Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1472

Chapter 1472 Being Attacked


Los Angeles, after all, was the largest metropolitan area in the United States, with more than 13 million residents in the metropolitan area alone and nearly 20 million in the greater Los Angeles area.

With such a population, a high number of houses was inevitable. There were millions of houses scattered in the area. Just in the metropolitan area, there were several real estate auctions every day.

This business was much bigger than that of warehouse auctions. There was always more real estate than warehouses around.

Although the number of warehouses to be auctioned was larger than the number of houses due to the mobility of the population, the auction frequency of real estate was higher. After all, the value of real estate was high, and the number of houses could not be accumulated over time. At most, 20 or 30 houses would be auctioned at a time.

The auction was followed by another in the metro area on Monday of the second week of September, when more than two dozen more houses were put up for bidding.

Li Du was not daunted by the previous two auctions, and he took the treasure hunters to the auction again.

There were more houses up for sale. Meanwhile, more people in the business, and at Logan’s urging, the local real estate dealers of Los Angeles, formed a massive alliance against Li Du and his men.

Logan with a group of select dealers was there just to follow Li Du’s bids. Li Du participated in the auction and met Logan again.

They failed again in this auction, and Li Du got nothing. Fortunately, he urged the treasure hunters not to fight with the real estate dealers just for the sake of winning, so they would not fall into a trap and bid at a loss again.

Of course, even a person with a good temper will get angry. The real estate dealers attacked them with sarcastic words, and the treasure hunters were hot-tempered men. When they were thus insulted, some of them could not help trying to compete in the bidding.

This was the trap. After they made their offer, the tenant would usually stop bidding, and eventually, the houses would fall into the hands of treasure hunters. Most often, these houses were garbage with no transaction value.

As he led a group of dejected treasure hunters out of the auction hall, Li Du bumped into Logan, who smiled and said, “It seems I was wrong to look down on you, man. It appears like you have some guts.”

Li Du said without caring, “It doesn’t matter, we have nothing to lose. We are here to open our horizons and gains some experience.”

Logan said, giving him the thumbs up, “You have a great attitude. I like you, Chinese man, but you are too much of a jerk. I hope you come to real estate auctions more often. I expect your mind will be a lot more open in a few years.”

Li Du looked at him and said, “Well, I don’t just make money on real estate. If you know a little about me, I live in a manor that cost ten million, and I don’t care very much about this small profit or loss. I have many ways to make money.”

Logan scanned the treasure hunters around him with an odd smile. “Of course I know that. You’re rich. But what about your men? Not only do they lose money, they don’t make any. I want to see what you can do.”

With these words, he left with his men trailing behind him.

Tulis said angrily, “I wish I could smash his teeth in. Listen to that bastard. He thinks he’s God.”

Ollie said helplessly, “He has a point, though. Li, how are we going to make money in the future?”

Li Du said, “Don’t worry, I have other ways of making money, and so do you. Is it because we have attended too many real estate auctions that you have forgotten our old carrier?”

“You mean warehouse auctions?”

Li Du nodded. “Go back and rest, there will soon be an auction event in California. I will tell you which warehouse is valuable. These days I have been studying this auction, and I’m telling you this time we have a lot to do!”

His determined tone and confident expression set the treasure hunters at ease, and before they got on the subway, Tulis asked, “Big Li, is there anything else we can do before the warehouse auction?”

“Of course, rest and regain your energy,” Li Du smiled and stepped onto the subway.

Two stations later, he walked out of the subway station, and just as he came to the ground, several African American teenagers who had been leaning on railings smoking cigarettes came up to him.

Li Du met the teenagers at the entrance of the subway. He already knew that they were the youngsters’ gang of Los Angeles. They were very tough and loved to cause trouble even more than normal gangsters.

Li Du did not care about them. Whatever happened to these people, it had nothing to do with him. These teenagers would surely spend their lives in prison, and their fate was written.

However, this time it was different. As the boys passed by, someone waved, took something out of the bag and threw it at him, Hans, and Brother Wolf.

A cloud of white dust suddenly appeared. Li Du and Hans were talking and laughing, and they did not expect such a thing to happen. Because it was too sudden, Li Du did not have time to use the little bug to slow down time, so he did not manage to avoid the dust.

However, Brother Wolf kept alert from beginning to end. When the dust fell, he went and pushed Li Du away.

Li Du stumbled forward and rushed a few steps away from the dust area, but Brother Wolf and Hans were still inside.

As the dust appeared, the African American teenagers pulled out their daggers, electric batons, and baseball bats and dove into the dust.

They were familiar with the situation. They were quick and fierce, charging into the dust and brandishing their weapons.

Acting together, they rushed into the dust cloud. Li Du managed to escape from their attack. However, Brother Wolf and Hans became the targets.

Brother Wolf was ready and kept his wits about him. His vision was destroyed by the dust, but he quickly prepared. A baseball bat hit his back.

When Li Du saw the situation was not good, he quickly rushed back.

At that time a scream came out from the dust. “F**k you!”

The scream came from Hans. Li Du was worried, so he slowly took out the Taser from his black hole, and snapped three shots at the three teenagers.

Although the dust affected his vision, the distance was close, and he could distinguish the figure of the three teens. He did not miss, and the three youths fell to the ground.

There were four to five teenagers left in the dust. Hans fell to the ground and they whipped him with baseball bats and iron bars. Li Du kicked whomever he could reach and two teenagers fell to the ground. The others quickly fled away when they saw their partners fall.

The dust was pungent and caused his eyes to water. Li Du felt hot pain in his eyes because he did not protect himself.

He did not care to follow the boys, but took Hans, who was on the ground, and ran out!