Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1473

Chapter 1473 Emergency Rescue

Chapter 1473: Emergency Rescue
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The seriousness of the situation was beyond Li Du’s expectations.

The dust spread was possibly lime powder. Li Du’s eyes felt burning pain. Brother Wolf’s situation was not good either. When he tried to open his eyes, Li Du saw they were red, a sign of serious irritation.

Hans had it the worst. He was lying on the ground clutching his stomach, blood pouring between his fingers and quickly staining his white T-shirt.

Li Du panicked. He tried to help Hans up and cried, “Call the ambulance! Help! Help!”

The people on the roadside were cold-hearted and stepped aside when they saw the situation. Li Du knew he could not rely on them when he saw this, so he tried to calm down and call 911.

Brother Wolf slowly came over. With admirable calm, he said, “Boss, how’re your eyes?”

“I’m OK. Hans is in trouble! Damn it, he was stabbed, I don’t know how serious it is!”

Hans groaned, “Not likely to die, f**k it! My lower abdomen is injured, but I hope the viscera is not! Oh, f**k! Damn it! It’s painful!”

Brother Wolf squatted down, tore his clothes and stopped the blood flow from his wound. “Press down, Big Fox, we must stop the blood flow!”

The offenders Li Du saw wanted to flee. When Li Du noticed this, he slowed down the time with all his might and chased them!

The onlookers were shocked and shouted, “God, his speed!”

Li Du did not know or care what his speed was exactly like. He rushed to jump up and kick down a teenager, while another teenager punched him. Aided by his ability to slow down the time, Li Du lifted his foot and kicked him in the crotch.

The young man groaned and crouched on the ground with his hands between his legs.

Li Du turned and stomped on another youth, which made him lose his ability to move.

The ambulance and the police car arrived almost at the same time. The doctor quickly got out of the car to check on the three men. “Wrap the wound, stop the blood, give him an oxygen mask. Quick, call emergency for a surgical rescue!”

At this, Li Du was frightened. He seized the doctor’s arm and cried out, “What is going to happen to my friend? How is he now?”

The doctor said, “Get in the car now. You need to take care of your eyes. We won’t know your friend’s condition until the operation is over.”

Li Du’s heart beat violently in his throat. He was more nervous than ever and trembled all over.

Just this morning, he and Hans were discussing their upcoming weddings. A few hours later, Hans was in the emergency room in a coma. This was fate playing on them!

The police took the five teenagers into a car and then drove them to the hospital. Three of them fainted due to the electric shock and two of them had serious injuries in their nether regions.

Police cars and ambulances blared their sirens.

After entering the hospital, Li Du and Brother Wolf went straight to the emergency room. The doctor first used cotton swabs to clean the lime powder from their eyes, then used a blower to clean them further, and did the final cleaning with a type of oil.

Originally, Li Du’s condition was the least serious, but he squeezed his eyes subconsciously to maintain his vision at that time, which caused additional damage. Meanwhile, although more lime got into Brother Wolf’s eyes, the damage was less severe.

At the end of the treatment, the doctor said it was better to put on a blindfold, but Li Du wanted to know what had happened to Hans, so he did not put it on. He and Brother Wolf looked at each other and their eyes were red like a rabbit’s.

“Damn, these damn nasty teens!” Li Du gritted his teeth and added, “Someone must have ordered them to do this. We must find out who it was and teach them a lesson!”

Brother Wolf said, “I have arranged Vampire and the others to investigate. There were a total of nine people, but four ran away. Vampire will find them for sure!”

Seeing the two men out of treatment, the police came to speak to them.

Li Du, full of anger and anxiety, turned away from the policeman and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Are you going to interview me now? My brother’s in there, being operated on! You want me to cooperate? How can I cooperate now?”

“My brother is going to be married, for God’s sake! Damn it, what’s wrong with the security in Los Angeles? What’s going on? I pay 100 million in taxes every year! What is the point of paying so much tax, where does the money go?”

The officers were about to get angry with him but quickly calmed down after hearing what he said.

A man who paid so much in taxes every year deserved to be treated with caution.

A young police officer said, “Sir, please calm down, we just want to know what is going on, not to make the situation difficult for you.”

Brother Wolf pulled Li Du aside and said, “Boss, calm point, let your

lawyer come first.”

Li Du mercilessly kicked the wall and was unfortunate again. He kicked too hard and the ceramic wall was too slippery, so he sprained his ankle…

The two policemen helped him up. It was only a slight sprain, and the doctor bandaged his ankle and said it would be back to normal in two or three days.

Li Du was frustrated. He was not having the best day.

The two policemen’s attitude was very good. He later cooperated and told what he knew, which wasn’t much. He only knew a bunch of teenagers attacked him without any reason once he came down from the subway.

“I don’t know their names. I don’t know who they are. I don’t know why they attacked us. These damn bastards tried to kill us,” growled Li Du.

One of the policemen said, “They are the Los Angeles Black Kids gang. They are all African immigrant kids or black kids from the slums. They come together to commit crimes, rob and abduct. They might have been trying to rob you.”

Li Du said, “If you know them, why don’t you catch them?”

The policeman said helplessly, “They are under 16 years old. They are not legally responsible. We have arrested them many times, but we could only lock them up for a few days and then their parents would come to take them away. This is the law.”

At this time, the intercom of police rang, and the anxious voice of their said, “The three crime suspects that we’ve shocked by stun gun escaped from the ward, please assist, now!”

Li Du was also anxious when he heard this and said to Brother Wolf and Firecracker, who had just come over, “Help the police to catch them. Remember, be quick and don’t hurt them too much. I have some things I want to ask them personally!”

They were in a huge hospital in Santa Monica, but the three teenagers could not escape because the Taser’s current was so powerful that although they were awake after the rescue, they would not be able to recover instantly from the numbness and pain caused by the voltage.

A few minutes later, Brother Wolf called and said, “Got one. We’re in the utility room on the sixth floor.”

This was Li Du’s intention in keeping them unhurt. He wanted to let the bodyguards catch the teenager and then ask them to investigate the matter.