Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1464

Chapter 1464 Help

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This time, Tina was clad in a white suit and white high-heeled shoes, and her hair was clipped up with a hairpin. Her pretty face was accentuated with light makeup. She had a gorgeous office lady look.

In addition, her aura was different. Now, she walked fast and steady, her expression was calm, and she carried herself with the air of a leader.

She was sandwiched between two sharp men who were also wearing suits. The two men seemed to be discussing something intensely. Tina’s brows furrowed slightly now and then. It looked like she was commanding the conversation.

As she looked like she was busy with work, Li Du hesitated and decided not to approach her. Instead, he only stayed by the side, watching her.

Women were typically conscious of men’s stares. Li Du had only been watching for a short while when Tina suddenly turned around and looked towards him. Then, she lost her smile and said, “Li?”

Li Du shrugged his shoulders, “Hi, Tina. Who else would it be?”

Tina told the two men beside her, “Your plans for the promotion are not bold enough. That’s too conservative and does not meet the requirements of the group. Go back and re-think it, and we will talk again tomorrow.”

Having said that, she walked towards Li Du and smiled. “Didn’t think that I’d bump into the number two person at Harry Winston Inc here. What’s up? Are you here to spy on the competition?”

Li Du shook his head and said, “I’m not the number two at Harry Winston Inc. I only have some shares, and I never ever interfered with the operations in the company. I’m not here to spy on the competition. Actually, I don’t really care about the work in that company.”

Tina giggled and said, “So you’re here just for me? Does Sophie know about that?”

Li Du continued to shake his head. “I’m not here for you. Sophie doesn’t know that I’m here either.”

Having been corrected by Li Du repeatedly, Tina was not irritated. She laughed and said, “Then I will stop getting ahead of myself. Tell me, what are you here for?”

Li Du said, “I’m here to get something.”

He brought out the key for Tina to look at. “I got someone to deposit something here with you guys. However, I cannot contact him anymore and I did not keep the original receipt. Hence, I am stuck.”

Tina took the key and examined it. She asked, “What about the deposit invoice? Don’t tell me you lost it. That is very important. I suppose that when you got that person to help you, the service staff must have emphasized this point. He didn’t bring up that point with you?”

Li Du could only shake his head again.

Tina frowned and looked at him. She said, “No? If that is the case, it’s because he doesn’t want you to get the items kept in the safe. You’re not telling me the truth!”

Li Du did not know how Tina deduced that he had lied. However, he felt embarrassed at that moment. The atmosphere was simply awkward.

Tina shook the key with two fingers and said, “You didn’t tell me the whole truth, right?”

Li Du felt that it was pointless to continue lying. There had been many chance encounters between Tina and him, and both of them had found it peculiar. Although they did not treat each other as romantic partners, some special connection definitely existed between them.

With that thought, Li Du shrugged his shoulders. “You’re really smart. Actually, the thing inside the safe is not mine. It belongs to the key’s original owner. When he passed away, the key just happened to fall into my hands. Hence, I wanted to take out the things kept in there.”

Tina tilted her head and said to him, “Do you know what’s inside?”

Li Du said, “Yes, it’s a crown and some other accessories.”

“It sounds like you guys were close. In that case, don’t you know the number on the deposit invoice? If you know the number, I can help you.”

That was something Li Du knew. He was instantly elated and asked, “Does that comply with your regulations?”

Tina shook her head as Li Du had done before. She pursed her lips and smiled. “Not exactly, but that doesn’t go against the rules either. So, I think I can help you with that. At most, I’d take the responsibility when the owner turns up.”

Hearing such loyal words from Tina, Li Du got embarrassed. He laughed sourly. “The owner will never turn up. He’s passed away. That’s how the key has fallen into my hands.”

Tina smiled again. “Then what’s there for us to worry about? Follow me, and remember the information about the owner and the number on the deposit invoice. You’ll need those later.”

Tiffany’s securities section was on the basement level, which was mainly for storing the jewelry of their company. There were not many external businesses done there. Most people would choose to go to banks if they wanted to keep things safe.

Tina brought Li Du to the security section. Two guards stopped them. Tina showed them her pass. After the two men scanned the pass on the machine, the door opened to let them in. Then, rows of safes appeared before them.

A uniformed staff member came forward to welcome the two of them. The staff asked, “Ah, Miss Tina, hello. Hello, sir. May I ask how I can be of assistance to you?”

Tina pointed at Li Du and said, “This gentleman is here to retrieve something. However, he has lost the deposit invoice. He will be retrieving the items by using the information of the depositor and the number on the invoice.”

Nodding, the staff sat before a computer and started to verify the information with Li Du. Li Du engaged Time Travelling again on the key. Then, he paused on the scene where the owner brought the key and filled out the information.

When the verification was cleared, the staff member brought Li Du before a safe labeled F 118. The clerk gestured for him to open it up.

Li Du inserted the key and turned it two and a half rounds. With a click, the door of the safe opened.

The beautiful crown and set of jewelry appeared. The jewels were yet to be finished entirely, they were only prototypes.

Li Du showed them to Tina and said, “What do you think?”

Tina asked, “Is this tiara prepared for Sophie?”

Li Du said, “That’s right, but don’t tell her. I want to surprise her in the future.”

Tina laughed lightly. “Don’t want to spoil the surprise, huh? This tiara is inlaid with crystals, which are not very valuable, but its main body should be made of platinum.”

The administrator staff stared at the items and said thoughtfully, “I have some recollection. This is the work of Mr. Kayfrece. He once showed it to the company. He had hoped to impress the company and become a contract designer. However, he did not have much success, so he kept the jewels here.”

Hearing that, Tina frowned and said, “Why was he unsuccessful? This tiara and jewelry look very beautiful.”

The clerk shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. As you know, I’m just in the security service. It was just something that I overheard.”

Tina’s face darkened and she frowned. “A real talent was missed out on. The company is in chaos!”

The administration staff stayed silent, and Li Du looked at Tina questioningly. What kind of assistant was she? Assistant to the president? The administrator looked very much in awe of Tina.

Once he got what he wanted, Tina said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you up. Do you want to have a cup of coffee in my office?”

Li Du smiled, “If that’s okay. I had actually wanted to invite you out for a cup of coffee. After all, you’ve been such a great help.”