our territory? This is trespassing!”

“Call back, let’s surround them and kill them!”

Li Du had not expected Godzilla to take action so fast. He spoke about shooting and he did. Li Du was still planning to talk to those men. It was still unclear how both sides had clashed.

Godzilla looked innocent. “Boss, we need to take action first to gain an advantage. Yesterday, those men who hurt Ah Bai also took action first.”

Brother Wolf said, “Now you sound like you’ve calmed down, haven’t you?”

Godzilla laughed sheepishly. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Having no choice, Li Du rolled his eyes. He took out his phone and looked at it. There was no reception. Then, he yelled at the strangers who were taking out their phones and said, “Alright, friends, stop shouting. There’s no mobile reception here.”

The native people were furious. The leader peered out, revealing two feather trains on his head. Then he said, “You have intruded on the Appalachian Cherokee tribe. You have fired a gun. That is an attack! You have to bear the responsibility in the name of the law!”

Li Du could not help but smile. Those natives were actually quite modernized. Soon, however, he stopped smiling. After some deliberate consideration, he realized that that native man was right.

Centuries before the arrival of European colonists, the native people of the eastern woodland had lived in the northern half of the Appalachian Mountains, among them the Pennacook, Algonquian and Susquehanna people.

In addition, as time went by, another tribe gradually started to gain fame. That was the Cherokee tribe.

The Appalachian Mountains were a powerful obstruction for colonization then. With the massive mountains and rivers in front of the settlers, on top of the many streams and dense forests, exploration and colonial activities were made difficult.

These native people, among them the Cherokee tribe, were not taken over by the whites during the colonial expansion. They gradually adapted and became accustomed to the ways of modernized warfare.

The Cherokee tribe started to gain more and more fame. Those people were brave warriors compared to the Pennacook, Algonquian and Susquehanna tribes. They lived in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains where the terrain was rugged. The path was not easy to cross, and any attackers would have a lot of trouble.

The earlier colonists attacked the Appalachian Mountains, and the Cherokee fought bravely. They had made the British settlers suffer.

Of course, the truth was later revealed. The Germans, Scots, and Irishmen were jealous of the fact that the British had occupied so much of the fertile continent of North America. Hence, they had helped some of the native tribes to attack the British.

Regardless, some of the fights between the tribes and the British invaders were made known all over the world. Even today, the events were still documented in the textbooks of American elementary schools.

If those people were really from the Cherokee tribe, Li Du and his team were in deep trouble. Those native people were not to be trifled with!

After learning their status, Lu Guan’s face darkened. He said, “Cherokees? D*mn, we are really unlucky. How did we end up in their territory?”

Li Du asked Brother Wolf, “Does the map indicate whose territory this is?”

Brother Wolf laughed bitterly. “I don’t recall. However, those natives are unreasonable. They think that the entire North America is their territory.”

Seeing that Li Du and his team were huddled and engaged in a discussion, the man with the feathers on his head knew that they must be fearful of him and his people. Arrogantly, he said, “You can talk as much as you want. You guys are in trouble. You guys have provoked the Cherokee Furious Bulls Tribe!”

Lu Guan gasped, “D*mn it, we are really this unlucky?”

Li Du has heard of the Cherokees but was unsure about Furious Bulls tribe. He asked, “Who are they?”

Lu Guan said, “You know, the native tribes and Brits had many battles and the natives suffered many losses. They seldom won, and there were even fewer occasions where they had big victories. However, within those few occasions, one of them was a battle in which the Furious Bulls Tribe participated.”

In order to enter Pennsylvania, the British had once marched along the Appalachian Valley. The valley was narrow and often blocked by glaciers. In addition, the slopes of the valley were steep and extremely dangerous.

The Furious Bulls Tribe had organized an ambush in the canyon and flattened the British. Tales of that battle were still widely circulated amongst the native tribes today.

For a time, fighting from the peaks of the Appalachian Mountains and the steep ridges, the Cherokee managed to win critical battles and fought against invaders. There had been many bloody skirmishes.

Realizing that Li Du’s side had gone silent, the native people were arrogant. Someone stuck his neck out again and shouted, “You guys had better roll down right now. Don’t anger the Furious Bulls. Otherwise, their anger will burn you to death!”

BANG! Another gunshot rang out.

The man who had just walked out from behind the tree got frightened and ran off to his hiding place a rabbit.

Li Du asked as he looked at the men, “Are these d*mned people the next generation of the Furious Bulls Tribe? I can spot the bravery of their ancestors in them.”

Lu Guan replied helplessly, “I had thought that there was no next generation of the Furious Bulls Tribe. During the Independence War, those idiots had formed an alliance with the British. Then, when the war ended, the Washington army ambushed them. Later, during the negotiations, the Indiana tribes were not included within the country’s blueprint. They also refused to recognize those tribes as Americans…”

“Could they be impostors?” Brother Wolf asked.

Li Du shook his head. “Impostors or not, we are in trouble. We need to talk to them.”

Lu Guan said, “Talk about what? Let’s just run. There are few of them and they don’t have guns. Would they still be able to catch up with us?”

“What if these people are really the Cherokees? Will we be able to escape the pursuit of the Cherokees?” Li Du asked in return.

Lu Guan pouted, speechless.

The other party was not armed and Li Du walked over without worry. “Everyone, we have no ill intentions. Perhaps there are some misunderstandings between us. Please forgive the rash act of my subordinate just now. He has some mental issues and will go crazy once he is agitated.”

The Indian man with feathers on his head yelled, “Misunderstanding? Go to hell with that! You guys are doomed! You have the guts to invade our territory and even fire guns? Wait for it, you are finished!”

Li Du said, “The way you talk will agitate this buddy of mine very easily.”

Godzilla held on to his hunting rifle and walked over. With his physique and bulging muscles, the native people could not help but recoil in fright.

The natives were unwilling to negotiate and Li Du did not have a good idea of how to convince them. He was still pondering when more and more of the native people came.

The gunshot had alarmed them. The ones who had come now probably brought their weapons.