Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1474

Chapter 1474 We Tried Our Best

Chapter 1474: We Tried Our Best
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Hans was still in the emergency, and Li Du did not dare to call Sophie and Barbara. The matter was very troublesome. He was afraid that they would panic once they heard what happened today.

He went up to the sixth floor with a dull face. Brother Wolf opened the utility room to let him in. Firecracker and Young Markelov were pressing the teenager to the ground.

Li Du went in and looked down at him. “Kid, what’s your name?”

The young man opened his mouth to spit on him, sneered and did not say a word.

Li Du, quick to react, easily avoided his projectile spit.

Seeing the young man’s wild pride, Li Du said with a smile, “You must feel very brave now, like a tough guy or a special forces agent who fell into the hands of the enemy. Spy movies and so on, right?”

The youth opened his mouth and said proudly, “Use whatever you have, I am not afraid, and I know you dare not hurt me because I am underage!”

“Not only you can’t hurt me, the police can’t hurt me either. I’m underage, the law protects me. The cops will take me for a few days at most, then they have to let me go. This is the reality, yellow monkey, you can’t do anything to me!”

Young Markelov’s violent temper immediately came up, and he clenched his fist, “boss, I’ll do it. Give me two minutes, and I’ll make him sing!”

Li Du stopped him with a laugh. He said, “What the kid said is quite right. He is underage. We can’t hurt him, or the law will give us trouble.”

The youth spat again and looked pleased.

“However,” Li Du changed his tone, “while he is underage, his parents and family are not. The police just said that every time they go into prison, the parents of these kids come to take them. Find their parents, put them out of work, burn their RV. We don’t need to hurry and finish it today, take your time


Hearing this, the youth was I stunned, and a panicked expression appeared on his face.

Li Du continued, “How old are you? I don’t know, but I’m sure you’re underage. I am a billionaire. I won’t deal with you myself, but I know there is somebody out there who won’t care about your age. They can make your life worse than death if I pay them!”

As he spoke, he took out a large wad of dollar bills and waved it in front of the boy. Then he took the lighter from Young Markelov’s hand, lit the bills and threw them under the boy’s feet.

The expression on the boy’s face grew more and more nervous as he looked at the burning bills.

All of this was quite unlike what they were told. Someone told them that the yellow man is soft and easy to bully and that they could pick on him with hardly any effort.

The boy looked at Li Du and gasped, “Hey, listen, I’m not afraid of you! It’s no use scaring me. I’ll never be afraid of you! I’m not even afraid of death…”

Li Du tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Tomorrow, at most, there will be a message from outside. I want your hands and feet. If anyone can get them for me, I’ll give him a million!”

He took out a diamond from his pocket and showed it to the boy. “Don’t doubt my words. I am really rich. And you should know, the rich can do anything in America.”

With these words, he pocketed the diamond, opened the door and went out.

The young man shouted, “It’s useless to frighten me! I’m not afraid! I’m not afraid of anything! We black kids have nothing to fear!”

Brother Wolf carried the youth and threw him out. Li Du said without turning around, “Hope your family is just fearless. If you happen to have a younger brother or sister, that’s very unfortunate. The United States would have a few more orphans again!”

The young boy shivered, whether out of fear or anger.

Looking at Li Du’s back as he walked further and further away, he finally couldn’t help running after him, shouting, “F**k it, we just follow orders!”

“Whose?” Li Du asked coldly.

The youth said, “Zebra Pippen! Zebra Pippen made us do it!”

“Who is Zebra Pippen?” asked Li Du.

The youth desperately shouted, “One of the men from Dripping Blood gang. He’s powerful in Santa Monica. We have to listen to him.”

Dripping Blood Gang!

Now Li Du knew what’s going on.

He turned to walk away, but the youth went after him, shouting, “I told you all I know, now you let me go, we did not know you were so rich!”

Rich tycoons were not to be provoked. Through years of exposure and countless first-hand experience, the youth understood this matter very well.

Young Markelov was amazed, and said to Li Du, “Boss, you are great! This boy has no guts, you managed to scare by just a few words.”

“I didn’t scare him,” said Li Du.

Young Markelov was surprised and wanted to speak, but Brother Wolf shook his head and stopped him from saying more.

Li Du limped back to the door of the operating room. The red light on the door had been on for a long time.

The more he waited, the more frightened he became. Hans had been stabbed. Was it that serious? How long has the operation taken?

What made him so afraid was that he has waited for more than two hours. The red light in the operating room was still on. His cell phone rang several times. It was Sophie and he did not dare to pick up, so he turned it off.

When he declined the call again, the red light finally turned green and a doctor stepped out.

Seeing this, he hurriedly stopped the doctor and asked nervously, “Doctor, how is my friend?”

The doctor looked at him helplessly and whispered, “I’m sorry, Sir. We’ve done our best.”

Hearing this, Li Du’s eyes darkened. He unconsciously grabbed the doctor’s robe and shouted, “No, no! How did this happen?! Why? Damn, why is this happening?”

Brother Wolf and the others were also shocked. They came up to help Li Du and were suddenly speechless.

Young Markelov sighed. “The black kids and the Dripping Blood Gang, they’re in trouble!”

Li Du lost his mind. His legs had never been so weak. An unknown feeling swept over his whole body, and everything seemed to swim before his eyes, leaving him with a feeling of standing in the fog.

The doctor was used to this kind of thing. He looked at Li Du with compassion, shook his head and left.

Then the operating room door opened and the nurse wheeled out a bed covered with a white cloth.

Li Du looked at this scene in despair. He staggered to the hospital bed, wanted to lift the white cloth with his trembling hands, but did not have the courage.

At that moment, someone burst into tears, then several people gathered around, and Li Du was pushed away.

A woman pulled back the white cloth and cried in despair, “I told him to take a nap before driving, I told him…”

Li Du was stunned. What the damn was happening? The white cloth was pulled aside and he looked down. There was a scarred face, barely visible, but it was certainly not Hans. It was a man in his fifties or sixties.