Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1435

Chapter 1435 Something Happening Near The Water

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The Ukrainian army trained soldiers like the Soviets. They were unconventional and open-minded, and they were merciless.

Young Marklov was particularly merciless this time round and struck with the intention to kill. Those gangsters who had been thrown onto the ground had their eyes rolled back and before they could even groan, they fell into a coma.

The other gangsters were furious and with their fist ready, they were about to pounce on them.

Li Du pulled the hunting rifle in front of his chest and said sternly, “Do you guys think I don’t dare to shoot?”

The gangsters were violent and cruel, but not unafraid of death. With the muzzle pointed at them, they hesitated.

Matthew glared at Li Du and said, “You point the rifle at us? Hmm, you’re dealing with the Dripping Blood Gang with rifle? Very well, buddy, you’re the bravest soul in Santa Monica. I give that to you!”

Li Du’s doing that was also sort of a slap in the face to them. He took advantage of the fact that the gangsters did not have guns, or at least the gun was not on them. Hence, he had dared to do it.

These gangers were impulsive. If they had money on them, it would be likely that the scene would have long turned into a battlefield.

However, although the United States legalized guns, it does not allow guns to be brought everywhere. Those rogues were the target of police investigations. If they did not planned to have a crossfire, they would not bring along guns with them.

After all, the US police was still rather well-regarded. When it comes to violating the arms law, the weapons would be first confiscated and then the men would be sent to jail and fined. The rogues did not have much money, and a gun was at least a few thousand dollars. It was not a small amount.

Li Du started to grow arrogant as the other party did not have guns with them. He pointed at the group with the muzzle and said in disgust, “Get lost, hurry, get lost!”

Matthew and the rest continued to glare at him with hatred. Li Du, however, was not frightened and kept toying with the trigger, making the trigger sound.

This place was his private land. Faced with a bunch of intruders, a bunch of miserable gangsters, he could really fire and shoot.

Gangsters were like springs, they would be strong if you showed any sign of weakness.

Faced with Li Du who was backed by the weapons and his bunch of tough bodyguards, Matthew knew that his group was not in a good position. Hence, he smiled sinisterly and waved his hands, “Let’s go!”

The bald gangster pointed at Li Du fiercely and said, “You are doomed! You’re entire family is doomed!”

“Go buy caskets and burial spots, Chinese dude, we will do your entire d*mned family in!”

“This son of a b*tch, dare to provoke the Dripping Blood gang? How bold!”

Li Du grinned in contempt and said, “Burn their cars and keep the motorcycles!”

Wolf Brother and the rest who were carrying tins of kerosene carried out Li Du’s orders. Tins of kerosene was poured over the cars and trucks.

The gangsters were infuriated and Matthew yelled, “F*ck, what are you doing?”

“F*ck you guys!” Li Du flipped his middle finger and him and whipped out a lighter to set the cars on fire.

BOOM! The fire started to burn!

The gangsters were angered and their eyes turned red. They could no longer stomach their anger and they shouted as they rushed forward, “F*ck, kill this d*mned Chinese dude!”

Wolf Brother poured out the rest of the kerosene and the gangsters who had inched forward started to retreat backwards from fear.

Li Du set the cars on fire and laughed coolly, “Idiots, come on then, even if I burn you guys to death, it’s for self-defense. Get it?”

The gangsters were not afraid of guns but afraid of been burnt to death. The fire continued to burn strongly beside them and the heat from the fire got to them. The feeling was rather exhilarating.

Li Du had no fear and pointed to the motorcycles, “If you guys are not going to scram, do you believe that I will burn the motorcycles with this?”

He was not breaking the law by doing that. Everything that had stopped on his land could be considered his. He had the rights to deal with all of those things and even if it went to court, he would have a huge chance of winning.

The gangsters were impossibly angered. However, they were all kings of verbal abuse. They scolded profanity and rude words, but none of them had the courage to go near the kerosene and fire.

Wolf Brother aimed the tin of kerosene at the motorcycles and a bunch of them rushed forth to move away their bikes.

Outside, the siren of the police car rang out. The gangsters could no longer sit still. Matthew walked over to Li Du and pushed his fingers into Li Du’s chest. With no expression, he said, “You’re dead, I swear!”

Li Du grinned, “Of course, I did not come to this world thinking that I will live forever. It’s just that you won’t be there to see the last day of my life.”

Li Du held up his palm for the bunch of them to see and said, “Look, see my Life line? It’s very longer, longer than all of yours. Hence, if you guys want to vie to live longer, think twice.”

“F*ck, imbecile!” The bunch of them scolded as their got up their bikes.

The bunch of them squeezed onto slightly more than ten bikes. They were packed like sardines in a can. However, if they did not squeezed onto the bikes, they would not be able to leave. The cars had been damaged from the fire.

The bikes left and after that, Li Du passed the gun to Wolf Brother. He said, “Deal with those police. I have some other matter and I gotta go.”

Their car had been stopped at the door and Li Du picked the most average-looking truck. He followed behind the motorcycles and let out the little bug.

The bikes galloped on the flat road ahead, and Matthew and his people were infuriated.

Before the speed of the bikes accelerated, the bald youth who was driving it scolded, “That son of a b*tch Chinese dude. I will not let him off! Not only will I get Boss’s house back, I will also do him in!”

“Definitely gotta do him in. But that scumbag is rich. We have to first think of ways to get his money from him!”

“D*mnit, that was my car. My car that is only two-month old. That d*mned b*stard, d*mned b*stard ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh!

Matthew was sandwiched in the middle and his face was so solemn and dark that it looked like a blizzard was coming. “Shut up! Let’s go back and come up with a plan. I swear that he will be dead!”

The gangsters were filled with anger and wanted to vent their anger. As they drove along, they sped up as fast as they could, venting their anger on the speed.

A motorcycle whizzed past them and Matthew yelled, “Kevin, have you guys become sissies? Go faster, why is this vehicle as slow as a snail?!”

“F*ck!” The bald youth shouted and stepped up on the accelerator.

More than ten of those heavy-duty motorcycles had their engines roaring and continued raced each other.

Slowly, a path with a turn appeared. There was a huge river beside the road and it would be catastrophic if anyone were to fall in. Hence, the gangsters all started to slow down.

In the end, the problem came when they stepped on the bake. The speed of their ride did not slow and it was still racing!

Boom, boom, boom!

Their bikes were still going fast and the people on them started to get nervous. Matthew yelled, “Are you guys crazy? Not gonna slow down at the bends?”

Perspiring, Coulomb screamed, “Break! God, the brake is broken!”

He was not the only one screaming. There were similar screams coming from the other bikes.

The fastest bike was already near the bend. The vehicle was unable to decelerate and the rider could only hold onto the handle as tightly as he could to activate the brake. However, at such a speed, the vehicle was unable to turn at the bend. The front of the bike jerked a little and then it flipped!

“Ahh f*ck!”


“My leg is broken!”

The motorcycle continued to skid, lying on its side. Shrilling screams rang out.

Then, a few more bikes, too, fell to the ground. Some of them spun on the ground and there was blood all over the ground.

The bald youth shouted in fear, “We are doomed!”

Matthew howled, “Dash towards the river! Idiot, drive towards the river!”