Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1396

Chapter 1396 Murderer

Chapter 1396: Murderer
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The resistance from the man in the cave made Li Du furious. He remembered that there were anesthetics and effective sleeping pills prepared in the black hole, all of which were a powder that could be easily used.

Li Du took out two large bottles of anesthetics or sleeping pills, shook them, opened the lid, and threw them in.

Besides, he took advantage of the opportunity to take out a Taser from the black hole space. Although they could not use a rifle, a Taser to give them some pain was no more than they deserved.

There were lights inside, and the white powder filled the air. The poachers were shocked.

“What is this? F**k!”

“Smoke flares?”

“Run, run, get out of here!”

“Shit, calm down, all of you, strike back!”

Smoke began to fill the air, and soon coughing was heard from inside.

Someone wanted to escape down the stone path, but he crawled down a few meters, and soon choked on the smoke and came back again. “There’s a fire down there!”

Li Du pulled the trigger again and again, shooting into the air. “Throw out your weapons! Get out! If anyone resists, we will attack!”

For all their initial confusion and bravado, the men in the cave soon understood that they were in trouble and that their situation was desperate.

Just like whack-a-mole, once they were stuck in the hole, they couldn’t fight back. It was impossible to defend themselves effectively from the inside.

The smoke was like a straw that broke the camel’s back, and the men inside coughed and screamed,
“Don’t shoot! Officer, don’t shoot! We surrender!”

“We’re just after some falcons. We don’t deserve to be sentenced to death! Don’t shoot, officer!”

Several shotguns and pistols have been thrown out, and Brother Wolf then said, “Hand over all your tranquilizer guns.”

Two or three more men threw out their tranquilizer guns for hunting animals and birds.

After that, the poachers bent down and crawled out of the cave. They coughed and coughed. The cave was full of smoke, which seared and burned their lungs.

Brother Wolf knocked them down one after another when each of them came out. Firecracker prepared the rope to tie them up. Both of them worked well together and were very swift. In no time, they managed to tie up many of the poachers.

At this moment there were shots fired from below, followed by cries of alarm, and Lu Guan shouted, “F**k, someone came out from here!”

Li Du was shocked. Are they willing to risk their life? Running out under open fire was reckless, to say the least.

At first, he thought of placing two more men below, but there were too few men and too many poachers. He estimated that after the hole was blocked with fire, the poachers would not take any more risks.

After all, poaching was not a major crime. Their maximum sentence was two years and a fine. Still, apparently, someone was willing to take risks.

Brother Wolf took Driver and raced down, while Firecracker did a headcount and said, “Boss, we have a total of eight people, two ran away!”

At this, someone responded, “Damn, you’re not cops!”

Another sneered, “Ha, you will regret this! The two bastards who escaped are the Markelov brothers, and they are murderers. You will be in trouble if they ran away, they will chase you until they kill you…”

Li Du went up, kicked him, and sneered, “Run? It’s not that easy. Nobody can run!”

Firecracker poked a man in the chest. “The Markelov brothers? Tell me more about them.”

“I don’t know,” said the man in panic. “They killed people in Ukraine and San Francisco, and then took refuge in the mountains here. They poach for living.”

“Yes, they’re both murderers, unlike us, so when they thought the police were coming they would rather venture down there and escape,” said another.

Li Du tied them all up and said to Firecracker, “You guard them, and if anyone does anything, punish them. You can beat them, but don’t kill anyone. If they become disabled because you beat them, don’t worry, I could settle it!”

“Ok, boss!” Firecracker stood straighter and saluted loudly.

Without the moon and stars and with the thick clouds, the poachers could not see the faces of Li Du and the others and did not know who had caught them.

People who had seen Ah Ow and Ah Meow were knocked unconscious. The poachers could not recognize Li Du and his party from any other clue.

When Li Du went down, Lu Guan was waiting for him. “What is the matter?” Li Du asked.

Lu Guan said in a panic, “Just now two bastards threw down a quilt soaked with water, so the fire was temporarily suppressed, and then they dashed outward and escaped.”

“Are you alright?”

Lu Guan smiled shyly. “I’m good at hiding, they did not notice me.”

Li Du knew not to blame him. Lu Guan was just an ordinary young man, with no actual combat ability. Even if he had a gun in his hand he could not stop them, as he would not dare to shoot people.

Brother Wolf and Driver came back and shook their heads. “They ran too fast. You have to send Ah Ow to chase after them.”

Li Du looked at the sky. The mountain wind was growing and the humidity was getting higher. It looked like it was going to rain.

He said, “Leave the criminals alone. Now they are in the dark, we in the clear. We will strengthen our defense, and we’ll see if we can find them tomorrow. If not, we will just give up. I don’t think they would dare to come back.”

Brother Wolf nodded and said, “Let’s deal with these bastards here first.”

Lu Guan muttered, “We are becoming environmentalists. In Siberia, we dealt with tundra poachers, now these are animal poachers…”

Li Du glared at him and said, “What does the affair in Siberia have to do with this? These poachers are a risk to us and they have to be taken care of!”

“What risk?” Lu Guan ask.

Li Du did not answer him. The risk was in the gold he was looking for. The poachers had guns and could be brave. Li Du had no wish to have a skirmish over the treasure with them.

Therefore, it would be better to nip the risk in the bud by catching them all before they could do anything.

However, there was still a risk, that is, the two brothers who ran away, and they had murdered before. Li Du felt that he must find a way to catch them, otherwise if what the poachers said was true, the murderers would follow them to get revenge, and that would be too much trouble.

Before they went back to the cave, the night wind grew stronger and small drops of rain fell.

It was about to pour, Li Du got Godzilla to tie up the poachers and throw them into the mouth of the cave. The fire below the mouth of the cave has been extinguished. The smoke gradually dissipated, and they could go in to stay away from the rain.

When they did not move, one of the poachers said, “Go in at once. There are two birds in there. They are going to choke to death.”