Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476 A Million Dollar Investment

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For the longest time, Akkalou appeared to be similar to regular treasure hunters. He followed the majority, attended some warehouse auctions, and made some money here and there by luck.

However, he had the suaveness and confidence that none of the treasure hunters possessed. The money that he made was all spent on enjoying life. He was never stingy when someone in need looked him up to borrow money.

In addition, there was his confidence. Other than that time at the Las Vegas casino, Li Du had never seen him feel worried about anything. Nobody knew his background well, but they could all guess that this playboy was not like everyone else.

After hearing Akkalou’s words, Li Du smiled. “I can fix this. It’s just that I’m thinking of a method to do that without any mishaps.”

Akkalou replied, “In that case, I suggest that you don’t try to do it yourself. You should look for an expert in that area to make some suggestions. Of course, I have some experience as well. If there’s a need, feel free to reach out.”

Li Du accepted that suggestion. He felt that what Akkalou had said made sense.

Li Du did not have many friends who dealt in the illegal world. There was only Remonin who would be able to offer advice in a situation like that. Previously, he had wanted to get Remonin to send someone to kill the murderer.

At this moment, Sophie walked over and waved her phone at Li Du. She said, “Luo Qun. She’s in Cuba and asks what’s up.”

Surprised, Li Du said, “How did she know about this so quickly? Is someone following us in Cuba?”

Sophie shrugged her shoulders and said, “Not sure, you talk to her yourself later. Someone else is calling now.”

In Siberia, Luo Qun had captured the murderer of her family. Since then, she was no longer bothered with anything and decided to wander around the world.

Since she was earning her keep as she traveled, she had not gone too far. At the moment, she was in Cuba.

Li Du knew her itinerary and the two of them would connect over the phone from time to time. He found his phone and returned Luo Qun’s call before dialing Remonin’s number.

When the call went through, Remonin’s hearty laughter rang out. “I was just about to give you a call these two days. There is something I want to tell you, but it has not been confirmed, so I haven’t contacted you until now…”

Li Du said, “That’s just as well. I have something to tell you too. Not long ago, I was almost killed. I’ve provoked a bunch of gangsters here…”

Li Du told his story and then asked, “I’m thinking of teaching them a lesson but I cannot be caught in connection to this. Do you have any ideas?”

Remonin asked, “How do you want to teach them a lesson? Kill them?”

Li Du shook his head. “That would be unnecessary, I believe. The existence of these people will eventually become a threat to my family and me. However, to make them go away, I would either have to send them to jail or kill them. I don’t feel justified in resorting to murder right now.”

Remonin started to laugh heartily again. “Such a simple matter, but it is causing you a headache. Let me give you an idea.”

“I’m listening.”

“Do you have any rich friends in America? Some of them must have some connections to gangsters. Contact them and get them to create some rumors saying that you have contacts in the mafia world and want to kill the gang members. Or start some other rumor. Regardless, make them scared.”

“Then, find an idiot that they believe. Give him some money and get him to contact those gangsters. Tell them that there’s a boat they can take to Africa to hide there until the danger passes.”

“First, send them to South Africa. I know that there are many passenger ships going between America and South Africa. When they are in South Africa, leave the rest to me. I’ll get Lion Hunter to send them to Mozambique. And it just so happens that I’m lacking in labor force in the mine here.”

“Look. In that case, we would not be killing. Nobody will die. However, it would be difficult for them to return to America in the future. They would have to work to pay for their passage, and that might take a decade or two, haha.”

Having heard Remonin’s plan, Li Du’s eyes lit up. It sounded workable.

He would not be responsible for any part of it. At most, he would just create the rumors. Then again, he need not be the one to do even that.

As long as those b*stards could be sent onto the smugglers’ ship to South Africa, their threat towards Li Du would disappear. Once they landed in Remonin’s hands, they would not die and yet would not be able to return to the States.

After Remonin finished, Li Du said, “In that case, let me discuss this with a friend. If all goes well, did you say you need armor troops? I will sponsor you with ten million to engage an armor unit!”

The armored forces in Mozambique and the top powers of China, the United States and Russia were not of the same standards. Ten million dollars would be enough to engage and equip an entire troop. The second-hand weapons and equipment from the first-rate armies were very cheap. The Mozambique troops used equipment that had been discarded by better armies worldwide.

Remonin laughed again. “Thank you, my friend, that would be very helpful.”

After the two of them ended the call, Li Du went to look for Akkalou. Then he gave Black Mustang, Bell, Chao Fan, and some others a call to get them to help spread the news.

Black Mustang was an African American millionaire. He had grown up on the streets and retained the relationship he had with some of the gangs. On the other hand, Bell was a benevolent person and many gangsters owed him favors.

Chao Fan was even more powerful. He was the son of the head of the largest Chinese mafia organization in North America. In addition, he was also a central figure amongst it in his own right.

Besides, there were also Steve and Porter. He got them to use legal means to help spread the news that Li Du had invested tons of money in engaging hitmen to deal with the gangsters in the Dripping Blood Gang and Black Kid Gang.

It was just as well that the Markelov brothers had recruited five of their teammates from Ukraine, who were now on their way to the United States. The new men could pose as Eastern European killers he had hired.

His intention was to scare off those people and force them to leave Los Angeles or even America entirely for the time being.

In the end, cash could do anything. Some gang members had caught the Black Kid Gang and taught them a severe lesson. They were practically paralyzed.

Those men had believed the news and wanted to kill the members of the Dripping Blood Gang and the Black Kid Gang in exchange for money.

It was too bad that the rumors spiraled and now the world thought that Li Du was willing to pay a million per head.

To the rich people, one million was an amount they would be willing to pay for a car or a vacation. However, to most people, one million was more than they would be able to make in their entire life!

Hence, there was an unexpected implication. The authorities started knocking on Li Du’s door to investigate his involvement in that matter.

Li Du brought his lawyer everywhere with him and denied the rumors. He said, “I’ve never hired anyone to do anything illegal. And there has never been such a transaction in my bank account. Someone is trying to frame me!”

The policemen were unable to find evidence of his involvement in the rumor that was going around. Hence, they were only able to launch an investigation, but could not charge him.

There was something good in that. With the police sending people to watch him in order to gather information, Li Du’s safety was guaranteed.

The dark side of Santa Monica was the network of street gangs. When the regular members of the Dripping Blood Gang saw that things were getting nasty, they had run off. The more senior members were unable to flee and could only think of ways to stay out of the limelight.