Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1466

Chapter 1466 Snake Venom

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Brother Wolf had no gun, but Li Du did. He could take the opportunity to open the backpack and pull it out.

The problem was that he was not such a good shot. If he had the guts to pull it out, Tina would be the first to die.

He opened the bag, slowly revealed its contents and said, “Look, Sir, you want jewelry. I have the most valuable piece of jewelry in the store. See this queen’s crown? You can look at it, go ahead…”

Li Du put down his bag and raised his hands to look like an honest man.

For those who were not experts, this crown was full of allure. It was very beautiful and looked like it was worth a lot of money.

The man’s breathing quickened as he stared at the crown and said, “God! What the hell is this?”

Li Du said, “Here you are. Diamond-studded crown, which I ordered for 25 million dollars. Look at the topmost stone. It weighs twenty carats. You know its value, don’t you?”

Then he took another diamond out of his bag and handed it to the man, saying, “Here are the rest of the diamonds. You can look at its texture. You’ll believe me if you do.”

The man aimed a gun at him and shouted, “Back off! Put the diamond on the ground!”

Li Du crouched down and released the diamond, which was as large as the pad of his thumb.

The man with the gun told Tina, “B*tch, you pick it up.”

Brother Wolf shook his head to Li Du, meaning this man was very careful, difficult to deal with.

Li Du silently nodded, indicating that he understood.

The man held the diamond up to the light, and the stone shone brilliantly, clear and bright.

There was no doubt that it was a real diamond.

Tearing his gaze away from the diamond, the man looked at Li Du again. Then he gave him a funny smile and pointed the gun at him. “Good, man. I like your honesty. So far, you have managed to keep this b*tch alive. Put on the crown and come here!”

Li Du asked blankly. “Why do I need to go there? I’ll give you the crown. Will you let the girl go?”

The man laughed. “Son of a bitch, do you think I’m stupid? F**k! I’ll set this bitch free. Then, without a hostage, the cops will kill me. You come here with the crown! Come here!”

Li Du panicked and said, “Oh, God, you want to use me as a hostage?”

The man waved and said, “Get over here. You can afford to pay 25 million for this trinket. Very good, a billionaire as a hostage should be more reliable!”

Sirens sounded and several police cars arrived at a gallop.

Hearing this, the man roared impatiently, “Hurry up, hurry up and come over!”

Li Du walked over to him in dismay. The man put a gun to his jaw, then pushed Tina away and said in disgust, “Bitch, go to hell!”

As he said this, he threatened to point the gun at Tina.

Seeing this Li Du, was surprised. This bastard actually wanted to kill Tina!

He quickly used his time-slowing ability, ready to seize the man’s wrist and intercept the gun in his hand.

At the same time, he had a thought. He shouted, “It’s not a real girl, it’s a man! He is transsexual, he had the operation in the royal hospital in Thailand!”

His words left the man stunned for a moment. He was about to point the gun back at Tina but continued aiming at Li Du. “What did you say?”

Li Du swallowed and said, “You misunderstand him, Sir. Do you think he is a woman? He is a man, but he wants to be a woman, so he had an operation in Thailand to have a facial treatment. You can see his skin, it’s still rough!”

Tina traveled across the United States and Southeast Asia. Her skin was rough from the sun and the weather.

The man hesitated and looked at Tina. “Is that so?”

Li Du laughed and said, “In fact, he is an unfortunate fellow. He is just like us, and he has been duped by men…”

While the man was focused on Tina, Li Du put one hand in his pocket, then pulled a bottle of snake venom from the Native American tribe out of the black hole space. He pulled the lid off with one hand and smeared some poison inside his palm.

Then he pretended to swoon, swung an arm around his abductor’s neck, and coughed, “Ugh, you squeeze too tight, I can’t breathe!”

The man was impatient and shouted, “Don’t move! Give me the crown, damn it, and let me have a good look at it!”

Li Du was a little worried. The crown was beautifully made, but it was inlaid with crystal.

The crystals might look like diamonds from afar, but the difference between the two was so striking that even a layman could recognize it.

He could only hope that the venom would work, and then, with trembling hands and nervous gestures, he spilled something from the bag.

The object that fell out was a bank card, a JP Morgan Chase Palladium card.

The man’s eyes lit up when he saw the card. Almost all Americans were aware of the power of the palladium card, which JP Morgan was willing to advertise to compete for prime customers.

Li Du figured that this jewelry lover must know about the JP Morgan Palladium card.

Sure enough, the palladium card attracted the man’s attention. He cursed, “Damn, you are so damn rich! How much money do you have on this card? Tell me!”

Li Du took this opportunity to play for time. He pretended to be sad and said, “I don’t know. This is my brother’s, not mine. I am here to pick up the crown for him. Would you mind not taking this card? You can’t use it, can you? You can take the crown, but not the card, or my brother will kill me…”

Covertly, he had rubbed snake venom into the open wound. Snake venom could enter blood circulation quickly through the broken blood vessels. While Li Du was slowing down the time, the nerve reactions of the man began to manifest abnormal function.

What he didn’t realize at first was that when the venom started working, the nerves in his arm would first become paralyzed, and then the heart muscle would be affected, and the blood supply to his body would begin to slow down…

The man’s arms stiffened and he could not even hold himself. He stumbled, unable to resist the fatal poison.

When an opportunity presented itself, Li Du quickly seized it. He used his ability to slow down the time. He turned around and grabbed the wrist of the hand that holding the gun and twisted it back.

As this happened, Brother Wolf immediately dashed towards him, caught the man’s wrist and pushed him to the ground. The man was in pain, and his palm opened and the gun dropped from his grip!