Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1436

Chapter 1436 The Manor

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Li Du drove and watched behind them. They were just like dumplings, falling into the river one after another.

This result was much better than if their cars had flipped on the round. The road was stiff, and at this time, it was noon on a hot summer day. The road was burning hot from the scorching sun.

The gangsters wear lightly-clothed and most of them were shirtless, showing off their body full of dragons and tigers tattoos. Being clothed lightly that way typically helped them to show off their prestige, but at that moment, it was causing them serious harm!

The car were traveling at top speed, and the people skidded along on the ground. The friction from rubbing against the ground caused their flash tear. The black asphalt pavement turned black-red, from the fresh blood!

The people who rushed into the river had things a little better, but not too much better either. Their cars drove too fast, and they slammed into the river and suffered some injuries. The driver’s chest hit the front of the car, and it was going to be either a bone fracture or breakage!

The road bend had turned into somewhere as miserable as hell. The screaming rose and fell!

The cars behind started to brake, and some people gloated, “Hah, isn’t that the Dripping Blood gang? What are they doing? Playing self-mutilation games? That’s great!”

“Be softer, don’t let those crazy people here you.”

“What’s there to be scared of? Look at how poor things they are. Call the ambulance, they won’t be able to move for the next few months!”

A kind-hearted person called the ambulance and when it arrived, the doctor was shocked. “Such a serious accident? There are not enough beds in the specialist centre at our hospital!”

Li Du turned his car around to go back while Wolf Brother and the rest continued talking with the police.

In the end, the police said, “Hurry extinguish the flame and sort out the car. Don’t pollute the environment!”

Li Du smiled, “Alright, police officer, we will do that now.”

The housekeeping company not only cleaned up the manor for sanitation, they had also inspected the water pipes and electric circuits. There were water wells in the lawn. Wolf Brother and the rest connected the faucet to it and the water column from the well extinguished the flame on the car.

Firecracker said, “Boss, don’t let lady boss and the rest come over during this period of time. We’ve gotta be careful and keep our guard up for a while.”

Wolf Brother said, “That’s right. I will connect with some men to act as security. These crazy people might come up with something else. It’d be better for us to be more cautious.”

Li Du smiled, “Alright, but there’s no need to be too afraid either. It’s fine if they leave the manor alone. But if they dare return, everyone get ready your weapons and shoot directly. I will handle any court cases!”

Young Marklov shook his head, “We are not afraid of them returning. What we should be careful of is that they might set a trap for us out there. I’m too familiar with such things. Leave it to me, I will check it out.”

He returned in the evening and Li Du asked although he already knew the answer, “What’s the result of your inspection?”

Young Marklov scratched his head and said, “Those idiots are in the hospital. They got into a series of accidents. Someone had cut the brake of their bikes. They feel that we are the culprits and are ready to get a lawyer to sue us.”

Li Du laughed, “A lawyer? The Dripping Blood Gang would do that?”

“They are just a bunch of fools,” the older Marklov spat his saliva.

They had tidied the manor and after buying some daily necessities, it would be ready to move into.

Right by them was a huge mall. Li Du and his men drove over in a truck. They bought a set of furniture, electrical appliances, daily necessities, bedsheets, pillow and even kitchen appliances etc.

It was as though Li Du and his people were there to buy everything up. They bought everything they had their hands on. Initially, the staff had thought that they were there to make trouble and looked for the mall manager.

After seeing the JP Morgan Chase Palladium Card in Li Du’s hand, the mall manager helped them with their purchase. He even gave Li Du a membership card and was very enthusiastic in assisting Li Du.

All the things that Li Du wanted to buy added up to two hundred thousand. Although the mall was huge, it was still rare to see a customer like Li Du!

Now, Li Du had realized a downside to the house. He was spending money like water. He had yet to be done shopping for everything he needed and he already spent so much money.

There were too many of them and they needed a lot of furniture and appliances. Everyone had a room to themselves and each room had a bed, chair, television, wardrobe, computer and other furniture and appliances. A whole set cost five thousand dollars and Li Du had to buy more than twenty sets of those!

It was fortunate that the mall gave them a privilege. All Li Du had to do was to pay up and the mall would arrange for worker to deliver their goods to them.

Big Quinn had bought a huge barbeque pit. Barbequing at the manor was an essential activity.

Li Du got them to return back to the manor to prepare dinner first. There were too many things to do that day. They had to have a hearty meal for that.

After paying up, the bunch of them returned back to the manor with two huge barrels of beer.

After Big Quinn went back, he examined the fountain and soon, water started to splash out of the fountain on the small square in the middle of the manor. The Marklov brothers saw it and said, “Our way of life is really classy.”

Li Du said, “This fountain is still working? Lu Guan, note down. Tomorrow, get someone to modify it. Change it to a music fountains or a light fountain.”

The cool breeze blew over from the sea. When they got out of the car, they stepped on the lawn and felt the soft leaves under their feet. It was as though they were walking on the beach, it was very comfortable.

The charcoal fire was burning strong under the big barbecue pit, and a thick barbecue aroma filled the surroundings.

Big Quinn was grilling small sausages. They had bought German smoked sausages from the supermarket, a kind of food that was very popular in Los Angeles.

Young Marklov came up and took a sniff, “Hey, this is really fragrant, what did you put inside? Sawdust?”

The charcoal fire of the oven was sprinkled with a layer of wood chips and those wood chips were very moist. The smell of alcohol diffused along with the roast.

Big Quinn laughed and said, “It’s sawdust, but it’s soaked in brandy. You can taste the delicious barbecue of Big Quinn Master later. Man, you will definitely fall in love with it.”

Young Marklove licked his lips and said, “D*mn you Americans really know how to enjoy. You even soak sawdust with brandy to grill sausages, that’s such a waste.”

After the sausages were grilled to completion, Big Quinn paired them with some lettuce leaves, chopped onion and ketchup.

The bunch of men rushed towards him like wolves and the huge plate of grilled sausages vanished off the plate quickly.

Big Quinn’s grilling skills were unbeatable. The sausages had a light aroma of alcohol. The dense notes from the aroma of the sausages blend with the fragrance of the vegetables. It was a complex taste and they were never sick of how it tasted.

He picked up two fat chickens and hung them on the sides of the oven. Old Marklov waved, “Don’t want chicken, grill the sausages.”

Big Quinn smiled and said, “This is not a normal grilled chicken. It’s organic chicken that I’ve bought specially. It’s not farm chicken. You can try it later, it tastes even better.”

“That’s right,” Godzilla nodded.

Vampire opened the barrel of beer and the foams of the beer flowed out.

Li Du gulped a mouthful and it felt as though the day’s tire had dissipated.

Hot-baked salad, roasted garlic bread, lettuce leaf roast beef rolls, grilled oxtail meat, Balinese pork roast, grilled lamb, chicken skewers, beer roast chicken, grilled lobster, and others. Big Quinn had showcased his skills and grilled all sorts of food.

He even prepared Ukrainian-style grilled lamb chops for the Marklov brothers, but it was eaten by Godzilla. The two brothers were full thin that they could not eat anymore.

Sipping his beer, Big Marklov then raised a glass to Li Du and smiled, “Haha, boss, here’s a toast to you, this is really the life of the Americans. Life used to be d*mn bitter back in Ukraine!”

Young Marklov said,: “Boss, are you still hiring? We have a few strong brothers back in Ukraine. How about we bring them over? Don’t talk about the gang in this small place, even if it is the biggest gang in Los Angeles, there’s nothing to be afraid of!”