Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1439

Chapter 1439 Despise

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A house wrecked by termites was something the house-pickers were most afraid of.

The value of a house was largely dependent on its infrastructure. However, once it had been infested with termites, you could consider the house to be doomed. Unless someone discovered the termites once they moved in and took actions to protect the house by killing the pests, not long after the house would start to have thousands of holes in every wooden structure.

Such a situation was rare in China. That was because, since ancient times, the Chinese built houses with earth masonry. The termites did not have a chance against it. It was different in America. There were houses made from wood everywhere, a heaven for termites.

Hence, the first thing that Americans did after they bought a house would be to do some pest extermination. Termites were more common in foreclosure houses, usually because the previous owner had purposely placed them there.

When the homeowners would learn that their houses will be taken away from them by the bank or the government, they would be hopping mad. Then, they would think of ways to destroy the property. Taking termites and placing them in the wooden planks and walls was the most merciless method to do so.

It was only after careful observation of the house that the treasure hunters found the existence of termites. However, Li Du had noticed the termites with a look. His skillfulness impressed the treasure hunters.

That was another skill Li Du had been famous for in the warehouse auction trade. He had a pair of invincible eyes that were sharper than an eagle’s.

B24 had been infested by termites. Therefore, Li Du turned his attention to E45.

They drove over and coincidentally, two house pickers were also viewing E45. They had not entered the backyard directly. After all, it was illegal to do so. They could only do that when nobody was around and looking.

Their teams of cars drove over and the two men were furious. One of them waved his fist at Li Du and said, “Hey, China man, don’t go too far!”

Li Du tilted his head and looked at them. “Who pissed you guys off? Is this your house? Does this road belong to you?”

The house pickers were more contentious than the treasure hunters. It was because the house pickers were fewer in numbers. They were unused to competition and considered themselves the center of the universe.

E45 had been left in a rather good condition. There was even some furniture that had not been cleared out. The little bug flew in and went around. Other than the fact that the wallpaper was somewhat worn out, there were no other issues with the house.

He noticed some blots of cement near the kitchen. Those were used to fill the cracks. There was a problem with a corner of the kitchen window. The previous owner had fixed it with cement.

After some thoughts, Li Du got the little bug to absorb the Time Capability of the cement. The cement turned soft and finally dropped off the corner of the kitchen window.

With that, he withdrew the little bug and left with his men.

His purpose in bringing his men around for house viewing was to teach them how to do their homework. He was very seriously trying to pave the way for those men to enter the property auction trade.

Hadn’t the house pickers in Los Angeles ganged up against him? They were not happy with him, right? Very well, I would not show my weakness or fight with you guys by myself. I will bring a team over directly!

Although the local house pickers were rich, they were not as united as his men were. Li Du had the little bug with him and could control the condition of the house. He could know the value of the house very easily. With that skill and the fact that he had many men with him, however rich the house pickers were, they would not be able to defeat him.

They spent half a day going around the twenty-five houses. For some houses, Li Du was the only one who went in. For example, at some villas, it was harder for them all to go unnoticed. It was illegal to trespass, although if they did enter the house, nobody would care.

Li Du had already formed a plan concerning the twenty-five houses. However, he was in no hurry to tell the others about it. Instead, he brought them for dinner at the manor he owned.

After entering the Sunshine Jazz Estate, the treasure hunters were shocked. “Boss Li, have you bought a farm or a manor?”

Li Du, who had originally wanted to enjoy their look of shock, was stumped. Fortunately, Akkalou was well informed and said, “This is a manor. In a location like this and with an area like this, it is a prime piece of estate.”

“Even more expensive than the villas at Beverly Hills?” The treasure hunters were still shocked.

Lu Guan scolded them with the words the house pickers had used on him. “Ha, a bunch of country bumpkins!”

After the group had their dinner, they went to the motel. The next day, they would attend the property auction together.

There were more people who had come to attend the property auction this time around. The crowd amounted to hundreds of people.

Li Du brought the men in, and the number of people increased sharply. Naturally, the pressure at the scene grew. Some of the house pickers looked at them, evidently displeased, and said, “Are you guys at the wrong place? There are no warehouses here.”

Obviously, the house pickers were no fools. They had gone home to do their homework and checked on Li Du. Hence, when Li Du brought in the treasure hunters, many of them could identify the newcomers with a look.

Treasure hunters had several unique traits. As they had been in the warehouse trade for a long time and often had to move heavy things, they typically had big muscles and calluses on their palms. Since they were often in the sun, their skin was red.

Someone mocked them for their skin and laughed, “Ha, rednecks!”

The treasure hunters were infuriated. Li Du stopped them and said, “Stay calm, we are here to make money, not to fight.”

Olly looked at the men angrily and said, “D*mn, I don’t understand their arrogance. They are just a bunch of people who flip second-hand property and they are looking down on us, treasure hunters?”

“There is prejudice everywhere. When our boss just joined the warehouse auction trade, I heard that you guys despised him even more,” Lu Guan said.

The treasure hunters hummed. Big Beard Carl waved his hands and said, “No, I didn’t. I was good friends with Big Fox. So – oh yeah, why haven’t we seen Big Fox in such a long time?”

Li Du said, “He’s on a farm in Riverdale, rearing cows. He will be staying there from now on.”

Li Du walked off from the group. It was fun watching the house pickers make fun of the treasure hunters. In the past, he was the one they despised. Now, the treasure hunters would have a taste of their own medicine.

He had already expected that. They were all rivals in the same trade. Furthermore, they were not people from Los Angeles. Naturally, the local house pickers would feel animosity towards them and try to drive them away.”

The treasure hunters had hotter tempers. They were unable to stomach that. After hearing a lot of criticism, Olly and the rest were ready to fight.

Someone stopped them. A man with a cigarette appeared. He looked at the treasure hunters sternly and said, “What are you guys trying to do? Where are you from?”

The man was around forty years old. His blonde hair was neatly trimmed and his complexion had been well maintained. After he appeared, the surrounding house pickers kept quiet and only looked at the bunch of treasure hunters, anticipating drama.

Li Du noticed the change in the house pickers. He grinned and said, “We are here to buy houses. What else can we be here for? Not for a barbecue, right?”

The middle-aged man scanned Li Du and then slowly nodded, “I know you, Chinese man. You are Li, right? The last time, you got a good house in Santa Monica. Congratulations.”