Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1467

Chapter 1467 Arrival

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Brother Wolf kicked the gun away. Li Du quickly took out a syringe of anti-venom serum from the bag and poked the needle into the man’s veins, and injected him with a large dose.


The venom was so powerful that a few drops could kill a person.


Li Du knew he was taking an awful risk there. If he did not act quickly, this man would be a cold corpse in no time.


Of course, he was the one who wanted to rob them at gunpoint just now. As a victim, the law would not accuse Li Du even if he killed this man. He believed Tiffany’s would hire the most powerful lawyer group to protect them.


However, he was not a judge. He could not decide on a man’s life or death.


Li Du was not sure if the serum could even save him, as he had used a lot of snake venom. Now he could only surrender to destiny.


The police, peering through the doorway window, saw the robber subdued and rushed in.


When they saw Li Du injecting the prisoner with a needle, they became nervous and pointed a gun at him, shouting, “What are you doing? Put down the needle and stand up!”


Li Du looked at them coldly. “If I put down the needle, he will die. This is an anti-venom serum. His wound was contaminated with snake venom just now.”


A police officer was surprised. “How did that happen?”


Li Du held up his hand, and a few drops of snake venom trickled down.


The police officer gasped, “God! How can your palms exude snake venom?”


Hearing this, Li Du almost laughed out loud. Was it a police officer or a comedian? His imagination was amazing!


He took out the bottle of snake venom from his trouser pocket and said, “I am a dealer of snake products. I just rubbed the snake venom on my hands.”


That policeman was relieved. “Oh, okay. I thought I encountered someone with special abilities.”


The officer at the back couldn’t help himself. He went up to his colleague, punched him and whispered, “Damn, are you stupid.”


The snake venom serum was not acting so quickly. The venom was still in full swing. The man’s face turned green and his body started to twitch.


The officers gathered up their guns and carefully lifted him into a police car, which roared to the hospital.


Li Du and Tina were also taken in a police car to be investigated as victims.


In the car, Tina handed him a wet towel. Li Du smiled, “Thank you. Or actually, you are the one who should thank me.”


Tina said quietly, “When I was traveling in your country, I learned something about your culture. Your courage saved my life. I have no other way to repay it but to marry you, right?”


Li Du said, “No, no, you have several ways to repay me, such as giving me some Tiffany’s shares, or maybe real diamonds to replace the crystals on the crown.”


Tina looked at him with a frown.


Li Du smiled and said, “Just kidding, it’s nothing. We are good friends and should help each other.”


Tina gave him a deep look, then turned her head to look out of the window and said, “This is not just any kind of help.”


Li Du said, “It was a piece of cake for me. If you could save my life with a simple gesture, wouldn’t you help me?”


Tina said, “I would, and I wouldn’t expect anything in return.”


Li Du laughed and said, “You see? The madman wanted to shoot you. I have to stop him from doing so.”


Tina smiled and stopped talking.


There was no fault on their side. Many people could testify that the two were the victims, that Li Du fought back in self-defense to subdue the attacker.


After an emergency rescue in the hospital, the man did not die, but the snake venom did some nerve damage.


As long as the person was not dead, Li Du’s side would have lesser consequences. After all, he was legitimately self-defending himself.


The truth of the case soon came to light. The man, named David Grad, was a manager of a foreign trade company, belonging to the middle class.


Two months ago, he met an understanding beautiful girl and fell into the beauty’s gentle trap.


Seduced by the beautiful woman, he quickly spent his money on her to meet her demand for luxuries. He sold his house too.


There was no doubt that the woman was just after his money. After finding out that David has become broke, she swept up the jewelry and drove away in the luxury car he had bought for her.


David Grad had nothing left anymore and decided to go to Tiffany’s and ask for a refund since he could not accept the fact he was cheated by the fraudster who bought the jewelry from them.


However, it was just his side of the story. It must have been more complicated than that. How could anyone who wanted to negotiate come in with a revolver and take hostages?


David Grad was a pitiful man, but nevertheless, he had to be punished by the law, which was not Li Du’s concern.


To his surprise, after he saved Tina, she did not come to thank him or even contact him.


Therefore, Li Du did not take the initiative to contact Tina. Hans, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, came to Los Angeles along with his girlfriend Barbara, so Li Du was busy entertaining the two.


Hans was a very different man now. Before, he was always well-dressed, clean-shaven and smelling of expensive perfume to attract the ladies.


Now the lower part of his face was covered with stubble and he was dressed in simple casual clothes. He has become a wild cowboy.


Seeing him, Li Du made a shocked expression and said, “Who are you? Why are you doing with my best friend’s lady?”


Laughing, Hans came up and gave him a punch. Then he handed him a box and said, “Here’s a present for you from us!”


Li Du opened the box and found a black pepper beef pizza inside.


Lu Guan, who was by the side, gave Hans a warm hug and asked, “Why did you bring this? Worried about starving in Los Angeles?”


Li Du laughed, picked up a piece of pizza and put it in his mouth. “Three quarters, I have to eat three quarters!”


Hans said, “You can eat it all this time.”


When he first partnered up with Hans, they ate pizza together. At that time, both of them were broke, so they put in a few dollars to buy a pizza, and Li Du ate most of it.


Barbara did not travel often, and Li Du expected her to feel awe and wonder at the splendor around her, but she did not seem too impressed when she entered the manor.


She said, “Your ranch is too small ”