Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1440

Chapter 1440 Wolf King

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The issue with the Sunshine Jazz Estate was well-known in the house picker circle. The manor was the top luxury villa that had been auctioned off in the second half of that year. It was worth millions of dollars.

Li Du had landed the villa for 500,000. It was a huge win. If there were no mishaps, he would be able to sell the house at 800,000 after renovation. There would be people willing to buy.

However, there was a condition for that. There could not be an accident. If there were one, the value would not rise. This was related to the Dripping Blood Gang. The gang would not allow house pickers to buy that house.

The house pickers were law-abiding people. They were legal businessmen. Hence, they did not dare to provoke the gang.

A lot of money could be made by buying the Sunshine Jazz Estate. However, it would be meaningless if they did not live long enough to enjoy the fruit of their labors. The Dripping Blood Gang was not to be trifled with. When the police had seized their office building, they found a bunch of restricted weapons and ammo!

Under such circumstances, Li Du had struck and picked up the house.

In the eyes of the house pickers, he was a foolish newbie. They felt that he was someone who had bought the manor out of his greed and would have to pay for his excessive ambition eventually.

Although the leader of the Dripping Blood Gang was now in prison, the gang was still a formidable force. They were quite powerful in the entire West Los Angeles area.

They were waiting to watch the drama unfold. In the end, there was real drama, but it shocked everybody. The Dripping Blood gangsters had gone to make trouble for the newbie. However, almost all of them had ended up in the hospital!

That was a big news item. It even got onto the local news in Santa Monica. The news reported on the very serious traffic accident. The police report had stated that the accident had taken place because the brakes of the motorcycle had been worn-out.

However, no one believed that reason, the men in the Dripping Blood Gang least of all. What worn-out brakes? The breaks of the more than ten heavy-duty bikes had worn out at the same time? Someone must have tampered with them!

Very soon, the news spread, saying that Li Du had arranged for his bodyguards to tamper with the brakes. However, he was very powerful and colluded with the local police. They had pushed the responsibility to the fact that the conditions of the brakes were not idea and had been damaged because they were worn out.

Regardless, the Dripping Blood Gang did not believe. They were keen to take revenge but for now, they were unable to strike. The key to their gang was lying in the hospital bed.

The ending had shocked the house pickers. They did not expect that the ferocious Dripping Blood Gang would fail to deal with that newbie. Instead, they had been sent to the hospital by that newbie.

The house pickers were not dumb. They were smart and cautious. Although they did not know exactly what happened with the accident of the Dripping Blood Gang, they knew that Li Du was not to be trifled with.

Previously, when Li Du saw that the house pickers looked down on the treasure hunters but did not attack him, he thought that it was because he had kept a low profile. However, that was not the case. It was that the house pickers did not dare to provoke him.

It was especially because some house pickers had connected with their friends in Arizona to get information on Li Du. They had found out about Li Du’s capability. He was a student who had been taken advantage of and who then entered the warehouse auction trade. In a year, he became the treasure-hunting king in Flagstaff. In two years, he conquered Arizona. In three years, he became the treasure hunting king in Arizona.

The most formidable part was that, on his road to development, he taught all the people who blocked his way a good lesson. The treasure hunter gangs who pitted against him fell apart and the consequences were severe.

They did not dare to provoke Li Du. Hence, they could only take out their anger on the regular treasure hunters. However, some still had the gall to provoke Li Du, like this serious middle-aged man.

Li Du nodded and smiled at the middle-aged man. “Thanks, that house is really pretty good. I’m Li, how do I address you?”

The middle-aged man extended his hand. “Logan, Logan Stanley. Pleased to meet you. I’ve heard about your tactics. I’m here to learn from you. Please don’t disappoint me.”

Hearing that name, the corner of Lu Guan’s lips twitched.

Li Du and Logan shook hands and then parted ways. The house pickers then surrounded Logan and greeted him warmly.

Li Du looked at Logan thoughtfully and said, “He’s somebody, right?”

Lu Guan said softly, “Yes, he is a capable chap and is famous in Los Angeles. His nickname is Wolf King and he is apparently capable of straddling both the legal and illegal areas.”

“Wolf King?” Li Du could not understand. “How did he get that name? Because Wolverine’s name is Logan Howlett?”

Lu Guan shrugged and said, “I’m guessing that’s part of it. However, the key reason is that he has a troop called the Wolf Bunch. I’ve heard of a piece of news saying that he is linked to the Mountain Wolves gang. The Mountain Wolves respect him.”

Hearing that, Li Du was confused. He said, “He’s also connected to the gangs? Are we in Los Angeles or d*mned Mexico? There are so many gangs here?”

Lu Guan replied, “That’s right, we are in Los Angeles. This is a super international city. To the gangsters, this is a big juicy wrap. There are definitely gangs in the city.”

Li Du thought about it and agreed. The people in Arizona were all strong. The capabilities of the local gangs were weak. That was because the regular folks were also good fighters. The gangs were unable to grow their strength.

California was rich and had many immigrants. Although rich, the immigrants did not dare to cause trouble. That was just great for the gangs to thrive on.

In this way, Bel Air’s Housing and Urban Development Bureau was divided into four factions, one led by Li Du, with the treasure hunters around him. There was another one led by Logan, where a large half of the house pickers flocked to him to join in the fun.

Then there were two other groups. One was the rest of the house pickers, they were scattered around and fought separately. They waited silently for the auction to start, not befriending or provoking anyone.

The last group was the clueless property buyers. They had come for a particular house. They were all regular folks who wanted to buy a foreclosure home at a low cost.

The officers from the Housing and Urban Development Bureau had arrived and waved for everyone to take their positions. The auction was about to start.

Li Du was getting ready when two of the house pickers walked over. One of them said loudly, “Hey, China man, I’m here to give you a piece of news from Wolf King. Better stop when you should. Bel Air is not Santa Monica.”

Those two men were people he knew. They were there when he had gone to check out the two bungalows in the district. They had had a small conflict then.

Li Du did not answer their comments but asked, “How do I address you guys?”

“I’m Abel Moss and this is my buddy, Andrew. Why?” The house picker asked cautiously.

Li Du asked, “Are you guys from the Wolf Bunch?”

Abel hummed and said, “Nope, but we are buddies of the Wolf King. We know what he can do and are here to warn you about him.”

Li Du started to laugh and said, “I understand now. You two want to suck up to him? That’s a bit far-fetched. Buddies, doing this makes you guys look like puppies.”

The two house-pickers were furious. Abel pointed at Li Du with his finger and said, “Wait for it, China man. If you don’t heed my warning, get ready to learn a tough lesson!”

Andrew pretended to be calm and held his buddy back. He said, “That’s just how men are. If they are not taught a lesson, they will never grow up. We have to give him this opportunity, China man. If you dare, you can try provoking the Wolf King.”