Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 143

Chapter 143: With Human Labor

Every storage auction was a battle, and when it came to selling the goods, it was like the Battle of Yamazaki.

Hans had successfully secured his victory. The moment he pointed out the key facts about these alligator skins, Hart laughed, and that was when Li Du knew that they were going to win.

The two parties began officially negotiating their prices, which was what Hans was good at. Li Du didnt need to participate, so he brought Godzilla outside and they went to find some cold beverages.

The weather was too hot. The moment the door opened, heat waves struck them head-on.

With a large cup of iced orange juice at hand, Godzilla downed it in one gulp.

Li Du tapped the counter and said, "Another five cups."

Godzilla said apologetically, "Too many."

"Ah? Cant drink anymore?" Li Du asked in shock.

Godzilla rubbed his hands together. "I can."

"Then another five more cups."

Godzilla gleefully looked at the table full of large cups, his face beaming with happiness.

After finishing the cold beverages, Hans walked over whistling, and in his hand was a check. Once he saw that the table was full of empty cups, he immediately said furiously, "Your brother was fighting for his life while you guys were here having a time of your lives?"

"Give my brother here a draft of ice-cold beer. Make it large." Li Du knew how to pacify his anger.

"Two glasses!" Hans said unhappily.

"Then make it two," Li Du laughed. "So how much did you make?"

While speaking of profits, his anger dissipated in an instant, and he said proudly, "The specimens made a total of 28,000 dollars, and the alligator leather sold for 150,000."

Li Du exclaimed, "Thats awesome, man!"

Together with the profit made from the oak furniture and other junk, he had made a total of about 90,000 from this run. With another 10,000, he would have been able to join the Hundred Thousand club.

Hans had apparently thought of that as well, and said, regretfully, "It was just a little more we needed to make, but this little bit is difficult to achieve. But now were considered a pending member of the Hundred Thousand club."

Li Du had enough drinks, while Hans and Godzilla continued drinking. Li Du had nothing to do, so he thought of calling Sophie.

The phone rang for some time before it was picked up, followed by Sophies soothing voice and the sharp whining of the siren from an ambulance. "Hello, Li, sorry, Id just heard my phone ring."

"Its fineyou seem busy?"

"Yeah, I dont have much time to talk to you, the situation is horrible. Oh my god, Im so flustered," The female doctor said in distress.

Li Du asked, "What happened?"

Sophie summarized the situation and said, "Im on the ambulance, and theres a patient with a gunshot wound and needs emergency care. But, d*mmit, were stuck in traffic due to another car accident!"

To make the gentle and elegant female doctor say a word like "d*mmit" showed how serious the situation was.

Li Du immediately stood up and asked, "Which road are you on?"

"On Highway AX102, the traffic here is horrible. Oh God, I cant talk anymore, got to go." Li Du heard someone shout Sophies name and she quickly hung up.

Hans heard his conversation, gave a satisfied burp from the beer and asked, "What happened? Did your lover meet with an accident?"

Li Du rolled his eyes and said, "Dont talk nonsense, what lover? Sophies on the ambulance, and its stuck in traffic."

Hans stood up immediately and said, "Quick, lets go over and see if we can help."

His reaction impressed Li Du, and he said, "Hey man, youre really a kind and chivalrous person. My impression of you is starting to change."

Hans, annoyed, said, "Kind and chivalrous my a*s, this is a good chance of you to win some affection points with Sophie. She needs your help now, so regardless of whether you can actually provide any help or not, all you need to do is to stand by her. That will improve your relationship!"

Li Du was speechless. "Alright, my impression of you is still the same."

Hans was ticked off. "What do you mean? What impression do you have of me? Im helping you to get your girl now, isnt this all for you?"

Li Du thought about it, and it was indeed true. Li Du put his arm around his shoulder and said, "Right, right, my good brother Hansmy loyal brother."

"Lets get on the road. Which highway?"

Highway AX102 was a small, two-way highway with four lanes that traveled in and out of Flagstaff. Each direction only allowed for the size of two sedans in width. Normally, if there were any accidents, the highway would definitely be blocked.

This accident happened in the direction headed toward Flagstaff. A pickup and a Cadillac SUV had a severe collision, and then another Nissan sedan couldnt brake in time and struck the two of them. The three cars were in a mess and blocked the road.

Their truck was driving in the direction out of Flagstaff. The traffic was smooth. Soon, they saw the scene of the accident and the ambulance that was stuck behind it.

Godzilla parked the car at the roadside, and a cop shouted over, "Go to one side, parking is not allowed here"

Godzillas large body was fully revealed after he came out, and the cop stopped talking.

Li Du crossed over the metal railings that separated the highway. Sophie, who was wearing a white doctors coat, recognized him immediately. Feeling a mixture of happiness and surprise, she asked, "Hey, whatre you doing here?"

"We happened to be nearby, so we came over to see if we could help."

Sophie, perplexed, said, "Thank you for your kind intentions, but Im afraid youre going to be disappointed. We need a tow truck to help out, but the tow truck from the police station is in repair today, so it couldnt come over."

"What about a crane?"

Sophie shook her head. "It cant drive insee how badly the road is blocked?"

Li Du saw the mess made by the three cars, and then saw that there was an empty space at the side. He had an idea.

Nurse Kanali stuck her head out and shouted, "Dr. Sophie, come over! The patients wound has opened again! We cant stop the bleedingwhat should we do?"

Sophie couldnt talk with Li Du anymore, and rushed back.

Li Du walked toward the accident scene. Two cops were hastily communicating with the station, asking for a tow truck to come over and clear the scene.

He said to one of the cops, "Hey, are all three cars unable to start?"

The cop said unpleasantly, "Of course, do I look like a fool? If they could start, why would we let them be stuck here?"

Li Du said, "Then lets move them manually."

"How so?"

Li Du gestured, and Godzilla and Hans came over.

He suggested his idea to them. Godzilla spat on his hands and rubbed his palms. Hans, on the other hand, had a face full of shock. "Sh*t, you b*stard, for your girl, youre sacrificing your brother? Trying to move these cars with human labor? Do you know how much a Chevrolet pickup weighs?"

Li Du said, "Cut the crap, brother. We have enough people, its possible to move them!"

Two cops took off their jackets to help. Some drivers that were strong enough also came over, and soon, over 20 people had gathered.

It was not due to Li Dus leadership, but due to Godzillas huge frame. If it were only Li Du standing there, people would have ignored him because it would have seemed an impossible task.

But with the appearance of the monster Godzilla, the impossible had turned possible, so everyone was willing to try.

Godzilla removed his outer shirt and revealed his rock-hard muscles, his black T-shirt clinging tightly to them. A few womens eyes widened, and some even took out their phones to snap photos.

Hans shouted, "On my mark, gentlemen! Well push on the count of three. Okay, one, two, three!!!"

Godzilla roared, and began pushing the Nissan car with his shoulders to the side of the road!