Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1477

Chapter 1477 Run

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At nightfall, five men with a sullen air squeezed into a Toyota.

The man in the driver’s seat looked to be in his thirties. As he had a bad case of vitiligo, his black skin had streaks of white. He looked like a zebra.

He was nicknamed Zebra and his real name was Piper. He was the one who got the Black Kid Gang to attack Li Du and his people.

Everything that had happened since that day was beyond his expectations. He slammed the steering wheel and an ear-piercing horn sounded.

Hearing that, the youth in the front passenger seat looked at Zebra angrily and said, “Hey, man, keep it down. Are you planning to attract the attention of those Eastern-European scumbags?”

Hearing the words ‘Eastern-European Scumbags’, someone in the backseat trembled. Then he said nervously, “Why did that China dude contact hitmen from East Europe? D*mn it, d*mn it! If my dog hadn’t jumped out and pounced onto me for some fun last night when I reached him, that gunshot would have hit me!”

Saying that, his voice started to quiver. “My poor Bobby, it was a good dog. God, Bobby was killed just like that…”

Seeing that he was about to start sobbing, Zebra said impatiently, “Get your act together, Ryan, you’re not some chick. Don’t act like a loser!”

Hearing that, Ryan started to grow angry. He yelled, “Shut up, Zebra, this is all your doing! The boys all know if I’m a loser or not. Back when I went along with the big boss to seize territories from the Vietnamese, I was in the frontline. Where were you at that time?”

“Why are you bringing up such old news? And you blaming me now? Was I the one who caused the trouble? D*mn it, was I the only one who made the decision to deal with that China dude? Didn’t you agree back then?” Zebra was also getting angry.

Ryan yelled, “I agreed, but I didn’t tell you to get those stupid kids to do this! You’re such an idiot, d*mn it. What happened is all because of you…”

“Who knew that the China dude had connections in the street world? Who knew that he had such a close relationship with the Italian mafia, Spanish gangs, and the Chinese network? Who knew that he would be able to engage hitmen from Eastern Europe?”

The two men started to argue. Seeing that, the man in the passenger seat punched the seat and shouted, “Shut up, you two! All hell broke loose, and you guys are still quarreling? You might not want to live anymore, but I do!”

“That’s right, stop fighting. Think about how we can resolve this. I got a brother of mine to check it out. That China dude is really forking out one million per head. There are also hitmen rushing over from Asia. That son of a b*tch, he’s really merciless!”

“Then what can we do? These hitmen act very secretively. Yesterday, my younger brother called me to say that he saw a hitman downstairs, right across our house. We called the police but the man ran off. Only managed to find a gun and some information relating to me. F*ck, that freaked me out!”

The man in the front seat punched the seat again. He sighed and said, “We can’t stay in California anymore. We gotta leave this place. It’s dangerous now in America. I’m afraid we have to leave to avoid the limelight.”

“Where to? Montana? Washington? Canada?” Zebra asked unhappily. “Tell me, Leech, my good buddy, will those hitmen stop going after us if we leave this place?”

Leech, who was in the front passenger seat, was about to say something when his phone rang.

After glancing at the caller ID, he took the call carefully. Then he started to chat with the person on the line. They had an in-depth conversation and he started to look excited.

When he hung up, his buddies asked nervously, “What’s up?”

“I heard something about fleeing?”

“Flee where?”

“Who called?”

“What happened?”

Leech said excitedly, “It’s my brother, Douglas. You guys know Douglas, right? He’s in the smuggler’s trade. He has been trying to think of a way out for me when he learned that I’m in trouble. Now, there’s an opportunity.”

“Just tell us directly, don’t make us more curious by beating around the bush. How can you still do that when we are in this situation?” Zebra said anxiously.

Leech glared at him before saying, “D*mn, you shut up. Don’t interrupt me. If you want to stay alive, be quiet! D*mn it, listen to this. My brother has contacted a ship. The ship goes to Africa. He says we can stay in Africa for some time and come back after things have cooled down.”

“Is he trustworthy?” Ryan asked hesitantly. “Do we have to go to Africa to avoid the limelight? Can’t we find some place in America?”

Leech laughed coldly. “In America? Then how would we be able to throw the hitmen off our trail? We have to sneak to South Africa. Everyone must keep it a secret. We can go and stay for a year, a year and a half before returning. The hitmen cannot possibly wait for us forever, right?”

Zebra nodded. “That sounds reasonable, I’m just not sure it’s safe.”

Leech said, “Of course it is. Douglas is my brother. He wouldn’t put me at risk. Everyone, pack up. Bring your cash and valuables. Let’s leave tomorrow!”

“Is there such a rush?”

“Of course, it has gotta be urgent. Will the hitmen give us a lot of time?” Leech glared at the man. “If you don’t want to go, then you stay here. Anyway, if there are fewer of us, the hitmen will be able to focus better.”

Ryan immediately jumped in. “Of course we should all go together!”

He was not a weakling. In the past, he had been to the police station many times and had even stayed in jail. However, he did not wish to die yet. Besides, it was obvious that the hitmen were after their lives, so he had to leave.

The five men split up and started to gather the gold and jewels that they had accumulated over the years in the gang. Then, they went to withdraw money and rounded up some of their close brothers. They drove overnight towards the long beach pier.

A ship was docked at the pier, ready to leave. They would be getting on that ship and head for Africa.

When they arrived at the pier, they stopped the car. Someone came to receive them and was shocked when he saw that there were more than ten of them. “So many of you?”

Leech said helplessly, “We can’t leave alone. All these are our brothers whose names are on the hitmen’s list. That China dude is the devil. D*mn, he doesn’t even care who caused the entire thing. He wants to drive everyone in the Dripping Blood Gang to death.”

“Wait till we return from Africa. We must teach him a good lesson. Better yet, kill that yellow-skilled dog!” Zebra burst out angrily.

The person receiving them said quietly, “Speak softer. Do you guys want to attract the patrolling police? Follow me. When you guys get up the ship, you have to stay in the cargo containers until we pass the customs, understand? When we reach the customs, someone will let you guys out. Don’t worry, you won’t have to suffer on the ship, I’ve prepared everything.”

While the rest of the men were still a little hesitant, Leech was full of confidence. He patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry, brothers, we can definitely trust Douglas. We will arrive in Africa safely!”

Douglas said, “I swear on the lives of my family and myself that there’s no problem with this. Everything has been sorted out for you guys on the ship. But you have to be careful in Africa, that’s not my territory!”

Hearing that, the bunch of men said gratefully, “Thank you, brother!”

“We won’t forget you when we return from Africa!”

“In the future, we will be blood brothers!”