Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1478

Chapter 1478 Contract Work

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The ship left Los Angeles and started a long journey on the ocean.

After a few weeks, the ship entered the port of Cape Town, South Africa.

When Leech, Zebra, Ryan and the rest spotted land, they were agitated to the point that hot tears welled in their eyes. One of them vomited as he said, “F*ck, I’m never setting foot on a ship again. I’d rather die on land than live on the sea!”

When they got ashore, someone received them. It was a rich South African man who introduced himself as Lion Hunter. He treated them to a hearty meal and then got some ladies to entertain them.

Leech and the rest were very grateful. Lion Hunter told them, “I have no idea what you guys exactly did. However, since you have to hide, you can’t stay here. I will send you guys to the northern mountainous region of South Africa. You guys can hide there a month or two before leaving.”

“As long as we are not going on another ship, everything else is fine,” a big man from the Dripping Blood Gang said.

Lion Hunter laughed. “Don’t worry, you guys won’t have to board a ship again.”

Before they left Cape Town, the bunch of them looked longingly at the bustling city. Ryan sighed as he said, “I have a feeling that we won’t be able to enjoy such luxury again for a long time.”

The helicopter rose and after a flight through the entire South Africa, they got into a car. It was a military jeep. They rode through the woods and deserted mountains.

Nobody created trouble for them during their entire journey. There was a policeman who checked their car but everything was fine after the driver brought out his documents for inspection.

Initially, the bunch of them were very optimistic. “Leech, the buddy you got is really trustworthy. He is a great guy. A very resourceful fellow!”

However, as the car continued on the journey, some people started to worry:

“Where are we heading? Aren’t we far enough now? Can’t we stay here?”

“That’s right, and why do we have to hide under the tarpaulin in the car? At least pull it off so we can breathe. D*mn it, South Africa is too warm!”

“I feel that something’s not right. Stop the car, stop the car and ask what’s going on!”

They started a commotion. Someone tore the tarpaulin off and got ready to jump down from the car. Seeing that, the car behind slowed down. A few soldiers carrying rifles walked towards them and said in simple English, “What you guys doing?”

Seeing those soldiers, the bunch of gangsters was shocked. “Where did these soldiers come from?”

“D*mn it, have we been betrayed?!” Ryan asked anxiously.

Zebra said calmly, “Don’t worry, I don’t think that’s the case. We have been traveling north, you see. If we had been caught, they would have taken us back to America after we arrived at Cape Town. Besides, it’s impossible that the China dude knows where we are. He can’t have the power to control soldiers in South Africa!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Don’t be worried, buddies. Even if they want to catch us, it has nothing to do with the soldiers. That would more likely be related to the local police,” Leech spoke up to calm everyone down.

Then, with a wide smile, he walked towards the soldiers and said, “Excuse me, buddy, it’s just that we want to ask where are we going. We feel that this place is pretty good and we want to stay right here.”

The black soldiers ignored him and continued to ask, “What you guys doing?”

Leech thought that the soldiers were unable to understand his words because of their poor command of English. Hence, he said slowly, “We want to know where we are going.”

The soldiers looked at him coldly and one of them said, “You guys are asking too much.”

With that, he waved his hand. Then, a few more big soldiers raised their rifles and rushed towards them.

Leech and his men were all gangsters. In the past, they used to command the situation and were fierce and demanding.

However, the soldiers they had bumped into were even more intimidating. They did not give any reasons and started to beat people up without another word.

The gangsters wanted to strike back. After all, having lived and fought on the streets for so long, they wouldn’t back down without a fight. Besides, they were all ill-tempered. When they were beaten up, it was impossible for them not to strike back, even if the other party were soldiers.

The trouble was, they did not have weapons with them. They could only rely on their fists, and those weren’t nearly enough.

They did not understand the situation and had no idea why the soldiers would strike them all of a sudden. They only knew that they could not afford to lose and hence, had no choice but to grit their teeth and stomach the pain as they fought back.

The soldiers did not think that they would retaliate. Usually, when they were supervising the workers at the mine, the miners did not dare to strike back. Hence, now they were unprepared for the retaliation.

Seeing that, the general was angered and shouted something in his tribal language.

The soldiers started to retreat. The gangsters thought that the soldiers were now afraid and started to get cocky.

In the end, before they could get too arrogant, they saw the soldiers position the muzzle flatly. Then they pulled out a bayonet and inserted it!

The sharp bayonets glared coldly under the sun. The gangsters were perspiring heavily after being trapped in the car on a hot day for a long time. However, after seeing the bayonets, they suddenly felt cold!

Leech freaked out. The bayonet was more damaging than the muzzle. He quickly raised his hands and shouted, “What is going on? What happened? It must be a misunderstanding! We won’t resist! Hurry up and squat down!”

The other party had guns. They would not be able to escape, and retaliating was out of the question. The bayonets were still pointed at them.

The gangsters squatted down immediately, trembling with fear. The soldiers rushed forward and wielded their guns mercilessly. Each of them was bleeding profusely.

After they were done, the soldiers threw them into the car and sealed the tarpaulin before the car started again.

Later, whenever they let out any sound or made any movement, the car would stop and a bunch of soldiers would come over to beat them up.

As time passed, they became more afraid of retaliating. That was because they realized that it was not just one bunch of people beating them up. That meant to say that there were more soldiers in the car that their own people.

Towards the end, they were truly afraid. They did not even dare to ask to eat, drink or use the bathroom.

After God knows how long, the car finally stopped and someone pulled down the tarpaulin.

The gangsters looked out blankly and saw that there were more soldiers standing in lines.

“Where is this? Why would we be in an army camp?” Ryan said with a trembling voice.

Someone said in fear, “Have we fallen into the hands of local warlords? F*ck, we will be kidnapped for a ransom or be forced to be in the front line of the army.”

A soldier carrying a camcorder came over and filmed them. Seeing that, the gangsters heaved a sigh of relief. “We have been kidnapped. We won’t be going to the battlefield, so we don’t have to fear for our lives.”

“Why would we be kidnapped?” Zebra asked hopelessly. “Are we in trouble? Leech, d*mn, what is going on?”

An officer said in fluent English, “Who said you guys have been kidnapped? That’s not the case. You guys are here to do mining.”

“What?” The bunch of gangsters was stunned.

The officer raised the horsewhip and coldly said, “You guys signed a work contract with us for one hundred thousand a year, to mine diamonds at our mines, and each person has been paid a twenty years’ salary in advance. Come and sign the agreement.”

He waved the horsewhip and a soldier came with a few copies of the contract.

Leech pushed the contract aside and yelled, “No, we are not signing, this is illegal captivity! We want to meet the American ambassador…”

Hearing that, the officer laughed sinisterly and waved the horsewhip. “The ambassador? Let me give you American dudes a good beating until you quit talking sh*t!”