Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1450

Chapter 1450 Wildness Regained

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Watching Benedict’s stagger away, Firecracker said, “I think he’s a bit suspicious.”

Lu Guan asked nervously, “What’s going on? Is he the ghost?”

Godzilla snorted. “A ghost that needs chili sauce when eating a steak?”

Li Du waved and said, “Okay, Lu Guan. What exactly are you afraid of, with so many of us here?”

Lu Guan said with a sad face, “I don’t want to be afraid, but my heart is palpitating. This is not something I can control, boss.”

Li Du patted Godzilla’s shoulder and said, “OK, tonight you and Lu Guan share a room.”

He looked at Lu Guan again and said, “With a strong man like Godzilla, you don’t have to be afraid of anything, do you? If there’s a ghost, it would not be able to fight against Godzilla.”

“Sure, Godzilla is a super monster. I don’t know how many people he killed. If there is a ghost it could not do anything to Godzilla, so there is nothing to be afraid of,” Firecracker said with a smile.

After dinner, the group of people found their rooms. For the sake of safety, Li Du arranged the men in pairs.

Madman asked, “Do we have to keep watch?”

Li Du said contemptuously, “There is no need. Do you really believe in ghosts? Sleep easy, everyone. Ah Ow and the others will keep watch.”

Lu Guan dawdled and did not want to enter the house. “Boss, will we all sleep together?”

Young Markelov whistled and laughed. “Sleep with me? Cool, I like it. Americans like such things.”

Li Du pushed Lu Guan towards Godzilla and said impatiently, “What are you afraid of when you are with Godzilla?”

Lu Guan groaned, trudged into the house, and told Godzilla, “We must not turn out the lights tonight!”

Li Du added, “Don’t worry, the rooms won’t be dark!”

He slept in the master bedroom with Driver, who was his usual calm, indifferent self.

Li Du sat in front of the window to enjoy the night scene under the mountain, and at the same time released the space-time bug again inside and outside the house to search, this time more meticulously than before.

After all, there were several deaths in the house, so using the space-time bug he searched the basement, attic and other semi-enclosed spaces, which were a little creepy.

Just then, his cell phone rang.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Li Du was startled. He took out his mobile phone and took a look. There was no number on the screen!

All of a sudden, all sorts of horror movies and novels popped up in his mind and made his heart pound.

Of course, this was just his subconscious reaction. He didn’t actually believe that there were ghosts in this world. Perhaps there were some things that science could not explain, such as the space-time bug, but not ghosts.

After a moment’s hesitation, he answered the phone and said tentatively in a soft voice, “Hello.”

A faint sigh came through first. It was long, and it made Li Du a little afraid.

Then, the gentle voice of Tang Chaoyang rang out, “It is a good massage, very comfortable!”

Li Du was stunned. “What?”

It might be that Tang Chaoyang did not hear his voice and only noticed the phone was connected when Li Du started talking for the second time. “Oh, sorry, I must have called by mistake. I’m having a massage here…”

Another faint sigh.

Li Du could not help it, and said, “I am now living in a haunted house and can’t sleep. Brother Tang, say if you have something to tell me.”

Tang Chaoyang felt suspicious. “You live in a haunted house? Are you serious? What are you doing in there? Looking for excitement? If you are, I’m the right person to call.”

All these questions confused Li Du. Since he had nothing to do anyway, he told Tang Chaoyang about the house.

Listening to his explanation, Tang Chaoyang laughed. “Of course there is no ghost, but there is something odd about this house, so be careful. By the way, I want to fulfill my promise.”

“What promise?” Li Du asked.

Tang Chaoyang said, “Last time I lost your gold treasure hunt chart, that papyrus. To make up for your loss, I found a treasure for you again.”

Li Du laughed and said, “There was no loss. The papyrus would be a waste in my hands anyway, so it is okay that you lost it.”

He just wanted Tang Chaoyang to feel in his debt. After all, the other side had power and strength he could only speculate about.

Tang Chaoyang said very seriously, “No, I found a treasure for you, and this the location is closer to home. It is an emerald vein, and its value should not be lower than of that Egyptian gold mine.”

Li Du nearly fainted and said, “Emerald vein? I’ll take this… Well, thank you. I think I can make a fortune out of it.”

Tang Chaoyang said simply, “Of course. The map I asked someone to send you is a little complex, you have to study it well.”

Then he hung up the phone and continued to enjoy his massage.

Li Du also wanted to ask who the person was and whether they knew his address, but the call was over and there was no number to call back. Apparently, it was an anti-tracking phone.

He called Sophie and spoke to her for a bit, then went back to bed, closing his eyes and falling asleep quickly.

In a new house and a new bed, the quality of sleep naturally would not be very good. Li Du tossed and turned, and slept in a daze. He seemed to have had a few strange dreams until one of them was was broken by a howl. “Owww! Owwww!”

It was Ah Ow bellowing, and her voice was shrill.

“Something’s wrong!” Li Du thought in a daze. He got up, pulled open the door and walked out. The Markelov brothers and Firecracker were already outside.

Godzilla also came out, but only halfway. He pushed Lu Guan aside angrily. “What are you pulling me for? What a coward you are, damn it!”

Li Du had no time to make fun of Lu Guan. He hurried downstairs, but the little ones did not stay in the living room. They had all gone to the backyard.

When they looked out of the living room window, they saw something that surprised them all:

The little ones were biting each other!

Being naughty and energetic, they always liked to play together, which helped them to exercise their responses and hunting abilities and improve their reflexes.

However, this time it wasn’t a playful tussle. They were really fighting, fiercely and aggressively!

The figure of Ah Meow flashed quickly, claws brandished, and Ah Ow and Ali had more than one bloodstain. Ah Ow opened his mouth to bite Ah Meow, while Ali swerved, kicking Ah Ow with its tail for balance.

At once, Ah Ow turned her head, and Ali, who did not have time to back off, got a vicious bite in the thigh.