Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Let Me Try

The grinding of the tires on the road gave off a sharp, shrill noise.

Under the command of Hans, and with Godzilla as the core force, the crowd combined their strength. Even Ah Meow was putting in the effort, and they successfully pushed the Nissan to the side of the road.


"I cant believe it, we did it!"

"Fellas, lets keep it up and get rid of those two other vehicles!"

Everyone was high-fiving left and right, some specifically went to Li Du and struck palms with him. He had now earned respect from the crowd.

But the challenging task was still to come. Japanese cars were thin and light, but the Cadillac was one of Americas muscle cars. The Cadillac was a heavy car, and the Chevrolet pickup was even heavier!

The good thing was that after the Nissan was pushed away, everyone felt motivated, so even more men came to help. Some even brought crowbars to lift the car up.

With the combined effort, the Cadillac and Chevrolet were eventually pushed away!

"We did it!"

"Yeah, man, great job. Im glad I didnt chicken out today!"

"D*mn, were so strong! Hurray for teamwork!"

"Wheres that Asian? He was awesomea real man!"

The road was cleared out, and the crowd shouted excitedly. Many people kept coming forward to embrace Li Du and Godzilla.

Li Du did not have the time to celebrate with everyone, and ran to the ambulance and said, "Dr. Sophie, the road has been cleared. Hurry up and move out!"

Sophie was busy in the ambulance. In the hot day, she had worked up a good sweat, her golden hair was stuck on her forehead and cheeks, her hands and coat were sprayed with dark red blood. She looked rugged.

Hearing his words, Sophie was ecstatic. "Sammir, go, quick! Let the hospital prepare the emergency room, we need to operate on him as soon as possible!"

The cars in front started their engines and began moving off. The ambulance went off swiftly as well.

The situation was dire, so the driver was in a hurry. The moment he started the engine, he drove off. Li Du was in the ambulance too, and didnt have time to jump off.

Sophie and Kanali didnt have the time deal with Li Du. A plump, young Chinese man was lying on the stretcher, his thigh tied tightly with bandages. However, it was still bleeding.

Kanali said anxiously, "Doctor, we cant stop the blood!"

Sophie hurriedly made a call: "Hello, this is Ambulance Five, were coming back on the Highway AX102, we have a patient that needs to be operated on ASAP, we need an A-grade ambulance to take over, and we might need to perform an ambulatory surgery!"

The other side of the call swiftly gave their reply, "Roger that, an A-grade ambulance will set off soon, maintain communications. Weve begun searching for a transfer location."

Sophie handed the phone to Li Du and said, "Take thisremember the location! Kanali, pass me the hemostatic forceps, a shot of adrenaline, and a one-quarter dose of morphine!"

From behind, the operators voice came from the phone. "Ambulance Five, do you copy?"

"Ah, Im here, please speak," Li Du replied hurriedly.

"According to exercise A, the A-grade ambulance will meet you at Marrington Hotel. Please go to the hotel and prepare for a handoff. Weve prepared a parking spot for you."

Li Du said to the driver, "Marrington Hotel, go there!"

The ambulance drove even faster.

In a desperate rush, the ambulance finally entered the parking lot, and a large, modified ambulance was there. Two men came over to push the stretcher bed into that ambulance.

A male doctor asked, "Whats the situation?"

Sophie speedily said, "The patient was shot in a crossfire and the bullet entered the inner thigh with a depth of about 3.3 inches. The wound and artery need to be closed up immediately with surgery!"

"Sh*t, has the bullet been removed?"

"No, the layer of fat is too thick, and with the presence of a wound, I cant remove the bullet by myself. Also, I couldnt find the damaged artery" Sophie said.

"The artery is still in a damaged condition?" The doctor was stunned.

Sophie bit on her lips with upper canine, and said, "The layers of fat in his thigh are too thick. I couldnt find the artery!"

The situation was urgent. Li Du unconsciously followed them to the side of the modified ambulance. Then, a young doctor pushed him and said, "Move to the side, dont disrupt our work!"

Li Du took a glance and realized that this doctor was Thompson, the one who he made a fool out of not long ago during the community charity.

He could only imagine that their natural grudge toward each other had to do with something in a past life. He didnt expect to be so "lucky" to meet this doctor again on the ambulance.

Sophie shouted to Thompson, "Doctor, prepare the anesthetic! You need to enter the operating room now!"

Thompson rudely stared at Li Du, and said, "Whats this guy doing here? Is he the one who shot the patient? Call the cops and take him away then!"

Sophie said furiously, "Get to the operating room, d*mmit! Go! You really are a jerk!"

The other doctor calmly said, "Theres no point giving him anesthetic now, we need an X-ray machine to see the severity of the wound!"

Sophie said, "Theres not enough time, Quentyn. Perform the surgery and find the bullet!"

Dr. Quentyn shook his head and firmly said, "Cant. The main vessels could very well be right above where the bullet is. If we forcefully perform the surgery, then it might cause a fatal hemorrhage"

"Theres no time to hesitate. Hes going into shock from the loss of blood. The speed of blood infusion is too slow, he wont last until the hospital!" Sophie said.

Li Du looked at the pale, lifeless face of the youth on the stretcher bed. He seemed to be Chinese, and about his age. But now he was on the brink of death, with the reaper just a step away.

He hesitated for a moment, glanced at the bug on his palm, and said, "Doctors, hear me outif the damaged artery is found, we only need to stop the bleeding with the hemostatic sponge?"

Sophie said, "As long as the hemostatic sponge is at the right position, we can return to the hospital to perform the surgery."

Thompson said of a tone of dissatisfaction, "Why are we wasting our breath with this guy?"

Li Du ignored him and said, "I might have a way to find the bullet and the damaged vessel. Let me do it, guys. I should be able to!"

He didnt have full certainty, but he had confidence.

The bug could enter the human body to freely observe the inside. He had tried it before, when he used the bug to check on Ah Meows wound.

Although these two were different situations, the life of the youth was hanging by a thread. He felt that if he could save his life, then he shouldnt be just an onlooker due to being afraid of the responsibilities.

Mr. Li may not be strong physically, but he had guts and courage.

The doctors looked at him in perplexion. Thompson was about to rage at Li Du, but then smiled and said, "You can do it? If you really can, then try it!"

Sophie glared at Thompson, then said, "Li, this isnt like pushing those cars away. This needs professional skill to execute. Its not that I dont trust you"

"Ive attended medical courses in China, and interned at an emergency clinic. I think I can handle this," he said.

Kanali, who had been taking care of the patient, said, "Heart rate has fallen by 25 percentdoctors, please make your decision!"

Dr. Quentyn creased his eyebrows and said, "D*mmit, well perform the surgery"

Li Du reached his arm out and said, "Dr. Quentyn, I have confidence in doing this!"

Thompson played along and said, "I believe in Lijust look at this guy and you know hes capable!"

Sophie anxiously looked at the Asian youth. She gritted her teeth and said, "Dr. Quentyn, let Li and I handle this emergency operation, put my name down for the responsibility of the operation!"