Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395 Whac A Mole

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The model bird fell, the nets hanging on the branches contracted, and the heroic North American king of the sky was trapped!

The golden eagle’s reaction was quick. When the model bird started to fall, it only froze shortly before it started to fly higher frantically. However, it was too late, and the trap only tightened around it.

The net trapped the golden eagle, and the eagle struggled for its life. Its strong wings exuded its ability to fly and carry prey several times its weight. However, its wings could not help it regain its freedom. Although its sharp claws were able to tear through cowhide, it was unable to tear the lines of the net.

The golden eagle continued to struggle desperately, could not wriggle out of the trap.

Very soon, some people walked over, laughing and chatting. Li Du and the rest hid and peered out carefully. They saw that two men with masks on their faces had appeared.

Seeing the golden eagle, one of the men was ecstatic. He picked up a walkie-talkie and said, “Big golden bird caught! This time, we will be able to earn plenty of dough! Small bird and big golden bird, that’s at least two hundred thousand!”

The other man took out a small instrument that looked like a phone. The instrument emitted a red light. The man neared the net carefully and after fussing over it, the red light on the instrument turned green.

Obviously, they had received the sign from the instrument to learn that they had caught something in the net.

The two of them carried the net away, with the golden eagle still struggling, pecking and clawing. However, the net had restricted its movement. It was unable to hurt those two men.

The black man laughed. “I like this big golden bird. Look at how lively it is, so energetic.”

“Just like those Russian ladies you’ve fooled around with, right?”

“Buddy, this time when we go back, I’ll find a Russian chick for you. To be honest, they are really good. Especially after they have been tied up and…”

The two men’s speech got even cruder. Lu Guan and Li Du enjoyed listening to their conversation.

After bringing down the golden eagle, they set up the model bird again, hanging it up and setting out another net.

When no one else was there, Lu Guan said softly, “Boss, this time, when we go back, I also want to look for a Russian girl.”

Li Du said, “Be careful of STDs.”

Lu Guan said, “I’ll take care of myself.”

“I’d change my attitude if I were you. Think about it yourself. Aren’t you afraid that something will go wrong if you fool around with some unknown lady? Now, you have money and time, why don’t you spend more effort to find a girlfriend?” Li Du said.

Lu Guan thought about it and said, “You’re right, boss. There are pretty chicks in Los Angeles. I will look for one to have fun with for a few months first. Now that I think about it, they are clean and cheaper.”

Li Du was speechless. He felt that this dude was about to become Hans the second.

When evening came, Brother Wolf returned. Li Du looked at him with concern and said, “Did all go smoothly? If it were not for the fact that the satellite phones were working, I would have thought that you had been caught.”

Brother Wolf smiled. “By those bastards? I went to check out the area. There’s indeed another exit. It’s about twenty meters down. When the time comes, we can just set fire to it.”

Without the sun shining above, the sky darkened even earlier.

As the poachers were cautious, they did not start a bonfire. They ate cold food and drinks they had brought along with them.

Someone complained, “D*mn it, can we eat something else next time? Whose idea was it to bring beef jerky? F*ck, it’s really gross!”

“It’s good enough to have food. The cat scratched Bojes, look at his mouth. Now he can only drink water. Even if he wants to eat, he can’t.”

A youth who had a bandage over his mouth mumbled, “Don’t let me bump into them next time. Those bastards. I will stuff the gun into their faces and then pull the trigger mercilessly!”

“Hmm, seems like you’re recovering well. The medicines from the Indian folks are pretty effective,” a bald black man nodded.

Li Du heard the conversation and was a little surprised. It was quite a coincidence. The poachers had actually also bumped into the Furious Bulls Tribe and bought the medicine from them.

The night fell and they got into the cave. Only two men stayed outside the mouth of the cave. They were probably on the night watch.

Brother Wolf gave his order and Lu Guan lit up the fire at the cave mouth below.

That cave mouth was well camouflaged. It was about one meter wide in diameter. Li Du followed behind for a look. He felt that he had underestimated those poachers. They were cautious and cunning. They had made Plan B preparations even in the wilderness.

It was too bad that they had bumped into seasoned hunters. Those people could only become laughing stock.

The mouth of the cave was stuffed full of dried branches and wood. Godzilla slashed some grass and leaves and threw them on top. Finally, the bunch of them urinated on the pile.

Hence, when the fire started, it would produce a huge amount of smoke. The smoke would follow the open path and rise, and they would trigger the men to leave the cave.

Lighting the fire and causing the smoke to start was pretty easy. However, it would take some time for the heavy smoke to spread across the path of more than twenty meters.

Li Du pointed out the two men at the exit of the cave to Ah Meow and Ah Ow. Then, he gestured and mimicked someone whistling and then falling. After doing that for a few times, the two animals seemed to understand Li Du’s intention and disappeared into the night.

After a couple of minutes, Li Du whistled, loud and clear.

Ah Meow had climbed atop the mouth of the cave. It jumped into the air and fell while Ah Ow rushed out from the woods. They moved like the wind, each knocking into a man like a cannon.

The two men had heard the whistle and wanted to find out what happened. However, after turning around, both of them were knocked to the ground.

Brother Wolf and Firecracker also ran out from the woods when the whistle was blown. The two men who had fallen to the ground started screaming. Brother Wolf and Firecracker ran forward and each of them grabbed onto one man and knocked their heads together.

Instantly, the two guards fell to the ground, unconscious.

Then, Godzilla went over, tied up the hands and feet of the two men and tossed them aside.

Li Du coughed and walked out. He said, “Listen up, those who are inside. We are the Pittsburgh Forest and Animal Protection Bureau Patrol. Please make your way out with your hands behind your head!”

“Get them to bring out their weapons first,” Brother Wolf reminded him.

Li Du realized his mistake and said, “Oh, right. Throw your weapons before coming out.”

Hearing such a speech breaking the silence of the night, the poachers who were getting ready for bed in the cave were frightened.

Someone was on his way out, with his body bent. He scolded, “Odolen, you two scumbags are playing a prank…”

Once he walked out, Ah Ow pounced on him and successfully knocked down another person.

The big man was shocked and shouted, “F*ck, help…”

The man only managed to mutter those two words. Brother Wolf went over and kicked him in the head. The big man grimaced and his eyes rolled back as he fell to the ground.

The situation inside the save started to get chaotic. Li Du decided to give them another reminder. He fired a shot into the air and said loudly, “Don’t think about escaping from the other end. There’s a big fire below. If you don’t want to be barbecued, don’t go that way!”

Shortly after he finished his sentence, there was a flash of light in the cave. Bang! Someone had fired inside!

Fortunately, Brother Wolf had predicted that those men would get fidgety and nervous. He got Li Du and the rest to hide by the sides of the cave. Otherwise, if someone had stayed at the mouth of the cave, that gunshot would have killed them.