Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1452

Chapter 1452 What The Hell

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Godzilla grabbed fistfuls of his hair and growled in a muffled voice, “F**k! F**k! What’s going on?”

Young Markelov said, “Listen to me first. I am an expert in this.”

Several people fixed their eyes on him and he went on: “There’s no doubt, folks, that Ah Meow and the others are mad, or that their pent-up savagery has been unleashed. First, I’ll ask a question. Why are they usually so obedient? What had repressed their savageness before?”

Li Du knew the reason, but couldn’t say it.

It occurred to him that there might be a time limit in the transformation of the space-time bug performed on animals. However, that didn’t make sense. The little ones were not transformed at the same time, so the altering of their nature would not lose its effect on them all at once.

Alternatively, could there be something in the area that undid the space-time bug’s transformation? This didn’t make sense either, because Ah Fei appeared unaffected.

Ah Fei acted, as usual, friendly and clever, and seemed to know that what happened was bad. She placed her head on Li Du’s knee, blinking her black eyes and staring quietly at him.

“Boss? Did you hear me?” Young Markelov ventured to ask.

Li Du knew he had to answer, so he improvised wildly. “Well, my family used to tame animals for the royal family… a tradition, you see. My ancestors have traditionally used some drugs for initial animal-training, just until they would learn the method.”

“So do those drugs have the same effect on mammals and birds? Could there be a situation where this influence goes wrong?”

Young Markelov was shrewd enough to see the difference between Ah Fei and the other little ones.

Li Du frowned and shook his head slowly. “There should be no difference, but this knowledge had been lost a long time ago. I don’t know the details either.”

“Well,” said Young Markelov, “Let’s put aside the question of domestication, and say that the first thing that makes animals mad is rabies, but that’s hardly possible and could be ignored. Rabies doesn’t come on without warning, and it couldn’t have affected them all at the same time.”

“Another possibility is that they might get some kind of stimulus, like a female wolf watching her pups get killed or eaten, and then they go crazy.”

Godzilla shook his head. “This makes even less sense. What kind of stimulation could awaken their wildness at the same time?”

“I didn’t say it was a simple visible trigger. What if it was a chemical stimulus?”

“Like vertigo!” Firecracker chimed in.

They had suffered from hallucinogens in Severnaya Zemlya, and if Brother Wolf had not thought of it in time, they would have been lost.

Young Markelov nodded. “Yes, there are many poisonous plants in the wild, and some of them cause animals to hallucinate and go crazy!”

“But the purity of toxic substances in their natural state is not high. They have to eat plenty to become like this. When did the little ones eat the same things?” asked Lu Guan.

“What if someone put it there?” Young Markelov sneered. “Didn’t they say there’s a ghost in this house? What if, instead of a ghost, someone was playing the devil?”

Li Du said, “It’s impossible. They don’t eat food from strangers.”

Young Markelov thought about it. Yes, in fact, the little ones, though greedy, would only eat what Li Du and Sophie gave them because they trusted only them.


There was a crack in the backyard, and then the white monkey squeaked. Looked like Big Markov got it.

Sure enough, soon Big Markelov brought in a bag with the desperately struggling little white monkey.

After a discussion, the most likely reason they could think of for the animals’ sudden wildness was the toxic substance they supposedly ate.

Godzilla took them out to the yard to look for any signs of it, and the Markelov brothers poured water down some of the little ones’ throats to make them vomit.

Looking at her companions spluttering and spitting out cold water, Ah Fei kept her wings tight and stayed obediently.

If she were not obedient, she would suffer too. Ah Fei’s simple and clever brain made this matter clear.

The irrigation effect was not good. The little ones did vomit miserably, but they still spread their teeth and claws fiercely. Ah Ow and Ali, who gradually woke up from being stunned, struggled the most.

Firecracker found that they were not as aggressive as in the beginning. Ah Bai has recovered some of its spirits. It no longer attacked the water pipe when it saw it, but only waved its hands.

Therefore, he exulted and said, “Irrigation works. They must have eaten something.”

Li Du waved, “Then continue to pour!”

Some of the little ones looked desperate. They were tied up, a pipe was stuffed in their throats, they had to spit water for a while, and soon they could only spit and then continue to drink…

After having a tough night everyone was tired, and the little ones suffered the most but could not recover fully.

What could be done about it? They just kept pouring!

Lu Guan could not take it anymore and said, “Boss, let’s find a veterinarian to look at them. If they swallowed poison, the appropriate medication will be more effective.”

Li Du nodded, and the group drove down the mountain to find a pet hospital to diagnose the animals.

Pet hospitals usually picked up cats, dogs, birds, and so on. Occasionally they would see snakes, lizards, spiders, turtles, and other unusual pets. They had no idea how to treat a group consisting of a Mexican wolf, a kangaroo, a honey badger, and a white monkey, among others.

The most experienced veterinarian came out and asked, “What’s wrong with these animals?”

“They became wild and aggressive all of a sudden,” said Li Du.

The doctor calmly said, “What did you expect? You have a herd of wild animals, and it’s natural for them to be untamed and aggressive.”

Li Du was trying to come up with an appropriate response when someone recognized their identity. “Aren’t these Ah Meow, Ah Ow, Ali and the others? These are the six unruly gentlemen.”

Sophie was the one who gave them the name of ‘the six unruly gentlemen’, and recently she prepared to change it to ‘seven unruly gentlemen’, including Ah Fei.

In the social media world, the six unruly gentlemen were superstars, more popular than any combination of entertainment.

Needless to say, the doctor knew what the problem was. Ah Meow and the others were the miracles of the pet world. The agility and intelligence they showed were unbelievable and everyone knew it.

Therefore, the pet hospital rushed to work, record and get blood tests done, with no satisfactory results

When Li Du saw that more and more people were coming to pay attention to the little ones, he made a quick decision to leave, taking some tranquilizers with him.