Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1469

Chapter 1469 Cooperating Again

Chapter 1469: Cooperating Again
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As soon as the price was quoted, Dickens and the others felt helpless.

Li Du gave them a reserve price of 280,000 dollars, which was now exceeded. What could they do?

When the auction was over, Logan took the house and paid $300,000 for it.

Li Du looked at Logan, who happened to be looking at him too. As their eyes met, Logan mimicked shooting him and smiled.

Logan’s ability could be seen from this auction. He directly offered 300,000 dollars, which was the market price under normal circumstances. Taking the house with this price meant there would be little to no profit space.

However, he took the house from Li Du, and Li Du and the others would have no chance to profit.

Hans, for whom it was the first time in such auction, touched his chin and said, “Hey, brother, there’s something between you two.”

Li Du said, “I sent his brother to prison, and I guess he will stay in there his whole life.”

“You still do things in such a hard way,” Hans said.

The fourth house was a detached property too, and Li Du was interested. This time he valued the house at 350,000 dollars. Ollie bid 300,000 dollars and no one else spoke up. He was excited and was prepared to take the house, when Logan called out, “340,000!”

The veins on Ollie’s forehead twitched and he slapped his thigh. “Damn, the old jumper is on us. He must have something against us!”

Li Du stopped him from bidding impulsively.

Since Logan was willing to take the house at that price, he was prepared to let him take it. He was not making money anyway, just trying to get revenge.

As long as Li Du and his treasure hunters did not bid, Logan would not either. Realizing at this, Hans touched his chin with a thoughtful expression and left the room.

After two rounds of auction, Hans was back again, but his image had changed. He was clean-shaven, he put on a different T-shirt, and he wore sunglasses and a hat that would make it hard to recognize him for those who did not know him well.

Another house that Li Du was interested in was put up for auction. This was a small villa with a market price of 800,000$, and its location was very good, close to the famous Los Angeles middle school Saint Elsen.

Li Du himself joined the bidding. The house’s starting price was 450,000 dollars, and he offered 500,000 at once.

Logan wanted to make an offer, but someone else, who shouted “600,000”, outbid him!

Logan glanced at the bidder, who seemed unfamiliar and appeared to be an independent property buyer. He gave up the idea of making another offer and waited.

Li Du followed the quotation, “610,000!”

Someone else shouted, “620,000!”

The stranger raised the price again. “650,000!”

Li Du shook his head and gave up on bidding. Others gave up too, and the auctioneer announced, “Okay, 650,000, the villa goes to this gentleman!”

Logan stared at the stranger’s face for a moment, then turned to look at Li Du. The stranger was talking softly to the people beside him, and Li Du was looking down at his phone.

He didn’t know the stranger, but he knew the people around him. They were independent buyers, not real estate hunters, and he had spoken to them when they arrived in the morning.

Therefore, he was relieved that the stranger was an independent homebuyer. He must have come on purpose for the cottage.

However, at the next auction, the stranger bid again, offering a higher price each time and taking down a total of four houses.

Logan finally realized something was fishy, and in the final auction round of a large villa, although Li Du did not participate in the bidding, Logan bought the property.

The stranger followed Logan’s bid until he offered 1.7 million dollars, which was the market price. The stranger shook his head and gave up. He took off his sunglasses and walked over to Li Du.

“Big Fox, you’re amazing! You got a lot more than we did at the first auction,” Ollie laughed and gave a thumbs-up.

How could Logan have missed what just happened?

He now walked to Li Du’s side and said, smiling, “Great move, Li. No wonder people call you a cunning Chinese.”

Li Du said, “Who called me that? I’m flattered. I didn’t know I had such a nickname.”

Logan poked his finger at Li Du’s chest and said, smirking, “You got lucky this time. You took a few houses. Next time, believe me, I will not be so naive.”

He paid too much attention to Li Du that day and didn’t put himself on guard against any strangers, which helped Li Du gain a little. This wouldn’t fly next time.

With four houses, Li Du and the others left, and Logan remained where he was, looking after them with a malicious and venomous expression.

One man cautiously said, “Wolf King, you can’t make money by taking down houses at such a price. You won’t be able to teach the China man a lesson.”

Logan turned around and smiled. His face changed. It was much friendlier. He said, smiling, “You have any better ideas?”

The man shook his head and said in a depressed voice, “I have no ideas. This guy is too cunning.”

Logan said, “I will exhaust him. I may not make any money, but I won’t lose much. And then there would be a long game during which they don’t get anything for a long time. This Li guy will give up and move on to other things.”

After a pause, he looked earnestly at the other real estate buyers and said, “But I can’t do this alone. It requires the collective strength of us, the Los Angeles crowd. We must unite to deal with these intruders until they get out of Los Angeles!”

Abel, who had learned a lesson from Li Du, said with concern, “But isn’t it too risky for us to buy houses at regular market value? If something goes wrong with the house, we lose.”

He had snatched a house from Li Du, which turned out to be infested with termites. Later, he and his partner searched the house and found that the floor, walls and wooden furniture left behind were all riddled with the nasty pests. They have lost a lot of money to dispose of the house.

Logan smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry about that. I have a way to make sure we don’t take risks, but I can’t tell you how. I hope you all will believe me. If you are willing to trust me, there will not be any loss.”

Hearing this, one of the real estate hunters responded excitedly, “No problem, Wolf King, we will listen to you. We must drive these country bumpkins back, right?”

In the current atmosphere, even if some of the men did not want to be involved in the conflict, they could not raise any opposition, so the anti-Li alliance was formed unanimously.