Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1451

Chapter 1451 Catch Catch Catch

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Li Du was stunned. That was the first time he saw the little ones act like that. Their lost savagery seemed to revive and they became ferocious beasts again.

Standing at the gate of the backyard, Ah Fei, the baby condor, was so confused that it flapped its wings and ran around and around in panic. When it saw Li Du, it dashed towards him, flapping its wings and squeaking.

Li Du was not worried about the condor, who seemed very normal, unlike Ah Meow, Ah Ow and the others who had become crazy.

“Ah Meow! Ah Ow! Ali! What are you doing?” Li Du shouted.

Although he indulged the little ones very much, Li Du was not willing to tolerate violence, so his angry voice was very intimidating to them.

When Ah Meow and the others heard his tone of voice changed like this, they would hide because they were scared, or come to him honestly to face their punishment.

This time, they did not pay attention to Li Du. Only Ah Meow hesitatingly looked back, but Ah Ow seized the opportunity to bite him, and Ah Meow quickly ran and did not look at Li Du anymore.

It was not good. Ah Ow was acting like she was rabid. She bit anyone she could get her teeth on.

Big Markelov looked carefully and took out his gun, then said in a low voice, “Boss, this is not good, this wolf is getting mad!”

Li Du pressed his arm and said, “Don’t shoot. What happened?”

Big Markelov frowned. “Ah Ow had gone mad, she lost her senses. We have seen many such wolves. They have been infected with the rabies virus. Mountain hunters call them mad wolves or crazy wolves. They are very scary!”

Godzilla moved in silence and walked towards her. He and Li Du had watched Ah Ow since she was a cub that had not yet opened her eyes. They were like family and had a certain bond, so he could not see her go mad like this.

He strode on without fear.

Ah Ow and the others noticed his presence, paused the fight, and looked back at Godzilla.

At this time, Li Du noticed that Ah Ow’s green eyes were bloodshot, and there was no expression in them except the brutal animal nature.

Looking at Godzilla, Ah Ow suddenly started to move. Her vigorous body turned into a sharp arrow, and her steely muscles contracted and stretched vigorously as she dashed towards him.

As she ran, Ah Ow opened her mouth to reveal her fangs and lunged at Godzilla’s chest.


A shot rang out and Ah Ow, who was in midair, fell to the ground, convulsing.

Godzilla looked back and saw the gun in Li Du’s hand, a Taser.

After three high-voltage shots from the Taser, Li Du shifted the muzzle and fired again at Ali, who was soon on the ground as well.

Ah Meow, who was nearby, got a fright. He darted towards the trees in the backyard, running as fast as he could.

Li Du could not aim well and chased him to close the distance.

Ah Meow was climbing up a tree when suddenly a stick appeared in the luxuriant canopy and rammed directly at him.

As the stick struck fast as lightning, Ah Meow’s limbs grabbed with a force and his slender flexible body somersaulted 360 degrees into a small windmill on the tree!

It was hard for him to do this because he was climbing up the tree vertically and very fast, and the inertia was so great that it was difficult for him to avoid the stick that lashed out so suddenly, but he still moved with graceful force.

Li Du, who was standing under the tree, was shocked, while Madman could not help crying out, “Beautiful!”

After a somersault, he landed on a tree and his four claws gripped the bark. Then, with all his limbs, he jumped onto a nearby branch and stared darkly into the crown of the tree.

A snow-white monkey was holding a stick and squeaking. Of course, it was Ah Bai.

Seeing the appearance of Ah Bai, Li Du’s heart sank. Ah Bai’s wildness was also awoken, but it did not have a strong offensive quality. The monkey just wanted to protect itself.

Ah Meow arched up and stared at Ah Bai, showing his fangs.


Ah Meow became a little less clever after losing his docility, and he temporarily forgot Li Du and the others were after him when he saw Ah Bai.

When Ah Meow fell from the tree, Li Du rushed to catch him, yanked the electrode bullet off his body, and threw it away.

This bullet was designed to subdue adult humans. Ah Meow is so small that if the current kept flowing, his heart would stop beating.

It happened in a flash. Despite the electric shock, Ah Meow’s heart was still beating violently.

Ah Bai brandished a stick in the tree and squeaked. It watched Li Du and the others in horror. It hit the tree with the stick and leaves fell from the tree like rain.

Li Du raised his head and called, “Ah Bai, come back.”

The little white monkey ignored him and still brandished the stick in terror. When it found that it was no use, it simply threw the stick away and retreated deeper into the leaves.

Li Du couldn’t understand what was happening, so he turned around and shouted, “Godzilla, get some dried fruit and bring Ah Bai down!”

He did not dare to use a Taser against Ah Bai. Ah Meow weighed 14 or 15 kilograms and could withstand the voltage, but Ah Bai was no more than four or five kilograms and could die from a Taser shot.

Godzilla left in a hurry while the Markelov brothers searched the yard and found the remaining ones, Ah Meng and Crispy Noodles.

Ah Meng was chasing Crispy Noodles, who jumped up and down and barely managed to escape from Ah Meng. The flower beds were a mess.

Fortunately, the raccoon ran fast, while the honey badger has small short legs. Otherwise, Crispy Noodles would have been torn into pieces!

It was lucky that Ah Meng didn’t decide to go and chase Ah Meow, Ah Ow or Ali. It would have been dead by now.

Wild animals without reason were terrible creatures!

The Markelov brothers used the box to catch the two little guys. They struggled inside, banging in the box against each other.

Young Markelov scratched his head and said, “What happened? How did they suddenly become mad?”

Li Du did not know what had happened. His little pets were now safely locked up, except Ah Bai, who was left on the tree.

Ah Bai was not aggressive, just insistent on hiding. Li Du attempted to offer it all kinds of treats to lure it down, but it didn’t work and the baby condor came to grab some instead.

Li Du dragged Ah Fei away. Big Markelov made a trap under the tree. If Ah Bai came down to grab the food, it would be caught.

It was an easy thing for the brothers, who had grown up hunting with their grandfather and father and knew how to trap animals.

Big Markelov stayed behind to watch Ah Bai, while Li Du took the others back to the house. Everyone looked gloomy and were in a bad mood.