Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1434

Chapter 1434 Knocking On The Door

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When Li Du received the news on the Dripping Blood gang, the manor was almost completely tidied up.

The agreement he signed with the housekeeping company stated that they had to clean the manor within a week. At the end of the week, the manor was to become almost as good as new. The housekeeping company was preparing for Li Du’s inspection. However, a string of buffed-up cars and heavy motorcycles unexpectedly arrived.

The car drove into the manor, and the head of the housekeeping company had walked out and said, “Hey, gentlemen, this is private property, please leave.”

The cars stopped helter-skelter and a bunch of tattooed thugs alighted.

A big man with long hair said coldly, “Of course this is private property. We all know that, because it belongs to our boss.”

The housekeeping company was from the city of Saint Monica. The staff knew the Dripping Blood Gang. When they noticed the patterns of dripping blood elements on the cars, they got a shrewd idea of who the visitors were. They had quickly gone into the house to make a phone call.

He had just picked up the phone when two youths rushed up. They lifted their legs and kicked the man in the ribs, leaving him rolling on the ground.

The two youths did not stop and continued to beat the head of the housekeeping company. The long-haired big man slowly walked over to stop the two men and said, “What are you doing? How can we beat our friends? He cleaned the house for our boss, we must respect him. ”

“Okay.” The two youths stopped their violent actions.

The big man picked up the phone that had dropped onto the ground and said slowly to the housekeeping manager, “Who were you trying to call?”

The manager laughed bitterly. “I wanted to ring up my subordinates and tell them to leave this place since this is your private land.”

The big man burst into laughter and said, “Clever man, ha, you’re a smart scumbag.”

He stood up and waved his hands, and the phone fell to the ground, breaking into pieces. Then he said coldly, “I like smart people, so I spare you. Now hurry and get lost!”

The head manager got up and ran off to round up his colleagues. Then, they quickly drove off in the housekeeping company car.

“Matthew, are we letting them go just like that?” A bald youth asked, unsatisfied.

Long-haired Matthew hummed. “What else? Why would we keep them with us? You want them to do some more cleaning?”

The bald youth smiled and said, “Of course not. I just wanted to teach them a lesson.”

“Teach them a lesson?” Matthew asked. “Teach them a lesson for what?”

The bald youth said, “They trespassed on our boss’s property. Of course we should teach them a lesson.”

Matthew shook his head. “No, they just cleaned it for us. Would be nice to have more of such people.”

The bald youth said, “But he was lying to you just now. He obviously wanted to call the Chinese idiot who bought this house. D*mn it, we should have given him a harsh beating!”

Matthew laughed coolly. “Of course I know that. But so what? If there are more idiots like this, it would be better. He spent money and helped the boss to clear his debt. In the end, the house is still here, and it isn’t foreclosed anymore. Isn’t that good news?”

Saying that, he waved his hand. “Get in, buddies. It’s been a long time since we played here. Let’s have a good time here today!”

The bunch of them cheered loudly and rushed into the house.

When Li Du received the news, he brought his men over. What he saw was a house in an even messier condition.

The lawn of the manor had been trimmed flat, but many weeds had grown and the lawn would need to be trimmed again. The trees in the woods had also been trimmed and were now neat.

The quaint house had been cleaned, the windows were spotless, and so was the courtyard. The roof had been perfectly repaired, and the walls had been repainted. The money had been well-spent.

However, the originally serene place was now loud and rowdy. More than a dozen cars and heavy motorcycles were parked in the yard. There were people coming in and out of the house. There was a bonfire burning in the yard and tons of people were yelling inside.

Li Du told someone beside him, “For us, a key strategy in the Chinese military is to take strong measures only after courteous ones fail. The first thing is to undermine the strategic intentions of your opponent. The second step is to destroy the other side’s allies. If that fails, then try to diminish their ability to survive. The worst thing to do would be to climb the walls and launch an attack. The loss would be great, do you understand what I mean?”

Young Markelov smiled and said, “That would mean to just get in and do the work, right?”

The minor aesthetic surgery for the two brothers had been completed. The corners of their eyes were widened, the height of their nose bridges was adjusted, and they had received fillers in many areas on their faces. They had become a lot more handsome and looked somewhat different from before.

Hearing that, Li Du smiled. “That’s right.”

According to what Li Du had meant, he thought he should first get into the house and talk to the people inside. However, he knew that the effort would be futile, like a blind man trying to light up the candle. It was obvious that the other party was here to bully him. The longer Li Du stayed polite, the more the other party would want to taunt him.

Brother Wolf shook his head. “Now isn’t a good time to deal with them. Better wait for nightfall.”

They had more professional fighters on their side, but the other party had greater numbers of men. Besides, they were hooligans who were experts in street fights. If they really got into a fight with gangsters, they would be at the losing end.

Li Du snapped his fingers and said, “Call the police, prepare gasoline and go in with me.”

Big Markelov was calmer. He said, “Boss, since we are working for you, we are not afraid to do the job. However, I think that we should listen to Brother Wolf. It’s not a good time for us to get in.”

Young Markelov said, “Why not? We should go inside and deal with them! D*mn, why ring the police? If we report this to the police, they will look down on us…”

Li Du smiled. “Why would I care about them looking down on us? We will taunt them ourselves.”

Young Markelov said with a thumbs-up, “Boss, that’s tough of you!”

After a phone call and some preparation work, Li Du brought his men into the manor.

From quite a distance away, the gangsters spotted them. One of them picked up a beer bottle and smashed it. He yelled, “Oh, hey, b*stards, this is private property, get out!”

Li Du said coolly, “That’s right, this is my private property, so you should get lost!”

Matthew squinted and looked Li Du up and down. Then he started to laugh, “Ha, you’re the one who bought this house? You’re very daring, very, very daring.”

Li Du said, “I know, I have many other positive traits. If you are keen, you can study my character, but not now. This is my territory. You guys, scram.”

The gangsters started to laugh and Matthew whistled. A bunch of men surrounded them menacingly.

Matthew said condescendingly, “This is…”

Li Du whipped out his gun, pointed to the sky and pulled the trigger. Bang!

The sudden sound of the gunshot shocked the gangsters. However, shortly after, they started to laugh:

“Ha, a monkey playing with his gun? Not too shabby.”

“What a naive idiot. He thinks we are scared of his gun?”

“F*ck you, scumbag, you’re courting death!”

Some people mocked him and wanted to snatch his gun from him.

Now that someone had made the move, young Markelov, who had been waiting for his chance, grabbed onto that guy. He flipped the man over his shoulder and threw him onto the ground with a loud plonk!