Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1454

Chapter 1454 Police Arrived

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Under the direction of Li Du, Godzilla and Firecracker carefully dug under the marble slab and revealed the rubble of marble, granite and other stones below.

They also moved a few floor tiles next to this one, but beneath them, there was a layer of solidified cement.

Squatting down and looking at the stones, Firecracker turned on a flashlight and said, “Someone worked here recently. Last night, someone may have done something here.”

Young Markelov was furious. He rolled up his sleeves and said, “Damn, let’s beat them!”

Lu Guan was especially active and took out his saber quickly. “Dig open, let’s see what is happening below. We must teach these sons of a bitch a lesson! They must suffer!”

Li Du motioned for them to be calm and crouched down to observe the stones.

After a while, he said, “Call the police. Let them handle this.”

Young Markelov was stunned. “Do we need to call the police for this? We don’t know what’s going on down there.”

Li Du shook his head. “This house has too many weird things happening in it. Let the police come over. If we dig here, we might find there is a secret room below. There might be a dead body or worse. It would be difficult for us to settle this without the police.”

Lu Guan, who was high-spirited just now, was starting to get scared. “Boss, do you think there are corpses underneath? Would there be a ghost too?”

Li Du ignored him and said, “Let the police come over. We pay so many taxes, so it only makes sense that the police should earn their keep.”

Bel Air had many wealthy neighborhoods, and its police service ranked among the best in the Los Angeles area.

The police treated them extra seriously when Li Du called because they were in the famous haunted house. When the officer on duty heard that they were in trouble, he thought that someone was dead.

Soon, four or five police cars drove up, roaring loudly.

At the sound of the sirens, the next-door neighbors were so frightened that they crawled out of the cave and sealed off the passage to their room.

Just in time, Li Du received the police, invited them into the house and then pointed to the channel they had uncovered.

Traces of the passage were visible as the rocks above were moved away.

The officers looked at each other, and the one who was leading the group said, “There are a lot of pits in the mountain. This space may have been reserved for a basement or storage room when the house was built, so there is no need to panic.”

Li Du insisted, “It is necessary to investigate. My pets keep getting restless around this spot. They wouldn’t do it for no reason. There must be something down there.”

His animals were famous. Some police officers recognized them and said to the leading policeman, “Chief, these are the six unruly gentlemen. They are cool.”

The leader policeman was confused. “What six gentlemen?”

“Six great, amazing animals. I’m a fan of them,” another police officer chuckled and described Ah Meow’s amazing acts.

Li Du had no patience to wait any longer. He nodded to the Markelov brothers and said, “Dig it. The police are here now. We need not worry about anything.”

The Markelov brothers, registered by the Ukrainian foreign ministry as fugitives, were nervous when they confronted the police.

However, since Li Du gave them an order, they rolled up their sleeves and moved up a few rocks.

Li Du’s previous detection was wrong. Not all the stones filling the passage were real rock. Only the upper ones were genuine, while the others were hard plastic that looked like stone. They were used to support the upper ones.

As the stones were moved away, the passage appeared.

If the drug-dealers had stayed in the cave, they could have heard the sound of the excavation.

However, they did not return to the house. They have had experience dealing with police. A few years ago, because of the ghost house rumors, the police had a lot of contact with them, so they quickly got back to the house to take showers and change their clothes in order to eliminate all evidence of their illicit activity.

Down the passage, a policeman stepped carefully down, holding a flashlight.

“Breathe carefully and come up if the air below is not good.” The police officer leading the team gave Li Du a side look. He did not want to send someone into the passage at all.

Li Du did not respond, knowing that in a few minutes everything would change.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the policeman came back, looking nervous and excited.

“Is it stifling down there?” Asked the leading police officer with concern.

The other officer shook his head and said, “Chief, this is a drug factory! There is a drug factory below! I swear!”

The leading policeman was stunned. “What did you say? Have you lost your mind?”

The policeman continued to shake his head and said in a hurried tone, “No, chief. Take a look yourself if you don’t believe me, this is a drug factory!”

Li Du pretended to be surprised. “A drug factory? Right below my house?”

None of the policemen took any notice of him as they went down. A dozen of them formed a long line into the cave, and then they came back.

The leader waved, and several policemen beckoned to Li Du and the others and said, “Sir, please cooperate with our work. An important case has been discovered here, so you need to leave the area to wait for instructions!”

Another officer was on the phone, “Front desk, front desk, this is the Bel Air police foreign affairs unit. We need special weapons and tactical unit support!”

Some of the instruments were still working, so the police knew at once that the traffickers were not far away and were probably hiding.

The cave tunnel only led to two houses. Li Du, who had called the police, could be considered beyond suspicion, which only left the villa next to them.

To be on the safe side, the police sealed off the surrounding roads up and down the mountain and decided to search the surrounding houses one by one.

Special weapons and tactics teams arrived to back them up. This was the Los Angeles swat team, the most powerful force in the area with the most advanced technology and tactics.

Unlike the community police, who only carried handguns, members of the special weapons and tactics unit were armed with MP-5 submachine guns, M4 series tactical rifles, and sniper rifles, and wore masks and body armor. In a few moments, they surrounded the villa next to the haunted house.

Li Du watched an American combat police unit at work up close.

The police did not knock on the door to investigate, and there was no nonsense like telling the people inside the house that they were surrounded. The special police officers divided into two teams that backed each other up, kicked open the door, and rushed in!