Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 145

Chapter 145: The Job is Done

"What are you trying to pull, Sophie?" Dr. Quentyns expression darkened, and seemed as if it could explode any moment. How could they allow such a feat to be performed by an ordinary civilian?

Thompson held him back and said, "Dr. Quentyn, I think its fine. Maybe we can try it outI know Li. That guy is a humble and low-profile guy. Unless he was certain, he wouldnt have offered."

Quentyn glared at him and said, "Are you all nuts? My God, listen to yourselves"

Thompson cut him off and said, "Looking at the situation now, that fattys leg has too much fat. Without a machine to scan, are you sure you can find the bullet and the damaged vessels?"

Dr. Quentyn kept silent, his eyebrows creased, his expression full of hesitation.

Thompson pushed the two into the modified ambulance and said, "Hurry up and perform the surgery, else hes dead. Oh, do you need me to anesthetize him?"

Sophie shook her head and said, "No need. Hes already in shock. If we anesthetize him now, there is a high chance of damaging the nerves in his brain."

Li Du wasnt knowledgeable in that field, so he didnt make any comments. Instead, he let the bug out and let it fly onto the youths leg. Then, it burrowed in, following the wound.

At first, he didnt understand the situation. There was already a wound made from the gunshot, why did they say that they couldnt find the bullet? Since it was made from the bullet, wouldnt they just have to follow the path?

After the bug burrowed in, he realized why.

Damage caused by bullets was different from that caused by weapons without gunpowder. The moment it entered the flesh and muscles, the bullet would spin and move randomly. Although the wound on the surface didnt look to be too big, the inside was drilled wide and mashed badly.

In such conditions, without the aid of machinery, they didnt dare to agitate the wound. Many blood vessels were interconnected. Poor handling of the wound would cause further hemorrhaging.

In this situation, the bug became very useful. It did not have a physical form, so it could pass through areas without touching any of the damaged places.

Soon, a deformed bullet appeared in the bugs vision.

To the bug, finding the bullet was too easy. All it had to do was to follow the path created by the bullet.

Once he found the bullet, he also saw the damaged artery. The bullet was resting on the thin walls of the vessel. It had ruptured part of the wall, and blood flowed out continuously.

It was a good thing the bullet was also blocking the ruptured hole. That was the reason why there was still no heavy hemorrhaging even though the artery had been wounded.

Having found the source of the problem, Li Du swallowed his saliva due to the stress.

It was a tricky situation. He needed to get the bullet out, and then stop the artery with the sponge.

The original plan was to take the bullet out after finding it with the bug, and then simply patch the rupture with the sponge after finding the artery.

Now, if he were to directly take the bullet out, the artery would surely gush blood out, much more than it was bleeding now!

Sucking in a breath of cool air, Mr. Li was troubled.

The one who was even more troubled was Sophie; more and more sweat was appearing on her forehead.

The compartment of the ambulance was air-conditioned, with a comfortable temperature. The reason for all that sweat was purely due to anxiety.

She knew how difficult this operation was, and she also knew the chances of failure. She was even more aware of the reason why that jerk, Thompson, was so eager to let Li Du take over the surgery!

Once they failed to save this young man, Thompson would definitely push the responsibility onto Li Du. With that, Li Du would be prosecuted!

Due to the tension, it was hard for her to stay calm. "D*mmit, wheres the artery? Wheres the artery!?! The fat layer is too thick; I cant find it! If its like this, the hemostatic forceps cant even be used"

Sophie wasnt really thinking much about what she said, but when Li Du heard "hemostatic forceps," an idea struck him.

How could he have forgotten such a godly tool?

"Sterilize your hands first, Li. Try to cooperate with me. Ill find some tool with an observation camera." Sophie hastily tried to find a useful tool in a nearby compartment. Li Du took action.

The hemostatic forceps was on the surgical tray. He put on the medical gloves, and with the guidance from the bugs vision, he swiftly found the vessel. He then used two forceps to hold on the rupture sides of the artery.

The forceps were like clips, and were able to temporary clip onto the vessel to stop the flow of blood.

With the vessel blocked, he could start working on the other problems.

He used the forceps to clip out the deformed bullet. Then, he clipped on the hemostatic sponge and stuck them into the wound protect the rupture.

Sophie had finally found a tool with an observation camera, and walked over saying, "Alright, now we can"

She had only spoken a few words, when she found herself unable to speak from the scene in front of her; she saw the bullet on the tray, as well as the slowing blood flow.

Li Du had finished applying the sponge. He clapped his hands, turned his head around and smiled, "Okay, the job is done. We can bring him back to the hospital and operate on him properly."

Sophie stuttered as she said, "This-this, this cant be. I mean, wha-what happened? I-I must be hallucinating or something?"

The elegant female doctors dumbfounded actions were cute and adorable. A pity her face was full of sweat.

Li Du found some clean gauze on the operating table, so he picked it up and wiped the sweat off her forehead. "Youre sweating too much."

Sophie took a step back unconsciously, but she stopped herself after that. Her small body was stiff due to the nervousness, and she continued asking, "What just happened?"

Li Du continued wiping her sweat off and said, "Its simple: I found the bullet, took it out, and then applied some hemostatic sponge on it."

He thought for a bit, and then added, "You need to be careful. Theres trauma to the artery walls, so dont take out the sponges during the main surgery."

Sophies face was still full of shock. "Lord, is this all real?"

Li Du laughed and said, "The Lord says: Yes. This is all real, and that Ive just done a favor for this guy."

The bullet and the wound that had stopped bleeding were reality. Sophie said, "When you were in China, were you a surgeon?"

Li Du thought up a small lie and said, "Yeah, I was a volunteer."

The compartment door opened. Nurse Canalle, who had been monitoring the patients vitals, said ecstatically, "The blood pressure has risen and stabilized. Heart rate and breathing have all went up. Sophie, great work!"

The female doctor gave a bitter smile and said, "I didnt do anything."

Thompson was stunned. He couldnt believe it and asked, "The surgery was a success? That fattys still alive?"

Even Dr. Quentyn couldnt bear it anymore, and said furiously, "Watch your tongue, Dr. Thompson. Your unethical behavior is bringing shame to the white coat that youre wearing!"

Thompson said, "No, its just that I cant believe it. In such extreme conditions, your surgery was a success?"

Sophie said proudly, "It was Li. He did all the work!"

As she spoke, she looked toward Li Du; her emerald eyes were clear as crystals, and her expression revealed her joy more than words could.

Thompson glanced resentfully at Li Du. Sophie was right; he had been expecting the surgery to fail, and thus had fervently agreed to Li Dus involvement.

He had even planned that, if the surgery were to fail, he would encourage the family members of the young man to turn to the media and destroy Li Dus reputation. That would force him to return to China.

In the end, Li Du succeeded. He and Sophie had accomplished this seemingly impossible task.

What was even more frightening was that, according to Sophie, the surgery was done solely by Li Du. With that, Thompson couldnt understand; why was this young chap so outstanding at everything he did?