Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1437

Chapter 1437 Gathering Old Friends

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After the tidying of the manor was complete, Li Du moved in and also brought in Sophie and the rest.

He had provoked the Dripping Blood Gang and the gang would not let them off so easily. However, Li Du was not afraid. He had more than ten bodyguards with him. The Marklov brothers would be able to recruit four to five more. If that number of bodyguards were insufficient to protect his family, then it would be a joke.

After all, it was America. It was not Afghanistan or Somali.

The key people in the Dripping Blood Gang were almost all in the hospital. When the motorcycles were speeding, the little bug had destroyed the brake. At that time, the speed of the motorcycle was very fast, and the rogues had been taught a miserable lesson.

Young Marklov went to check with the doctors and the doctors had said that those men would not be able to leave the hospital within a month. They would also probably not be able to move vigorously for three months.

Physical flesh injuries were one thing but to have gotten into an accident at that high speed, their bones had also been damaged. Fortunately, the few of them whose injuries that were light were not those who would be able to wield problems for Li Du. Hence, he felt that there was nothing much to fear.

Sophie and the bodyguards and the family arrived. The manor became more lively.

It was too bad that it was now summer and too late to start a farm. Li Du had decided to start a small farm. After all, the manor was so huge. It would be a waste to do nothing with it.

Li Du had drawn five acres of land for breeding cattle, sheep, chickens and ducks. Instead of making money, he was rearing them for his own food. Hence, he was rearing breeds of livestock.

During end-July, he had nothing much to do. Hence, he brought along the bodyguards to manage the paddock. He went to a ranch in Los Angeles and chose the burdock. For the time being, he was going to raise ten Holstein cows and ten golden Aquitaine. The former would feed on milk while the latter would feed on meat.

Golden Aquitaine was very good beef. Its meat was delicate and the animal grew rapidly. It could grow to a thousand pounds at the age of one year, which means that it can be eaten in one year.

At the beginning of August, the weather became hotter and the housing market in Los Angeles began to warm up as well.

Lu Guan found some information on an auction for Li Du. This time, the auction for property was in the Bellaire District of Los Angeles.

‘Bellaire’ had two meanings in the United States. One, it referred to the large village of Antrim County, Michigan, and the other meaning was that it was a small town in the western part of Los Angeles.

Known as the Golden Triangle of Los Angeles, the area was very close to Beverly Hills. It formed a triangle with ​​Beverly Hills and Holmby Mountain. The prices of the property there was high in Los Angeles.

Bellaire had emerged in the 1920s and had been developed to maintain the flow of electrical power and telecommunication to the Los Angeles area. Hence, many cable towers were built in the wild there.

At that time, there was a phenomenon of land desertification in the Los Angeles area. The government began to plant trees, starting from Bellaire. After a century, people started to enjoy the fruits of labour of the previous government. The greening rate in the Bellaire region was extremely high, it was a rare sight in other parts of Los Angeles.

Like the climate and beautiful coastline, prized quality of Santa Monica, Bellaire also paid a strong focus on having fresh air and large areas of greenery. Hence, the local homes were popular with home buyers.

Lu Guan had gathered information for Li Du. The property types in the Bellaire area were mainly independent farms, double-decker duple, luxury half-mountain residences, etc. The architectural style was dominated by the Tudor dynasty, and the house prices were quite high.

The Bellaire District Government had always promised the residents a safe, convenient and high-quality living environment. Hence, they were always very concerned about the construction of community infrastructures.

The improvement of infrastructures were a draw for some big families. Later, as the environment of the place improved, some celebrities abandoned the increasingly crowded Beverly Hills and arrived there, causing further appreciation in the pricing of the local house.

However, Bellaire had not intentions of becoming a luxurious place like Beverly Hills. As a result, in recent years, there have been efforts to develop the basic housing industry and set up some modern residential areas.

Initially, the policy was meant to safeguard the benefits of the regular man on the street. It was also mostly

Hence, foreclosure houses in Bellaire district kept growing in numbers. There were many people who were unable to service the mortgage after purchasing the house. Hence, they could only give up their housing helplessly.

After Li Du read the information on the auction, he realized that the current auction was more large-scale than previously. There were a total of twenty-five houses to be auctioned, twice that of the previous auction!

With the sale of gold, Li Du had amassed more funds on his hand. Investing in real estate was a good option for him.

Li Du did not like to take everything good for himself. He gave the bunch of treasure hunters in Flagstaff a call and got them to leave the warehouse auction trade and join him in the property auction in Los Angeles.

The Flagstaff treasure hunters joined the trade to make money. When they learnt that Li Du was going to bring them into the real estate auction trade, they instantly turned into property buyers too and rushed over.

Hence, at the auction this time round, Li Du was not alone. A bunch of men were by his side again.

As he had just joined the trade, Li Du was acted cautiously. He only gathered Big Beard Carl, Dickens, Olly and some of their people. The bunch of them rushed over to Bellaire and they arranged to meet at Playboys Mansion before joining the auction together.

The Playboy Mansion is the residence of the famous magazine “Playboy” founder Hugh Hefner in Los Angeles. This mansion was very famous in Bellaire, and it was worth tens of millions of dollars!

The reason for choosing that location to meet was because there were many beautiful women to ogle at. The residence is also one of the places where “Playboy” magazine had their shots. There were often beautiful women who turned up there.

It was no longer necessary for them to drive a truck as they were participating in the real estate business now. Hence, Li Du rode in his Ferrari Super Run. It was, after all, a super luxury car, and it was much more comfortable than a pickup truck.

When he arrived, there was already a Ferrari parked there. Needless to say, that belonged to Playboy Akkalou.

Li Du parked his car and spotted Big Beard Carl and a bunch of men gathered and looking towards a greenery area by the street. Akkalou was chatting with two blond babes.

The bunch of men were drooling over the two beautiful women, whispering to each other and ogling at the big breasts of the girls with their eyes. Li Du saw them, and truly understood the meaning of an urban slang that has been trending online and in China: ‘Diaos’.

He got out of the car and walked over. The bunch of men failed to notice him and continued to stare at Akkalou and the two girls.

Li Du sigh helplessly and said, “Can you guys get your act together? Look at your rouge ways!”

Hearing his voice, the men turned around and smiled widely, “Hey, Boss Li, long time no see!”

“Boss Li, come here and check out the babes!”

After spotting Li Du, Akkalou also smiled at him. He said a few more words with the two ladies and left. Then, he walked over and gave Li Du an enthusiastic hug.

With regards to the arrival of Akkalou, Li Du was slightly surprised. That dude was rich and he was only participating in the warehouse auction trade in Flagstaff out of interest. He did not expect Akkalou to also come to Los Angeles.

The two men were about to reminisce when the two fair, beautiful long-legged ladies walked over. They looked at Li Du and one of them said, “I’ve seen you. Seen you on the photographs.”